Disgusting! Philadelphia Releases Child Predator Despite ICE Detainer Request

As so-called “sanctuary cities” continue to prioritize the protection of illegal aliens instead of their own citizens, federal law enforcement agencies must increasingly act without the assistance of local governments to remove dangerous criminals who are in the country illegally. And, in disturbing fashion, it now seems that there is no crime big enough to be considered a deportable offense for some sanctuary politicians – including sexual abuse against minors and the production of child pornography.

On November 12, Ervin Urrutia-Sagastume, a Guatemalan national with a criminal background, was arrested by the Philadelphia Police Department for allegedly committing sexual abuse against children and filming sexual acts against children.

The same day as his arrest, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lodged a detainer request against Urrutia-Sagastume, but the Philadelphia Police Department ignored it and released him back onto the streets. It took more than a week for ICE to locate and take him back into custody.

Philadelphia has a concerning history of letting free known criminal aliens with ICE detainer requests so they can return to the community. “These are dangerous criminals we are trying to keep off our streets,” said ICE Philadelphia Field Office Director Simona Flores-Lund. “Politics should not get in the way of safeguarding our communities, and most importantly, our children.”

An illegal alien who has a criminal past and currently is suspected of sexually abusing minors should not be anywhere near the public, particularly minors. Thankfully, it only took ICE a week to locate and arrest this individual, but no thanks to the city of Philadelphia which needlessly placed innocent children as risk. It simply goes to show that some politicians and government officials are so out of touch with their obligation to serve the needs of their constituents – including children – that they are willing place them in harm’s way as long as if fits their misguided political agenda.

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