Three Criminal Illegal Aliens, Two Rape Victims and Too Many Excuses from a Maryland Sanctuary County

Officials in Montgomery County, Maryland, are defending the policy of non-cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) which has resulted in three illegal immigrant rape suspects walking back onto the streets.

It has been reported that weeks after officially affirming its sanctuary status, county corrections officers did not honor a detainer request issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and released a 25-year-old illegal alien on a $1,000 bond three days after his arrest on rape charges. In setting Salvadoran national Rodrigo Castro-Montejo free, the county appears to have violated the sanctuary policies set out in a July executive order.

The Promoting Community Trust Executive Order, which was effective July 22, makes official the sanctuary policies that have been practiced for years in the county. However, the order does have limited exceptions when contact with ICE is permissible, including when the defendant is charged with or convicted of at least one “serious crime,” such as rape or murder. The other qualifier is that ICE must have previously filed an immigration detainer against the accused.

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement lodged a detainer on Aug. 12 with the Montgomery County Detention Center on unlawfully present Salvadoran national Rodrigo Castro-Montejo following his arrest for rape and other related charges. On Aug. 13, in spite of the detainer, the facility released Castro from custody,” said ICE in a statement on Monday.

Montgomery County spokesman Barry Hudson tried to shift blame from the county to ICE, telling WAMU radio that federal immigration authorities were notified when Castro-Montejo posted bond. However, according to ICE spokesperson Justine Whelan, the county detention center called “one off-duty officer, who was in a travel status outside of the area” just six hours before his release.

It is not an isolated circumstance when the county’s reckless sanctuary policies have contributed to the harm of an innocent resident. Just last week, Carlos Palacios-Amaya and Mauricio Barrera-Navidad, El Salvador nationals, were arrested on charges of raping the 11-year old sister of a friend of theirs on numerous occasions last September.

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich, who signed the sanctuary executive order into law, rightly described the rape of a minor child as “horrible” and said in this one case ICE’s detainer requests would be fulfilled.

But he also devoted two paragraphs of a three-paragraph statement to justifying the sanctuary policy and claiming it makes communities safer. Much the same defense came from the Montgomery County Council, which followed suit on Friday by issuing what they called a “statement on justice and healing for [sic]young victim[IM1] .”

The council members, who said they were “heartbroken” about the rape, expressed “support” for prosecutors giving “the individuals responsible the punishment they deserve” because “our community’s safety is of greatest importance.”

The only upside to that case is that a judge set bond at $100,000for Barrera-Navidad, who remains in jail, and denying bond for Palacios-Amaya. In response to questions from media about whether the county was trying to escape responsibility for the release of the two alleged rapists. Hudson bluntly blamed ICE.

“If the system failed, it failed on the federal government,” said Hudson, adding that the county “has not washed its hands of anything,”

These two recent obscenities are just the cases about which the public knows. There could (and likely are) be more criminal aliens being released onto the street because of the new law or confusion by law enforcement officials on how to implement it. Montgomery County law enforcement officers have described the new policy set forth with the executive order as being “ambiguous” and “confusing.”

What is neither ambiguous nor confusing is that Montgomery County officials clearly see their duty now as protecting the policy and their name as a “welcoming” county. And, when they can get around to it, the innocent residents who live there.

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    LaNell Barrett on

    Get them ALL OUT. Illegal is their first crime.
    They don’t come here to BE Americans….they bring the hell-hole, crime culture they are used to here, and our law enforcement will never be able to deal with it.
    Our Armed Forces need called to defend our borders. From the Rio Grande to the airports they smuggle in on. ENOUGH!

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    John T Mattison Jr on

    Description of this policy: “Thinking themselves WISE, they became FOOLISH!”

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    Nicholas Minford on

    Sanctuary cities, counties, or whatever for illegal activities is tantamount to sedition. The Governors of these states need to send in the National Guard to restore order and the rule of law. And if the Governor won’t do it the President needs to do it. Enough of the ******** and willfull breaking of the law by government bureaucrats. They need to be removed from office.

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    account it. Look advanced to far added agreeable from you!
    However, how can we keep up a correspondence?

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      LaNell Barrett on

      This lady has never had a Democrat vote or thought.
      And the immigration craziness has made me more Republican.
      Many many women and even a couple very young girls have noticed the small Trump sticker on my SUV back glass. And smiled, clapped, etc.
      A few have begged me not to scrape it off, even after the Latins at a Florida Tire Kingdom wrecked the front passenger side of my vehicle. I had no witness….so they laughed and fist bumped.
      I hate to sound racist…but I really have had much bad and no good from them.

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    You have to ask yourself why these people are so adamant that violent criminals not be removed from the country. The excuse that if sanctuary jurisdictions cooperate with ICE then the “immigrant community” will be less safe defies logic. That attitude only guarantees that people will not come forward to testify because they know these criminals may be back on the streets sooner or later to take their revenge.

    It makes sense only in the realization that the left in general hates law enforcement. Something that really ramped up with Obama in 2009 when he said the police acted “stupidly” in the arrest of a black Harvard professor, even after he admitted he was speaking without knowledge of “all the facts”. And it was all downhill from there. Police bad. Criminals good, or at the worst misguided and misunderstood, even when they are pointing a gun at a cop.