Stupid Immigration Quote of the Week

From an Associated Press article regarding the Department of Justice challenging Alabama’s new immigration laws:

“To put it in terms we relate to here in Alabama, you can only have one quarterback in a football game. In immigration, the federal government is the quarterback,” Joyce Vance, United States attorney for the Northern District of Alabama.

Hey coach, are you aware that after being repeatedly sacked by illegal alien special interests, the “quarterback” has two broken arms, one severed leg, ruptured ligaments, torn cartilage and is lying unconscious, unable and unwilling to move? Game over unless Alabama gets the chance to start enforcing the law themselves.

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    Since the federal government won’t do anything about criminals entering our country, then the best solution is to round up all those who are here illegally, put them on a bus and drop them off in D.C. Since the fed says immigration is not a state issue, but federal, then here you go D.C. …you handle it now.

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    iif you don’t give illegals a reason to come here they won’t. we have to scann social security cards connected to the social security office and drivers licenses connected to the department of motor vehicle.This is the only way we will be able to stop the abuse.
    We have to plan a trip to Washington to demonstrate against illegals and anchor babies. This is America and we have to take our country back. the politicians are only concerned for themselves. They know who lives next door to them and who their neighbors are. WE DON;T.

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    This isn’t a football game! With 20 million ++ us citizens unemployed, It’s all about jobs that no us citizen will no!t do such as bank tellers, cashiers, newscaster, nurses, doctors, recptionist, actors, real estate agents, federal workers, policemen and women, cannon fodder, etc, etc.


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    This isn’t a ffootball game! It all about jobs that no us citizen will no!t do! Bank tellers, cashiers, newscaster, nurses, actors, real estate agents, federal agents, policemen and women, cannon fodder, etc, etc.


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    Typical of Liberals and Illegal Immigrant supporters- comparing a National issue of critical importance with a “football” game.
    The only football terminology that applies here is that of the Federal government avoiding their Constitutional responsibilities and instead keep “kicking the ball around” so no one can pick it up and let the air out of it.

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    Yeah James “the Dems want the votes” what about all the greedy GOPers hiring them for sub standard wages so they put more cash in their bottomless pockets. If the elected “elite” aren’t going to fix the problems it’s time they filed for unemployment benefits.

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    Joanne Edmiston on

    Where in tarnation did Joyce Vance ever get the notion that the quarterback is the only player on the field?
    This, I thought, was supposed to be a “team” effort ! Such a partisan, state-ist, loser judge needs to be sidelined in favor of a Constitutional Conservative Jurist

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    We have changed quarterbacks several times now, since none of them got off the bench. The current one isn’t even in the stadium and is home watching the game on tv ad routing for the other team. Impeach the bastard.

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    Joyce Vance is an idiot!!! people should call her office and demand she either be fired or removed from this case.
    This has got to be one of the most dumbest things i have ever heard.
    I guess this woman has not heard of the immigration law from 1940 that allows for the very practice she is fighting against. the only difference is that in the state law, you cant just walk up to someone and ask for papers, it has to be done in a legitimate traffic stop, or an arrest

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    Arizona can’t enforce the law by itself. It is unconstitutional! Is it so difficult to understand? It is simple: you must to amend the Constitution in the way you like. I am expecting to see that. That is the right to address this situation right in the middle.

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      Billy Roberts on

      You break the law you are a criminal. How can foreigners and illegals (criminals) have any right to tell our states and our government how to enforce our laws. And as far as Az enforcing our laws being unconstitutional. Well I don’t see where you are comming from there. But one thing I know for damn sure,it’s unconstitutional for illegal aliens to be in the USA!!!!!!

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      james frazier on

      Its not unconstitutional ,Its illegal to come into this country without a visa or work visa.when you come here illegal cops should have the right to question your status.that is the law the us government doesn’t want to enforce the law because illegals vote for him. Face it dems want illegal votes PLAIN AND SIMPLE.Anyone who does not believe that is an idiot

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      Orlando –
      Arizona CAN enforce their own laws. The problem is there is people like YOU telling people like ME that we’re “racist” & they threaten to sue, etc. etc. LaRaza & MALDeF are HUGE obsticles in this debate & do not want to comprimise for ANY (either legal or not – mostly NOT) immigrant. If you really think about it – they (meaning LaRaza, MALDeF, etc. etc.) are shoving these illegal aliens down EVERYONE’S throat. I am a firm believer that everyone should follow the laws of the land. We – America – are the only country on earth that will allow such non-sense to continue day after day. There is the “sensible” & then there are the “dreamers”. The sensible are trying to keep this country. The dreamers are giving/throwing it away with both hands!!
      I hope that GA, AL & AZ all get their wish. I hope Barack Hussain Obama (or whatever his real name is) is not re-elected.

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        Bush 43 sponsored a major amnesty bill – forgot already?? It’s both parties, man, be fair and point fingers at all of them. I hate Obama’s open door policies toward advocacy groups such as LaRaza bullies, but statistics have shown that at least he has deported many illegals. Way more than Bush did. This is the main reason the Latino groups are mad at him – he actually supports Secure Communities and has put a lot of enforcement powers into it.
        Business leaders from both parties are guilty of hiring illegals to keep their overhead costs down – we all know that, or should.
        eVerify works well and that’s why the Latinos hate it and why we need it – in every state!
        And don’t forget we allow too much Legal immigration, as well, to businesses who want to increase their profits by hiring foreigners to do jobs Americans can and want to do. US Chamber of Commerce, a thoroughly Republican institution, by it’s actions supports both legal and illegal immigrants by giving them American jobs.

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    Seems to me that the feds are spending much more time protecting THEIR illegal offense instead of our defense.

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    If the Quarterback & the manager & the head coach do not know what a Quarterback sneak is , then you replace them with people more competant people , like the GREAT people of Arizona !!

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    The “Quarterback” is a criminal !!! Put me in coach and I will play for no prisoners – locked and loaded !!

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    I guess the state and local police can’t work any bank robbery cases, those are all federal laws, if it is an FDIC bank.

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    God Bless America on

    Here’s some food for thought. Maybe our government are trying to let everyone in and pass amnesty so all these people will be dependant upon the government for support of housing, medical and monies. This way they will vote the liberal in to keep up the entitlements while they continue to rape the rest of the American people.

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    Dennis Skrobarcek on

    What is it about “illegal” that these idiots in D. C. don’t understand?? This includes the biggest idiot, the one residing in the White House!!

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    A special prosecutor needs to investigate the Dept. of Justice and the entire political establishment and start perp walks on those that ignore or refuse to enforce our laws.

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    The “quarterback” is a criminal two-party oligarthy up to their necks in racketeering, and the “couch” is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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    a friend of mine was a chef for a family business for 27 years, she was just fired and replaced by 2 illegal aliens

    i hope an illegal alien gets Joyce Vances job

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    Actually, if the “quarterback” violates the terms of his contract, e.g. Article IV, Section iv demanding he prevent an invasion of the states, he can be benched and a replacement sent in.

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      It’s truly time to bench the current quarterback and replace with someone competent. How did this Once Great Nation draft such an incompetent quarterback with so many obvious negative qualities. Wake up America, you, and our tried and true values and miracle Constitution are being sold-out right under your docile, pathetic noses.