Illegal Alien Double Dippers?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her fellow members of the “Open Border Caucus” have introduced the “Heroes Act,” a $3 trillion dollar stimulus package that contains not just a paragraph, but an entire section on special benefits they’d like to bestow upon the nation’s illegal immigrant population. 

One of the more expensive benefits they would give the nation’s illegal aliens is the same Coronavirus relief aid recently given to Americans and legal residents.  Under their proposal, everyone who uses an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to file their taxes would receive $1,200.  

But by doing so, if the bill passes – and that is an enormous if – House Democrats have created a situation where illegal aliens in some areas of the country could actually receive significantly more financial relief than legal residents and U.S. citizens.  How could this happen, you might ask?

Illegal aliens residing in California, Oregon, Washington and New York City, Austin, Boston, Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco have already received coronavirus relief funds from state and local governments.  Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut and Colorado are considering doing the same thing. 

These funds could be flowing into the pockets of the nation’s 14.3 million illegal aliens just as American families begin to lose their homes, watch their careers end early, and see the dreams of their children swirl down the drain.

It seems that in some political circles, there truly is much more compassion for those who violate federal laws than for many of our own citizens, including homeless veterans, whose finances are currently stretched to the limit.

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