California’s Eternal Quest to Normalize Illegal Immigration

A mere 24 hours after signing into law a ban on private prisons and the detention of immigrants in for-profit prison facilities, California Gov. Gavin Newsom approved a batch of bills designed to normalize illegal aliens by giving them expanded “rights” and protections under state law.

“While Trump attacks and disparages immigrants, California is working to ensure that every resident – regardless of immigration status – is given respect and the opportunity to contribute,” said Newsom at a Saturday signing ceremony.

What California is actually working toward is the normalization of illegal immigrants by amending and creating laws to hide lawbreakers in plain sight. What Newsom and the California legislature are doing more than giving illegal aliens “respect,” but giving them protection from the consequences of breaking the law, which is a far more valuable commodity to them.

Under one new law, using noncriminal information from state telecommunications databases for immigration enforcement purposes is now prohibited. While another would ban arrests for immigration violations at courthouses across the state, which could face court challenge given the broad authority granted to immigration enforcement authorities under federal law. 

Another bill, AB 1645, makes it a requirement for all 115 colleges in the California Community College system to designate a staff member as a “Dream Resource Liaison,” whose duty it will be to help illegal alien and other immigrant students obtain financial aid and other resources.

According to EdSource, the new requirement is estimated to cost $2.9 million, but no additional funding has actually been allocated to implement it.

The “reality is that colleges are being mandated to implement with no new resources. We hope, and will continue to encourage, colleges to identify existing funds or leverage philanthropic dollars to accomplish this work,” says Laura Metune, vice chancellor of governmental relations for the community college system. Of course, those “existing funds” were intended to serve the needs of residents and legal immigrant students.

But interfering with immigration enforcement agents and spending limited taxpayer dollars on illegal aliens was not enough. The most open border of open-border states also moved to further undermine federal immigration law by opening up seats on state government boards and commissions to illegal aliens.

In the warped world of California, it appears to be appropriate for individuals who have shown no respect for federal law to hold a place on the Commission on Judicial Performance. Yes, illegal aliens might not only serve on a commission created to “protect the public, enforce rigorous standards of judicial conduct and maintain public confidence in the integrity and independent of the judicial system,” they could be paid for it.

Approved by the California legislature in September, SB 225 provides that any “person appointed to civil office, regardless of citizenship or immigration status, may receive any form of compensation that the person is not otherwise prohibited from receiving pursuant to federal law.”

Considering the employment of an illegal alien is a clear violation of federal law, it remains unclear how the state plans to pay them. But there is no question that California will spend their time and effort to serve the interests of those “regardless of immigration status” residents.

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    It sounds to me like the state of California has divorced itself from the union. They make their own laws which supersede existing Federal laws. They are working on ways to totally integrate illegals into their communities, which includes giving them state jobs and allowing the to vote “in local elections”. We all know there is no sure fire way to guarantee that once voting in any election, the state will not be able to prevent them from voting in national elections, as well. I’m guessing that these same illegals were responsible for Hillary’s popular vote win in the 2016 elections. I think it’s time for the divorce to be completed-call it for irreconcilable differences and the union should join in the fun. Return to the 49 star flag and let California be it’s own country, which they already believe they are. If this divorce is concluded in a timely fashion, the US can exempt itself from the cost of the clean up, after the bubonic plague runs it’s course. Today, Mexicans are the only people who still want to go to California, but then they are also the only people who are treated like people.

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    Gavin Newsom is a traitor. Corrupt as can be. Yet, he’s elected Governor of California. He definitely did NOT deserve it. That beautiful place is being destroyed…..Tragic!!

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    Time to bring NEWSOME, along with the usual (Democrat) suspects in his government, for actively legislating contrary to Federal laws. The Supremacy Clause in the Constitution is being constantly violated by him and his legislature, so let them try to defend themselves in a Federal Court NOT of his choosing.
    I’m betting they’d lose.
    Big time.

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    steve Fitzpatrick on

    Well i hope they have some pride and clean up the ****( feces) running downhill in san Francisco. How is this happening here in yhe usa in 2017????

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    steve Fitzpatrick on

    Drug cartels for the mayors office of California’s top office. Why not. The rest of government there are run by illegals. I say trump needs to use the national guard like they are for this exact purpose.

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    steve Fitzpatrick on

    California is only going to have uneducated mexicans living there when everone moves out of California. Then do not ask for any federal funding for earthquakes or any other disastor. You dknt follow federal laws .you get what you get. Socialism keep in California the rest of us do not fucking want it trump 2020 8 more years.

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      steve Fitzpatrick on

      Well i hope they have some pride and clean up the ****( feces) running downhill in san Francisco. How is this happening here in yhe usa in 2017????

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    Such a shame, the once Great and Golden state of California has lost its mind and is now contolled by idiots. This is my home state I was born here and can hardly recognize the place.Shame shame shame on all the non-Californians who have helped the Government turn my state into a wasteland.

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      I was born and raised in California. I did move out of the state 3 months ago. The Government in Calif needs to be overhauled. I still have good friends living there.

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    California has always been a freedom state for all the trash and homeless people I think weoughta trench it ,fence it , cut out all federal loans and grants to their state and push it into the ocean

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    So Illegal aliens will be on a board called Commission for Judicial Performance. Sure thing. Any guesses on how people who are here without permission, frequently using stolen SS numbers, and collecting welfare they are not entitled to, are going to rate judges who actually enforce the laws as written and refuse to legislate social theories from the bench? What next? Bank robbers on the board? But that’s not complete hyperbole. Many prosecutors in big cities around the country are refusing to prosecute a lot of crimes, some of them serious.

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