Joe Biden Wants 2 Million More Immigrants a Year

Pandering to an Asian and Latino political action committee recently, Democratic presidential frontrunner and global citizen Joe Biden declared:

“We could afford to take in a heartbeat another two million people [per year]. The idea that a country of 330 million people is cannot absorb people who are in desperate need … is absolutely bizarre.”

The most bizarre thing here is Biden’s shaky grasp of this nation’s immigration history and basic economics.

Since 1825, legal immigration to the U.S. has averaged less than 800,000 annually. Due largely to recent radical spikes in immigration, America’s population has surged 16.6 percent since 2000, exceeding the pace of growth in the world’s most populous country, China.

A record 44.5 million first-generation immigrants in America constituted roughly 1 of every 7 residents in this country in 2017, a ratio not seen since 1890, according to the Migration Policy Institute. Now Biden is pushing for an unprecedented rate of 2 million new immigrants per year.

Glibly, the career politician from tiny Delaware asserts that the U.S. can “afford” to accommodate more than the current annual influx of 1.2 million legal immigrants. On whose dime?

“Today, some 63 percent of households headed by non-citizens use at least one welfare program, including an astonishing 80 percent of non-citizen households with children,” according to Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies. Those numbers come with real costs attached.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) throws more shade on the shiny stereotype of universally productive U.S. immigrants. Riding the chain migration of family members, “Only 1 in 15 immigrants comes here for employment,” the Arkansas Republican noted at an immigration forum last month.

Immigrants who work typically do so at the expense of native-born Americans. As FAIR detailed: “Both legal and illegal immigrants are often manipulated into working jobs that pay less than market value because of their limited options and skill sets.”

In fairness, President Donald Trump says he, too, wants “more immigration.” But while calling for historic new levels, Biden has offered no specifics on the types of immigrants he envisions. Indeed, he doesn’t even distinguish between legal and illegal arrivals. Back in 2014, then-Vice President Biden opined that illegal aliens “already are citizens.”

Bizarrely, Biden is considered a “moderate” in the Democratic Party field and has been attacked by rivals and party activists for his role in the Obama administration’s minimal efforts to enforce immigration laws. Though his rivals have yet to offer their optimum levels of immigration, count on the likes of Julian Castro and Beto O’Rourke to take the “over” in any bidding contest.

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    Michael Watson on

    Biden, have you lost your mind. In 1825, we had another form of immigration, if want to call it that. It was called SLAVERY! Let us not forget that it was free labor.

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    So 2 million more people a year who are “in desperate need” are no problem? Add that to the million and a half [at a minimum] who enter legally and illegally per year, which is already too many. The states that draw their water from the Colorado River are being put under further restrictions of what they can withdraw from the river, which is a major source of water for those states. But according to Biden, those extra people won’t use a drop of water?

    They won’t add extra cars to our freeways that are already at gridlock in most major cities, even at non rush hour times? Those cars won’t sit in that traffic spewing pollutants? It wouldn’t affect housing prices in cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles by adding more people chasing the same amount of real estate that is already unaffordable to all but the wealthy? We won’t have to build more electrical infrastructure to add to our already overburdened systems? More sewer systems? More schools?

    Apparently not according to Joe. The only thing “bizarre” is the inability of any of his ilk to comprehend that every person in a modern society has a cost, a cost of providing infrastructure, and that is not cheap by any means. Will any one ask him about this? Of course not, because we have a media that only reports talking points and never asks about the consequences. Just like when some Democrat says the answer to every immigration concern is “comprehensive reform” they are never asked don’t you mean a complete amnesty by that? Because that’s what they mean. But they are never called on it. Even on Fox many times.

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    Well, you know many including me will not vote for this man who doesn’t factor in the US Economy in his words or decisions. We are in a time when we don’t want any/more immigrants. We have enough economic problems and they will get worse before getting better. Numbskull candidate!