Immigration Hurts the Working Class

By William Chip, FAIR Board Member

In today’s Washington Post: “Nearly one in three Americans who grew up middle-class has slipped down the income ladder as an adult, according to a new report by the Pew Charitable Trusts.”

Maybe we need to refocus and redirect our message. Our decades-old message that immigration hurts the working class has not resonated. The working-class Americans who need protection aren’t paying attention. The unions and other “progressives” who should care about their fate are immobilized by political correctness.

We need to get the message out to middle-class parents, who have spent a fortune educating their kids, that it is their kids’ jobs that are now in the sight of the immigration lobby. First it was “jobs Americans won’t do”. Now (according to Mitt Romney) it’s “jobs Americans can’t do.”

The economic analysis is not hard. American wages are determined by supply and demand. In our globalized economy demand for products and services made by highly paid American workers is declining and will continue to decline as Third-World countries ramp up their industrial bases and educational systems. Yet, even as demand for workers based in America declines, the supply grows relentlessly because of immigration. Shrinking demand, growing supply. No wonder many middle-class Americans have “slipped down the income ladder.”

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    more people need to go to this website and vote and vote, make sure you have printer paper, printer ink and paper clips, and pass this information on.

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    REAL liberals and progressives should be for lower immigration and against lax enforcement of immigration law.

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    The unions and other “progressives” who should care about their fate are immobilized by political correctness.

    Maybe some “progressives” are immobilized by PC–the unions, e.g., SEIU, are just corrupt.

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    Barbara Griffith on

    I know of a person at a job where I used to work whose parents cane here from Russia several years ago. Never paid one dime into the social security fund but was given a SS check higher than what my friend who worked there at the time to subsidize her social l security because she couldn’t live on it was getting after working decades paying into the Social Security program. This is not right. This is what’s wrong with the this government. Just who started paying out social security to legal immigrants that are not citizens? When a person sponsors a parent or parents from another country they are supposed to support said parents. But it never works out that way. First thing you know the parents are signed up on SSI and everything they can get from the government while the son or daughter claims they can’t pay all of parents hospital bills and all of their med’s so John-Q-Taxpayer is stuck with all of it. And with these politicians being able to collect a lifetime retirement check from the government after serving only one term in congress is another rip off from John- Q- Taxpayer that needs to be stopped. We don’t get perks like and they shouldn’t either.

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    Rick Perry has a losing certainty on his approach to illegal immigration. His stance on the proverbial nightmare for sane Americans has a very poor performance in gaining any headway towards the goal of President. Building the wall between the United States and the South, he addressed it as unnecessary, which is a negative check mark in the eyes of the TEA PARTY. We needed the fence after 9/11 for our National Security even though the two parallel barriers have not been constructed; it has had some minor successes. Perry signed into law the Texas Dream Act in 2001, so that is a big negative, adding to further chain migration of family members in future years. Perry is for big business as he has colluded with major industries to keep wages low for every American.

    Any prudent individual is not as gullible as in previous years and are no longer falling victim to the race card, or slurs to make citizens and legal residents to cringe away from, speaking up. Illegal immigration is a threat to our jobs, economy and the “Rule of Law” They can stick “Political Correctness” where the suns don’t shine.” It killed 3000 Americans at the world trade center, because the authorities hands were tied, not allowed to ask Atta’s immigration status” when he was driving to the airport. Anybody who doesn’t agree with the Liberal Extremist ideology is a bigot or xenophobe. Me, I’m just an average American, who likes keeping my money in my pocket for my family. I’m already being scolded for my tax dollars to pay for foreign wars, the impoverished of other corrupt governments and they think I’m going to empty my wallet for people who illegally settled in the US?

    I joined the TEA PARTY to fight the corruption, rot, greed and downright incompetence of stealing our money. To me, it’s the only, last chance to rid ourselves of growing government, cutting spending and a new era of revising the tax system, so nobody rich or poor, corporation and everybody has no more shelters from taxes. I have to pay—nobody should be exempt! I’m fed up with giving handouts to everybody—including the parasites from other countries.

