Mexican Net-Zero Migration?

Pew Hispanic Center researchers have issued a new report on Mexican migration to the United States in which they say there has been virtually no increase since 2007. They explain this change from Mexico’s previous role of dominating the annual average increase in the foreign-born population in these terms:

“The standstill appears to be the result of many factors, including the weakened U.S. job and housing construction markets, heightened border enforcement, a rise in deportations, the growing dangers associated with illegal border crossings, the long-term decline in Mexico’s birth rates and changing economic conditions in Mexico.”

While it is clear that those factors all have contributed to a decrease in Mexican illegal migration, a further factor is the series of laws adopted in a number of states across the country that collectively send the message to Mexico and other illegal alien sending states that the illegal arrival of their nationals looking for work will not be tolerated from now on. This is a message that will either be reinforced or weakened by the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court when it decides the constitutionality of Arizona’s SB 1070 law. Unless the law discouraging illegal immigration is found to be Constitutional by the Court and that ruling encourages similar measures to be adopted more widely, we would expect the policy of the Obama administration of accommodating non-criminal illegal aliens to result in a resurgence in Mexican illegal immigration if and when jobs in construction and services rebound.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    Most of the illegal immigrants in the US are latinos because most of the unfortunate, pennyless, starving regugees from all the other overpopulated countries of the world can’t get here because there are oceans to cross. Europeans are plagued by the other millions of illegal aliens that we are somewhat protected from. Their economies are tanking just like ours would with uncontrolled borders. I think they are finally catching on. Interior enforcement can stem the tide, just like it can here. Once Obama is gone, internal enforcement in earnest can start, and we can get our country back. How’s that for hope and change!

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    Barbara Griffith on

    This report is total poodoo. That is what I thought when I first read it. These people don’t know any more about how many illegals went home than I do. I subscribe to the TV station KRGV news in the Rio Grand Valley and a few days ago they said that over 60 illegals had been found in a stash house in one of the small towns in this area. Last week they found at least 40 in a small house that the Border Patrol and Sheriff’s department had to chase all over town to catch the ones that ran. Mixed in the new batch of 60 illegals were women and a large number of children. The Sheriff departments in all of the towns in the Rio Grand Valley have been after Gov Perry to send them more boots on the ground to help to control the smuggling. They said it’s getting worse. I know that certain parts of Mexico are in a severe drought with many ranchers forced to sell off their stock, because of no forage. Everything is drying up.

    Since I have been getting the local news they find stash houses almost every week. What’s happening now is the neighbors are keeping a eye on any empty houses on their streets and that is how the Sheriff is finding out about a lot of them.

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    Viet Nam Vet 67-68 on

    Don’t buy that Crap the Dept. of Immigration said that 2-3 million a year had poured over our borders in 2005-2009 so I haven’t seen any mass migration back to Mexico or any other Nation but I do see an enormous number of Illegals all over America in some places they have overtaken whole towns, Lets get people who will rid us of this bad situation on our Country Ron Paul the only one who believes in our LAWS and CONSTITUTION. Romney is already Flip Flopping on his mpromise to send them home.

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    If it true I welcome it , if it not so then as I do with all information that comes from source’s that I have no way of checking because of what it will cost I will consider it, but will not take it as Gospel. I just don’t believe that that we’ve over come the last two administrations weak efforts to stop the Mexican, or in general illegal immigration from south of the border. Those that want CHEAP LABOR, AND THOSE WHO want VOTES will violate U.S.LAW in a heartbeat to have their way. Only the 60 to 70% of the citizens who are adversely affected will care about what happens. The others either feel empathy , or are so secure in their personal life, and finances that they are unaffected by these illegals, or as I’ve said before will gain by this treacherousness. Government does not now, or ever know best it is the people who must guide it.

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      In part are true,in all of rest is pure lie,first we no have 11 million illegals allien,is more of 40 million,mayority of illegals is happy and working with a help of Dems,plus have benefit,that what gov,is will Not said,second check a number with Border Patrol,,last years and that years are much more busy with illegals and smuggling drugs who years ago,a number who enter illegal is increase anot decrease,with help and promote from a dems illegals see much more easy come here,is not cach a Border patrol,later is cach is very low,that why is very higth afraid many Law in many States give Autorithy to local police chech ID also ID veriefy,that is who real damage illegals.

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    They think they can fool some of the people some of the time, but did cant fool all of the people all of the time.
    I dont know who you are, but we think just the same.. Lets keep fighting on for the ones that are ignorant and the ones that just dont got a clue. God helps us and this nation, because right now the blind is leading the blind.

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    Don’t believe it for a minute. Pro-illegal immigration spreading the word, “Borders are unde control,” “…Illegal immigration is under control,” so we can move on to amnesty.

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      Hi Pam,
      just read your comment on FAIR, Your comment took the words right out of my mouth. We can make a difference, although we may be less then the machince were up against. i have faith that we can beat it. We got no choice but to fight,(pushing the word of mouth). I would rather die on my feet then to live on my knees.

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    I’d take what the Pew “study” reveals with a large grain of salt. If they are basing their study on data gleaned from the Federal Gov’t, their data is totally flawed. The Federal Government, under Obama, has consistently downplayed the number of illegal entries and has consistently fudged their numbers on deportations to the point you can’t trust anything the management of DHS or ICE says. I especially like the term they use, “non-criminal illegal aliens”. They certainly aren’t “non-criminal”, as illegal entry into this country IS a crime. Pew also claims to be “non-partisan”, but if you have followed the organization for any length of time, there is a very left-leaning attitude within that organization.

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      You are absolutely correct. Illegal immigration continues to grow under the Obama administration. Illegal immigrants are screwing us out of house, home and country because of their birthrates. In future years we will become the United States of Mexico and South America.

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    Foreigners no longer want to come to USA – they’ve cleaned the place out, carried all our wealth back home, stripped our economy dry, and destroyed all our jobs. Who would want to come to this wreck of a country anymore? There is no longer anything here to attract anyone.

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      Here in Nevada they still get welfare benefits. American citizen that paid taxes for year to support the illegals are being turn down. Eighty five percent of the welfare workers speak spanish and they are not turning down any illegals. I witness three family apply for benefits and walk out with approve. I also know of American Citizen with families and out of work being turn down. It is time to take care of American first and stop supporting illegals.