Secretary Mayorkas Abolishing ICE From Within

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas  once again repudiated the very mission of his agency by issuing enforcement priorities that moves toward the goal of protecting nearly every illegal alien in the United States.

You heard that right. In the midst of a raging border crisis and a seemingly never-ending global pandemic, Mayorkas is severely limiting the enforcement of our immigration laws, as well as undermining Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

Under new guidelines issued last week, almost every illegal alien in the country will soon be shielded from deportation. Unbelievably, Secretary Mayorkas explicitly said that being in the country illegally “should not alone be the basis” for immigration authorities to arrest or deport someone.

His order also specifically protects large classes of illegal aliens from deportation, including farmworkers, the mentally ill, and those who have maintained a ‘lengthy presence’ in the United States.

Even worse, many criminal aliens are also protected, including those who have committed domestic violence.

After the issuance of these guidelines and a list radical decisions that is getting too long to count, one thing is clear: Secretary Mayorkas is the biggest disaster for border security and immigration enforcement in American history.

He believes he can just use shortcuts and games to twist and contort immigration laws to suit the Democratic Party’s open borders agenda. In doing so, he has made a mockery of our sovereignty.

Since the Biden administration cannot abolish ICE outright, Secretary Mayorkas has decided to destroy it from within.

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