IRS Holds Key to Illegal Aliens in the Workplace

Illegal aliens commonly use stolen tax and Social Security documents to fraudulently establish eligibility to work in the United States. From 2012 to 2016, there were 39 million instances where names and Social Security numbers on W-2 employee tax forms did not match Social Security records.

So it was no surprise that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids at five Mississippi food-processing plants swept up hundreds of illegal aliens holding bogus Social Security numbers.

At least one of the companies knew its workers used fraudulent Social Security numbers, USA Today reported. Payroll records at Pearl River Foods in Carthage, Miss., revealed numerous employees had Social Security numbers that didn’t match the users’ names; several belonged to dead people.

Reportedly, some workers using stolen identities had been employed illegally for more than 10 years.

These workplace shenanigans – along with the very real economic loss and inconvenience suffered by victims of identity theft – could have been avoided (or at least alleviated) if the federal government did its job.

As David North of the Center for Immigration Studies observed: “Illegal aliens file tax returns using the Social Security number they have given to their employers; thus, their claims for their refunds and their W-2s match each other. But they do not match the government’s own Social Security records.

“All the IRS has to do is to compare the Social Security number on the 1040 tax form with the name in the Social Security records; if they don’t match, no refund.”

Congress could help out here, too, by requiring employers to use the government’s E-Verify system to properly vet job applicants for eligibility to work legally in this country.

Alas, partisan politics has stymied even basic accounting practices. Earlier this year, 46 House Democrats demanded that the Social Security Administration (SSA) not send Employer Correction Request Notices (“no-match letters”) to businesses where employee W-2 forms do not match SSA records.

Rep. Jesus Garcia, D-Ill., complained that, “Other than to instill fear, [no-match letters are] one more tool to drive the immigrant community into the shadows of society.” Garcia’s dubious assertion unhelpfully blurs the line between legal immigrants whose interests are protected by no-match letters and illegal aliens who engage in identity fraud.

The Trump administration has finally reversed the Obama administration’s suspension of SSA no-match letters. But fraud will persist as long as the IRS keeps sending money to illegal aliens who game the system with stolen Social Security numbers.

Counting tax refunds, Earned Income Tax Credits and the Additional Child Tax Credit, North conservatively estimates that more than $8 billion in undeserved payments go to illegal aliens each year. It’s enough to make Al Capone blush.

Bottom line, SSA is dropping the ball when it comes to keeping illegal aliens from fraudulently taking American jobs and fraudulently qualifying for public assistance. And the IRS is looking the other way. So who is watching the store for hardworking Americans who often go unemployed and don’t qualify for benefits?”

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    Douglas B Drake Sr on

    So you are saying that he wrote back to you and told you that he was doing nothing to fix this problem? If it was up to him all illegals would be deported including those using fraudulent SSA numbers.

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    I have written to Trump three times about this. 8 billion a year! Trump is so concerned about trade deficits, yet he is fine with illegal aliens stealing 8 billion a year from taxpayers? I have come to realize Trump talks out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to illegal immigration. He has failed!

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    Graham is not the amnesty guy.
    He isn’t for mass immigration either.
    Who is giving you your information?

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    stephen russell on

    OK IRS do your raids with ICE then & make lasting impact on businesses then
    Your losing taxes to illegals who can’t pay

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    The line is always that we need to give a “path to citizenship” to all illegals here if they “have otherwise committed no crimes”. In fact, as noted here, a large percentage are using stolen SS numbers which frequently cause problems for the owners of those numbers. Americans would go to jail for the same thing. Then they claim benefits to which they are not entitled. But according to liberals we’re lucky to have them here.

    A lot of things being forgotten on this commemoration of 9 11. Number one is the fact that none of the hijackers should have been admitted. Single young men from “countries of concern” who had no connections to this country. Or the fact that 14 of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. The war hawks like Bolton and Lindsey Graham insist we have to stay in Afghanistan forever because “we can fight them here or fight them there”.

    Horse hockey. There are radical anti-Americans all over the world. Do we occupy all those countries? And it was Pakistan that sheltered Bin Laden for nearly a decade. It’s the same lesson we failed to learn from Vietnam. Stop communists there or they take over the world was the argument. They did go communist but it was the Soviet Union that self destructed in the end, not us. Perpetual war is not a winning strategy. Nor is the mass immigration and amnesties guys like Graham favor.

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    The Dems will stop at nothing, it seems, in their efforts to enlarge their voter base. They rely on a continuing supply of illegal aliens — especially the lower-class, lower-skilled, lower-educated ones. That’s also a major factor in the sanctuary city and motor-voter movements. The politicians who run these cities know they can’t rely on American citizen voters to keep them in office. They need the help of illegal aliens. Of course, they cloak their intentions with the facade of compassion for the disadvantaged and displaced. I don’t buy it — and neither do a lot of other Americans.

    The Republicans aren’t off the hook, either. They have their fair share of cheap-labor advocates, making it harder for us to enforce our laws and turn this situation around.