Making Progress at the Border is Making Progressives Unhappy

Further evidence of the necessity of increased border enforcement was provided on Monday with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reporting that border apprehensions in November declined. This represents the sixth straight month of declining apprehensions, which is often an indicator of falling illegal migration. Defying the seasonal increases witnessed in recent years, apprehensions have actually fallen by 70 percent since the border crisis peaked in May.

The downward trend of apprehensions is not the consequence of dumb luck, but smart policy, including those Trump administration initiatives aimed specifically at deterring the family unit migration that was driving the surge.

“The message is clear—don’t give away your life savings to the smugglers and risk the lives of your family. You will no longer be allowed to exploit our laws and be allowed into our country,” said acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan at Monday’s press conference.

Morgan told Fox News that the 85 percent reduction in Central American families arriving at the border is a consequence of the Remain in Mexico policy, which requires asylum seekers to stay in Mexico until their cases are concluded, and renewed cooperation between the U.S., Mexico, and the Northern Triangle nations.

While the Trump administration’s policy initiatives and regulatory actions have achieved progress, most lawmakers in Congress have not moved beyond merely recognizing a border crisis exists. And those calling themselves “progressive” actually are advocating an illogical regression to last summer’s chaos. Not only is the majority party in the House refusing to allow any funding for border wall construction in appropriations measures, they are doing everything to undermine interior enforcement.

For example, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) announced in November a bill designed to protect illegal aliens “from employers who use illegal business practices and threaten workers with deportation” if they file labor claims. Of course, employers who abuse workers, regardless of their immigration status, should be punished severely. But punishing employers should not mean giving a free pass to illegal aliens for having violated the law.

However, Menendez and the bicameral cosponsors completely ignore that the first “illegal business practice” is hiring an illegal immigrant. Not only would the legislation “protect” them from deportation, it aims to make them eligible to apply for a U-visa, which is set aside for real victims of crimes.

In the House, radical left wing members are employing their own “zero tolerance” policy by demanding no funding for ICE, a reduction in detention beds, and a cessation of virtually every policy that has led to lower apprehension numbers. Unless their blackmail is agreed to, they are threatening to not vote to fund the government.

With eyes focused on protecting their own keisters they are blind to what every border and ICE agent knows – the crisis is far from over. The discovery of 11 Chinese nationals last weekend hidden within pieces of furniture in a truck stopped at a San Diego port of entry is reminder of the need for strong, consistent and unrelenting border security.

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