    My vote is going to whoever is the front runner of the Tea Party, as well as my family, as both Democrats and Democrats have their own decisive agenda’s. This 30 year Democrat is now a Tea Party member and independent of both parties. Each administration has refused to build the real double fence or enforce the 1986 Immigration Control and reform act. The TEA PARTY will improve on both of these “Rules of Law” and stick like glue to the contents of the U.S. Constitution. As In Article IV, Section 4. The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

    The flood of illegal workers almost certainly constitutes an invasion. The TEA PARTY will table any form of Amnesty or Immigration Reform and will apply the statutes in the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli with strict enforcement according to the bill. Any Sanctuary City or State ordinances designed to cater to illegal aliens, will lose federal funding and expect ICE sweeps in the future. E-Verify and “Secure Communities” will no longer be a voluntary measure, but applied as a mandate to every state. The TEA PARTY will amend the 14th Amendment, so 300.000 children of illegal aliens annually can no longer get a foothold in America, to ransack the people’s welfare programs and public assistance.

    All new laws will be designed to stop economic illegal aliens from the financial avalanche that is happening now, which includes CHAIN MIGRATION. Each and every Immigration Reform package harvests millions more people through CHAIN MIGRATION, which includes the State Dream Acts. All visas will be decided on the skills and qualifications of the person who wishes to immigrate and unwelcome illegal newcomers will be punished harshly for entry. The 2006 Secure Fence Act will be fully enforced, with additional measures that should include 5000 National Guardsman. Only the TEA PARTY will enforce our laws, as signified in the living US Constitution. The $113 Billion dollars illegally collected by the IRS to benefit illegal aliens must be ended for good and not be further spiraling out of control because each government refuses to enforce the laws. Blue states like the Sanctuary state of California, must be watched by unbiased referees, to contain illegal aliens from voting. California’s, Nevada’s lax voting laws, need to be revised so everybody must show to forms of official ID, with violators of the law heavy fines and a term in prison.

    As a postscript, Yesterday President Obama offered a speech on jobs in construction specifically repairing Bridges and highways. We must insure illegal aliens are not employed by criminal contractors, who have encourages this type of violation of our laws. Be a “whistle-blower” if you find individuals, who seem suspicious in your occupation and inform ICE or local police Department. Read all the incendiary newspaper and media articles at “American Patrol” that sends the Liberal propaganda activists slinking in dark corners. Lastly, learn of the rot that has propagated in Washington and individual States at “Judicial Watch.”

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    It is exactly like this. Many better paid jobs (like computer drafting for example) are shipped overseas. With the Internet and fast e-mails, combined with overnight deliveries make the foreign lower paid labor extremely attractive for business owners. Owners are not to blame entirely, because they are also pressured with shrinking job markets, extreme competition with others who are already doing the same thing.

    Illegal immigration is tolerated in our country, which is wrong. All available local jobs are also becoming scarcer, and many with the lower cost illegal aliens make the bad situation even worst. it is not the illegal aliens fault that “we” allow them to flourish here, it is our fault. They just want to live better as we all do. It is up to us to set the climate to change that.

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      You are exactly right, it is not the immigrants fault if we are rolling out the red carpet for them, it is our politicians that let them collect food stamps because they will work for low wages, we also pay for their babies, this is our government subsidizing the low wages. I personally know a family where their foodstamp eligibility form is signed by the primary employee every month. What is not reported are the 4 days worked for other people. We the taxpayer are subsudizing his wages.

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        You are missing something. Immigrants are one thing, illegal immigrants are another. Illegals knowingly break our laws. My sympathy for them is minimal.

