Debunked: No, Border Patrol Agents Do Not Carry Whips

Images of Border Patrol on horseback carrying reins that many anti-Border Patrol activists claimed were whips combined with a misleading El Paso Times article created quite the firestorm on social media, leading to mass outrage from Democratic politicians and media personalities alike. The claim: Border Patrol agents on horseback were using whips on Haitian migrants fleeing for their lives.

The only problem? None of this is true. Border Patrol agents do not carry whips, nor were they whipping Haitian migrants. What many thought were whips were actually long reins, a common tool used to control horses. This should have been blatantly obvious to anybody who watched the full video. Even the photographer behind the initial image came forward and acknowledged the photo was misleading, and he never witnessed any of the migrants being whipped.

However, this didn’t stop leftists from pushing blatant misinformation. Whether it was Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and MSNBC host Joy Reid comparing agents to slave masters or Congresswoman Illhan Omar (D-Minn.) calling Border Patrol racist, the narrative was set. Even Vice President Kamala Harris, our so-called “border czar,” condemned these law enforcement officers while also comparing their actions to slavery. To add insult to injury, President Biden proclaimed that “those people [Border Patrol agents] will pay…there will be consequences.”

Surprisingly, the Washington Post fact-checked (though through a news article rather than an official fact-check) this fake and slanderous narrative, saying, “Contrary to some reports, the agents in the images were not carrying whips but were seen swinging their horses’ reins. They did not appear to strike anyone.”

The rest of the mainstream media hasn’t seemed to catch on as they continue peddling this outright lie at the expense of border agents who were effectively and honorably doing their jobs under extreme circumstances. This certainly isn’t the first time mainstream news networks have jumped to conclusions before getting all of the facts. Interestingly enough, Big Tech has yet to censor a single social media post pushing this false narrative or affix their now infamous “fact-checked label,” as they have done countless times to Republicans. This begs the question: is misinformation okay so long as it slanders those who enforce our immigration laws?

Fortunately, there are still people out there who appreciate the dangerous work that Border Patrol does.

However, facts don’t seem to matter for the Biden administration, which announced that they will no longer be allowing horse patrol at the border. Additionally, the falsely accused agents have been put on desk duty pending an investigation that may lead to their termination. Again, this is all because the agents were doing their jobs preventing illegal migration.

Our country is now facing a humanitarian crisis that has led to as many as 15,000 Haitian migrants flooding our borders, with most of those being released into the country. The men and women of law enforcement fighting on the front lines for a secure country should be revered and respected, rather than have their character maligned by an administration that refuses to accept responsibility for their self-inflicted border crisis.

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