Fake Refugees Make Themselves at Home in U.S.

“Tens of thousands”of fraudulent refugees from Africa bought their way into the United States since the late 1990s and are still living here, a CNN investigation reported this month.

Kenyans, posing as persecuted Somalis, told the news network how they and their families came to the U.S. and used food stamps and other public services for years.

“I feel bad for (the real refugees), but at the same time it is all about first come, first served,” one Kenyan said.

Abuse of the African resettlement program was uncovered in 2008. The Bush administration halted admission of “P-3” (Third Priority, Family Reunification) refugees after DNA tests by the State Department revealed a nearly 90 percent fraud rate in the system.

The program restarted in 2012, reportedly with tighter DNA screening. The Trump administration maintains its enhanced vetting system is vigorous.

But for African “facilitators” — middlemen who take and distribute bribe money on the continent — it is the first layer of vetting by the Kenyan government and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) that matters the most.

“At the very beginning, before the applicant even gets to the U.S. embassy vetting, the selection has been done at the UN level,” one facilitator said. He told CNN he has been gaming the UN resettlement system for years.

The CNN report on refugee fraud comes five months after NBC News exposed chronic corruption at UNHCR. Clearly, deep-seated problems are not being fixed.

It’s equally obvious that continued reliance on African governments and a tainted UN agency won’t clean up the mess.

By lowering future annual refugee intakes, the Trump administration may curtail opportunities for fraudsters. Alas, it doesn’t do anything about the tens of thousands of refugees who scammed their way into this country and remain here.

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    Sgt. Kim paulsen on

    Why should America do anything . Let the world that is already a **** hole determine their own destiny. We are not world police.

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    Sorry, but I don’t think Trump will do anything about this mess. I have given up all hope on him!

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      Jim..there is only so much he can do without the support of congress .we must vote to help get him that support ..we still have faith that he will fix the problem.nick

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        They work for leased operators in the airport authorities sadly in Atlanta, San Francisco, Houston, Seattle Denver and many more. Some are wheelchair pushers, janitors etc. seen it personally.

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      He is trying but he is not a dictator and can’t do anything he wants. The Founders set up a system of checks and balances to keep one branch from becoming too powerful. Unfortunate but it is the best system available.

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      He needs the support of Congress but Democrats out right REFUSE to help Trump with ANYTHING. They don’t help…all they do is destroy. We need to vote these Morons out of office. Maybe then He can get more done.

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      Sgt. Kim paulsen on

      Why should America do anything . Let the world that is already a **** hole determine their own destiny. We are not world police.

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    The UN represents ZERO reliability, ZERO credibility and NO vetting WHATSOEVER. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

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    If they came in under fraudulent claims they are AUTOMATICALLY able to be deported. And that is something which ought to be VERY high on the list.
    So the SAME THING for the “Somali” populations in MN, MI, ME, and wherever else they are found.
    One of the major high-profile removals MUST be Ilhan Omar, or whatever her name actually is.

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    I do feel sorry for them but that doesn’t mean they should abuse or take advantage of our system. And see to it that we AMERICAN citizens don’t get any help we really need and work for. They should have to go to their country. America can’t pay for them (another country) and American citizens as they act like they don’t know. So they should go home and change their own country.

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    All Democrat politicians lies, lies, lies promises J just to get elected and enriching their pockets and families, greed of power from us average tax.payer ( wages still same ) but for them they are getting rich in one year in Congress. You figure. And I have to wait till retirement and still
    no better off financially. Stop sending these
    leeches and vote for the one who will really work for us citizens. How about that, 3 years in Congress not one thing did they ever work with
    President Trump. Except but complaining how they hate him . Bad seeds!

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    Stephen Russell on

    Can we send them back?? or send other nation, draining our budget & Id send some to the Dems for sure,

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      I’ve got a great idea- since Mexico dumped millions of unwanteds on us let’s send them all there!!

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    More proof that the politicians in our government could give two shits about the safety, and security of American Citizens. They scream, and carry on like children about leaving the Turkish border, and Kurds. They have never acted like that knowing there is a war at our southern border. Pelosi, Schumer, and Nadler go crazy when Trump sends OUR TROOPS, TO OUR BORDER, saying it’s UN AMERICAN. These same people invite Terrorist in, with out so much as knowing who they REALLY ARE. One can only hope that these politicians pay the ultimate price for their stupidity, before innocent Americans pay with their lives.

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    This is our own fault, we elect corrupt officials that won’t fix a broken immigration system instead we allow them to continue profiting off the backs of legal taxpaying citizens all in the name of being a shining beacon for the worlds down trodden. I hate to break it to everyone but that was never the purpose of the Statue of Liberty or this country and the famous inscription that leftist like to use as a reason to allow everyone entrance is not inscribed on the lady herself but was placed on a plaque that was added years later.

    “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    Even the poem refers to the US pretty much as the golden goose and we all know everyone wanted the goose so it should be as no surprise that people will lie, steal, cheat and kill to get that goose.

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    Ellen Hudachek on

    They are coming in through Canada .
    Why is no attention being paid to fraudulent asylum seekers from Mongolia. ( Which the U.S. recently declared to be the most shining example of democracy in Asia.)
    We need a list of countries from which people flee that are countries of “credible threat”.
    They are particularly sinister .

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    CNN actually reported this? Maybe their in the toilet ratings are compelling them to be a little more even handed. Funny how CNN and MSNBC can have show after show, host after host, saying virtually the same thing, but it’s Fox that is supposed to be “fair”. And Fox is actually becoming more “fair” since anti-Trump Paul Ryan was appointed a director. A mass immigration guy if there ever was one.

    But what this report does do is put the lie to the claim that all refugees are telling the truth and their stories need to be accepted without question. It is clear proof that a large percentage, in this case 90%, were lying. Just like a lot of the sob stories the media highlighted about southern border crossers which later turned out to be nothing like their original spin. Not that they proceeded to then correct the record. For instance the photo months ago of the 2 year old girl supposedly separated from her mother. Never happened but no doubt many only remember the lie.

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      Angelina Deluna on

      Paul Ryan ? Romney’s bff? Omg! I had no idea why many leftists such as Donna Brazil, and her kind are giving jobs in Fox. They are liars, cheaters and more. As if we didn’t have enough with Juan eeeww