Angel Mom to President Biden: “Please Make Decisions to Help Americans, Not People Who Disrespect our Laws”

Angel Mom Sabine Durden has sent an open letter to President Joe Biden after he signed a number of immigration executive orders that have eviscerated our nation’s border security and dismantled interior immigration enforcement.

Ms. Durden has heavily advocated for increased border security and immigration enforcement after she tragically lost her son Dominic to an illegal alien in a car accident in 2012.

Juan Zacarias Tzun was an unlicensed driver from Guatemala who maintained two drunken-driving arrests, a grand theft felony conviction, and had previously been deported. Tzun was convicted of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and served only 35 days of a nine-month sentence. He was later deported again.

“You are the President of America and its citizens that count on you to keep them safe from harm. However, you have shown us that we American citizens and Legal immigrants are NOT first on your list,” Durden stated in her letter.

“You immediately signed many EOs that give illegals a free pass to come here, stay here and even if they do commit crimes, won’t have to worry about being deported. You halted the building of a wall that actually works, like the fence and wall around the Capitol and White House. You gave illegals all the excuses in the world to feel free to come into our country without going through the legal process, use our resources & get away with more crimes.

“Please make decisions to help Americans, not people who disrespect our laws,” she added.

The full letter can be found here.

More content from Sabine Durden can be found on Twitter here.

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