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    12 to 20 million illegal aliens, invaders, IE illegal immigrants. Have, and are stealing with the help of a large number of elected politicians the moneys meant for legal immigrants, and American citizens more to the point the theft of American resources. We must remove these hapless fools from the offices they hold, and start putting real Americans that believe in the true, and honest interpretation of our Constitution not that of a stacked Supreme Court. That brings up another change that is needed. Term limits for elected offices, and also for appointed offices such as the law enforcement, the Judicial, and all offices that grow increasingly powerful with time for their leaders as with the FBI under J.Edgar Hoover as an example. Why do we have to suffer the criminality of some in the leadership of this Country without a direct opportunity for rapid removal. I know of impeachment, but it is up to those that can block what the public wants.

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    It is incorrect to say that working Americans haven’t noticed their own decline. Most are simply too busy trying to stay afloat to become activists, as well. It seems to me that the “ruling class” very much likes things this way. I spent twenty five years in light construction, giving me the opportunity to watch the downward economic pressure placed on American labor by the revolving door of illegal labor. After being disabled in an accident, the first thing that I did was become politically active, focusing primarily on illegal immigration. What confuses me the most is how almost every American can agree that sending American jobs to foreign markets is painful to the working class but far fewer can see the damage caused by foreign nationals coming into the country and destabilizing the supply and demand ratio of the labor market. I actually supported the 1986 amnesty when Americans were promised the problem would end. Now, twenty five years later the situation has been multiplied by a factor of ten and the only answer from Washington is to do the same thing all over again. Fact, if a million illegal laborers were not scrambling over our border every year, it would make it a lot easier to catch the really bad actors like drug smugglers, gang members and potential terrorists. It might also help if AG Eric Holder stopped arming the drug cartels, thereby getting our own federal agents killed.

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      This was planned for years with Congress, Senate and the Presidents. I saw a big change in America 15 years ago and had told many people that we Americans are not going to find a decent job with decent pay in the future. But no one would listen! There are vital things we have to do as Americans to get American people to see that America can get strong again. We have to vote new blood in Congress and the Senate. Give Congress and Senate 2 years in office instead of 6 years. Stop the lobbyists from coming in to Congress and complaining that their company doesn’t make enough money. So they should pass this bill so they can get more money off of the American people. If a Congressmen, Senator and President gets caught in something shady and if found guilty, they should be forced to step down and go to jail. This would stop a lot of stealing from the American tax payers. The president , Congress and Senate have to much power over the American people. The people of America should have the last say when it comes to export and import overseas. Also the right to find out where the money is being spent in our government. Because as you can see the Government don’t give a dam about us Americans.

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        How many of you know of the Refugee Program we have? What started out to relocate our war allies now includes just about any group of people. The latest group I was aware of is the 30,000 Butanese that they relocated to Oakland, CA. We pay a grant funded org. to bring these people over here at a cost of $3,000.00 per person, then per family of 2,,are put on welfare of $561.00, $367.00 for food stamps, medi-cal, subsidized housing and a job training program, (puts them first in line for federal funded jobs). The elderly are given Social Security of $845.00 a month.
        Why are we still doing this when Americans need the help with the job training and they say our Social Security is bankrupt.

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          Several months ago I watched Senator Al Franken on CSPAN gloating about the number of refugees that were landing in Minnesota. I’m sure it is a boondoggle of sorts for Minnesota getting all that federal money.

          The same CSPAN show highlighted Vermonts’ Senator Leahy also gloating about the number of green cards that his state is issuing. It seems the green card processing center happens to be located in Vermont. In 2009 the US issued over a million green cards.

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          This is what’s so disgusting. My brother had rheumatic fever as a child, he worked until his mid 50s, when he had to have a heart valve replacement. They put in a defective one and he was not even able to walk across the room without stopping. They could never get him stabilized to redo the valve. He applied for SSDI and was turned down for years. Right before he died, they gave it to him, big deal. Then the illegal aliens who crawl under the fence, or the ones we pay for to bring in, get everything.

          Every last politician should be voted out, lobbyists should be banned, and we need to start fresh. Unfortunately, that won’t happen. Welcome to Amerika, the newest 3rd world country.