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FAIR spokesperson Ira Mehlman was recently interviewed for a story airing in Tucson regarding an upcoming Supreme Court decision – set to be announced by June – on Deferred Action for Children of Aliens (DACA) and the impact of that decision on the local community and DACA recipients. DACA was an executive action made by former President Obama, which deferred deportations for roughly 800,000 illegal aliens who arrived in the U.S. before the age of 16 and were under the age of 31 as of June 15, 2012. It also allows them to legally work in the U.S.

First, watch the video.

Next, I’m going to offer some commentary about the station’s overall handling of the topic and then will grade the objectivity and fairness of the newscast. Finally, I’ll ask readers to do the same


  1. The segment inaccurately points out that the ruling from the Supreme Court will be based on the constitutionality of DACA. In fact the Court will likely be ruling much more narrowly on whether the Trump administration has the authority to end DACA, which was implemented by nothing more than a policy memo issued by the previous administration. Unfortunately, they refer to DACA recipients as “young immigrants,” which blurs the central issue of their illegal status and their need for DACA protection in the first place (and the fact that some of them are approaching 40).

  2. First interviewed is Tucson attorney Mo Goldman, who argues that the decision should be delayed because of COVID-19. I don’t blame him for trying to wrap himself in the protective coating of the global pandemic, but this is a constitutional or procedural question (depending on how the court approaches the issue) and has nothing to do with other events taking place in the country. He ignores the fact that even if the decision comes down against DACA, the current administration has wide authority regarding when and if it chooses to remove DACA recipients.

  3. Astonishingly, Goldman also argues that thousands of DACA recipients are essential workers who could be laid off if this decision cuts against them. There are some 29,000 DACA medical professionals, but that’s a small portion of the 14.8 million health care professionals in the country. In fact, DACA medical professionals represent a mere 0.2 percent of these workers. Goldman also seems to ignore the reality that more than 33 million American workers – including more than 1.4 million in health care fields – have lost their jobs within the last six to eight weeks. 

  4. He also argues that with the unemployment rate at 14 percent, laying off more people would be a bad idea. Once again, there’s a glaring flaw in logic here. If a DACA recipient is let go from a job and removed from the U.S., they wouldn’t be adding to the U.S. unemployed population.  

  5. The second interview is with DACA recipient Jaime Tadeo, who argues that the case simply makes him “feel like a number.” Sadly, when parents make bad decisions – like choosing to come to the U.S. illegally instead of waiting their turn for legal admission – it’s not only them, but their families who are placed in difficult circumstances. For example, if an American couple decides to stop paying their mortgage, it’s the whole family that is evicted from the home and thrown out on the streets, not just the parents.

  6. FAIR spokesman Ira Mehlman correctly points out that this case has been dragged out long enough, and the key question – if one president has the authority to end an executive action (FAIR would say an illegal executive action) by a former president – needs to be decided.

  7. One key point that was completely omitted by the station and plays a big role in this story is the fact that President Trump has repeatedly said that he wants to cut a deal with the Democrats to protect DACA recipients. (For the record, FAIR opposes any form of amnesty.) That’s an important detail that needed to be added to this story.

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    Carol Collins on

    This mainstream video is a totally biased report, which is to be expected because that is all the mainstream media ever publishes. The video only describes one side of the issue. Illegal is illegal and, as such, is unacceptable and inexcusable. Unconstitutional is also illegal and is also unacceptable and inexcusable. The fact that this illegal situation has been allowed to exist for the past 30 years is an abomination! All of the politicians who have been in charge of running the “business of the U.S.” over the past 30 years are the ones who are to be blamed for allowing this situation to exist and perpetuate. Ex-President Obama knew exactly what he was doing when he wrote that unconstitutional DACA declaration (which has since expired). Now that the order has expired, attempts to “make a case” out of President Obama attempting to interfere with an expired order is totally pointless! Plus, bringing it now in front of the Supreme Court is a waste of the Supreme Court’s time! The parents of the DACAs, along with their children, should have been deported 30 years ago. Abiding by laws, rules and ordinances is not a part of those people’s “standard of behavior”. Everyone who has perpetuated this situation does not know or care about what is “right” and what is “wrong”. Furthermore, they do not care what other people think of them as they flaunt and continue to carry out their illegal behavior.

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    i say send them all back to thier own country and live thier own lifes the best they can

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    I personally believe that this entire act leaves out the fact that not only are there millions of DACA recipients but what about the parents, grandparents and other family members who brought these children here in the first place illegally? Everyone who is here illegally needs to be deported and let them start over. I don’t care if they were born here, this anchor baby business is all a scam. Its very unfair to those who apply the legal way but you have these activists and George Soros NGO’s who are constantly campaigning for these people to be treated like American citizens.

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    Ouida Turner on

    They are here illegally,they have been here a long time why have they not tried to get legal status? I do not understand if they have been here that long why not get legal other wise send them back where they came from.

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      DACA and anchor babies should be stopped. If they want to become a United states citizen then they should go through the correct channels. As for the babies they should only become citizens only if their parents are citizens. Americans shouldn’t be responsible to support anyone that isn’t a citizen. We have people here such as the elderly that need help and they are refused help where if you break into this country like a criminal you have more rights than the American citizens do.

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    Let me add I don’t want a nurse that is illegal aliens helping me. What about Americans? Send ALL of them back. I am tired of hearing about them, its not me who brought them here but I am ready to see them go.

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    Illegal aliens, yes and that includes DACA need to pack up and go. They’re here illegally. No excuse period!