Another immigration crisis triggered by President Biden

President Joe Biden may be the first president to singlehandedly create two humanitarian disasters in year one. The first is the well-documented, historic crisis at our southern border. The second is the botched exit from Afghanistan, which has led to a refugee crisis from a terrorist hotbed. Both situations are tragic and could have been avoided.

One thing is clear, however, and that is that the United States must live up to its obligation to protect American citizens and those Afghans who provided essential support to our boots on the ground.

Specifically, Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program applicants who served as interpreters deserve special consideration. As the program as a whole is deeply-flawed, the vetting should not be improperly accelerated. These applicants are also being leveraged by mass immigration advocates to push for general population admissions in the hundreds of thousands.

Mass relocation to the U.S. should be a nonstarter – pointing this out should not be conflated with opposition to the evacuation and eventual resettlement of deserving SIV applicants. This is something that Republicans must quickly realize.

That being said, we cannot allow a foreign policy debacle to be exploited by the Biden administration and congressional Democrats to further their policies of unchecked migration. To truly address this avoidable refugee crisis, the United States must explore alternatives to wholesale resettlement here at home – this includes working with neighboring governments and aiding international efforts to assist people in the region.

In the wake of the Afghanistan debacle, further stressing our borders also poses an even greater threat to national security. Within hours of the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul, the Pentagon warned that Afghanistan could once again become a base of operations for terrorist groups aiming to strike America. Additionally, more than 5,000 prisoners who had were held at our base in Bagram – including Al-Qaeda fighters – have been set free, many of whom desire taking retribution against Americans at home and abroad.

In light of the Pentagon’s frightening assessment, securing our borders – rather than adding to the existing chaos – must be the top priority on Capitol Hill when it comes to immigration. The nation cannot afford to have policymakers yield to the political agenda of the Democratic Party’s radical fringe, and again ignore the warnings of our top military and intelligence officers. The stakes are simply too high.

Democrats in Congress must not only distance themselves from President Biden’s foreign policy failure, but put an end to their effort to enact an the largest amnesty in American history. They should ditch the budget reconciliation amnesty effort and instead embrace the public consensus that our borders must be secured. Time is running out.

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