Air Biden: Confusion Over Mexico

When it comes to immigration, the Biden administration apparently doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going. Either way, the U.S. is dragging Mexico along for the ride.

At Washington’s urging, Mexican authorities have flown 13,000 Central American migrants from northern Mexico cities to the country’s southern region, including 1,200 last week. Now the U.S. also has begun flying expelled Central American families deep into Mexico.

While not explaining why these illegal aliens aren’t sent all the way back to their homelands, the White House is reviving a program that will airlift groups of Central American nationals directly into the United States.

Encapsulating the administration’s mixed signals, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas declared last March: “We are not saying don’t come. We are saying don’t come now, because we will [eventually]be able to provide a safe and orderly process to them.”

For years, the federal government has intermittently flown deported Mexican migrants back home, but this appears to be the first time that Central Americans are dropped off in southern Mexico. If the intent is to discourage northbound migration, then flying them all the way home would be much more effective.

Last week, a group of expelled Hondurans and Salvadorans was left in a remote jungle just north of the Guatemalan border. Far from their homes, and a dozen miles from the nearest city, many said they will head north again. Turning illegal aliens loose in southern Mexico only serves to expand the migrant population in that country, and doesn’t necessarily deter continued northbound travel.

Meantime, Air Biden is shuttling other migrants from Texas’ Rio Grande Valley to other U.S. border cities, and then on to other destinations across the country. Maybe Secretary Mayorkas plans to reward migrants with frequent flyer points on these trips?

In a weird and costly way, the administration’s focus on transportation logistics puts deterrence in the backseat. What’s the point of all these southbound and circular flights as long as Team Biden is not only ramping up a program to fly aliens into this country anyway, but continuing to allow hundreds of thousands of people who enter the U.S. illegally to remain?