Preventing Human and Drug Trafficking Abuses Through Immigration Enforcement

One of the biggest reasons we work so hard to enforce our nation’s immigration laws is to stop the human rights atrocities being committed by human and drug traffickers. These criminals are taking more and more advantage of lax immigration laws and inconsistent enforcement to achieve despicable goals – smuggling in human beings and illicit drugs all just to line their pockets with the alarming amount of cash these endeavors rake in.

Just this past weekend, Mexican soldiers discovered yet another “narco-tunnel” in Baja California that has crossed into U.S. territory. (CNN, August 14, 2011) Although the tunnel was still under construction, it was already complete with lighting and ventilation, and reached over 100 yards under the U.S. border. Mexican soldiers who discovered the tunnel reported that a small altar near the entrance contained figures for Santa Muerte, the saint of death, the saint who has been adopted by multiple drug traffickers as a patron saint.

At the end of July this year, Mexican officials arrested more than 1000 people involved in human trafficking in the notoriously dangerous Ciudad Juarez. (BBC, July 24, 2011) During the raid, authorities were able to rescue more than 20 underage women. Many of these women are often smuggled into the U.S. and sold. Stricter immigration laws and better enforcement of those laws – both in border control and interior operations – not only protects American citizens and U.S. jobs, it protects our nation from being an acting party to the extreme degradation of human life by preventing human and drug trafficking from continuing to skyrocket.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Washinton is not doing right for the people of this country. Congress and our leader will not do anything to stop the illegals from crossing over here. The almighty vote that they may get is more important then the safety of the country.

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    Shouldn’t Obama be charged for treason by letting an ongoing invasion of this country and doing nothing about it knowing full well its going on? Come on when is it going to Stop?

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      Don’t think its treason, more like gross incompetence or forgetting that the illegals can’t vote for him this election. Unless they pass an “emergency” voting rights bill (sounds true allready) to allow these poor illehgals to vote immediately.Dick Durbin knows where they all **** out and can bring them to the polls by the bus load just like he did to a congress hearing. Way to go Dick (head), thanks a lot for doing that.I won’t ever forget it!

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      Michael: Is it not treason for the rich and elite to keep hoarding money to stay rich, while allowing American citizens to be out of work and losing their jobs, all in the name of embarrassing the current administration? Is it not treason to take money from foreign governments and from people hell bent on bringing America to it’s knees because they want to embarass one man? I’ve enclosed the meaning of treason, if your small mind can comprehend small words, Treason: the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign. 2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state. If you can understand this then it explains what the GOP and Republicans are doing to this soverign nation, all in the name of getting paid for witholding jobs to the American people.

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    If it was a republican in the white house, the democrats would have had him hanging from a tree in the rose garden by now. Allowing illegal immigrants will get more illegal votes for obama, pure & simple.
    That is why this administration will not enforce our immigration laws and stops other States from enforcing federal immigration laws already on the books. It’s all about votes and the democrats keeping their jobs.
    Remember to vote obama out, if we lose the election in 2012, our country will have a one time dictator.
    Think it can’t happen here, don’t kid yourself. Refresh your mind, read the Constitution, read your history.

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    Since Obama and all of his supporters use Chicago Style Mob politics, maybe
    True Americans ought to use the same tactics to remove the Corrupt, Greedy,
    Frauds in ALL THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT! We need to take back

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    Just a thought – but these underage girls KNOW damn well what they are getting into. You can’t tell me that they don’t know. NOBODY can be THAT dumb. Can they?? You cannot tell me that these are the best & the brightest to be coming across the border day after day – week after week – month after month & year after year. Even if these ARE the best & the brightest – even if we DID want them “to come here for a better life” – THERE ARE NO JOBS FOR ME. THERE ARE NO JOBS FOR MY HUSBAND – but there are jobs for these dummies??? I don’t get it.
    Why would our president WANT to dumb down HIS nation?? I can’t understand…………WHY?? Why would ANYONE think this is a good idea?? It makes NO sense. If you ask me – our president (and his administration) are the dummies. How come nobody (except conservatives) sees this??? WHY won’t anyone do anything???
    Even I know better than that………and I don’t consider myself extremely smart.

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      Because this president and everybody he has placed in his administration and elswhere in the governments or private industry and courts are communists with the avowed purpose of ruining this country.
      No sane person would do these things. The communists and left wing people are insane and that is why they don’t make sense.. Don’t look for sanity by insane people.

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      The type of person who’d insist on continuing this type of immigration/ illegal invasion is a president or politician who is owned by global central bankers and will obey thier wishes in detriment to US society and the soveriegnty of the USA.
      People who want thiscountry and constitution GONE suport illegal immigration.

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    This president, along with his utterly useless administration, have complicated all matters of immigration law & reform. Along with Congress since the mid-term 2008 elections, this government has been the most disgraceful in recent memory. It’s high time these low lives were sent packing, they’ve burdened the American taxpayers far to much already!