EB-5 Centers Unwind as the Clock Runs Out

EB-5 regional centers, where wealthy foreign nationals invest funds to obtain U.S. green cards, missed a congressional deadline for renewal last…

Cash-for-Visas Program Suffers More Hits

America’s cash-for-visas program known as EB-5 isn’t faring well these days. Though exempt from President Donald Trump’s COVID-related restrictions, EB-5…

Chinese ‘Kleptocrats’ Face Prison For Investor-Visa Scam

As if the fraud-ridden EB-5 cash-for-visas program didn’t have enough bad publicity, now comes a couple of Chinese nationals who,…

Lawsuits Threaten to Sink Cash-for-Visas Program

Congress will likely grant yet another reprieve to its problem-plagued EB-5 foreign investor-visa program.

Citizenship for Sale: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

America’s fraud-ridden cash-for-citizenship scheme, officially known as the EB-5 investor-visa program, took some more hits in Congress this month.