Sen. Durbin Tries to Intimidate AZ Gov. Brewer

This afternoon, Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) used his campaign to send out a petition (see email here) to tell Governor Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.) to “reverse her position now.” Durbin, the author of the failed DREAM Act, says Brewer is “standing in the way” of President Obama’s new amnesty for illegal aliens under 31 years of age.

Durbin claims that Brewer’s executive order requiring state agencies to uphold state law and continue to bar illegal aliens from receiving state benefits and IDs is just “wrong.” Well, Senator Durbin, you’re the one who is wrong. Wrong for trying to intimidate a state into using taxpayer dollars to fund benefits for illegal aliens and wrong for advocating for unlegislated federal policy over laws passed by Congress.

In addition to being flat out incorrect and misleading, Durbin’s email is also illuminating. Despite the Obama administration’s repeated assurances that the deferred action amnesty for illegal aliens is merely temporary, Durbin called it “a clear path towards citizenship.” So, the amnesty lobby is showing their hand. The Obama administration never planned to keep this amnesty temporary – illegal aliens’ political bullies won’t let them.

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    It is clear that Obama never intended for this amnesty to be temporary. He knows that no temporary amnesty has EVER been terminated. Obama, on the other had is temporary. He will be leaving office, to be quickly forgotten, in January. I hope Romney has the sense to rescind the Obama amnesty.

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    Gloria Wedemeyer on

    If people would leave Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe, they could clean up their state from this idiotic govt.

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    Gloria Wedemeyer on

    You know what I say to Durbin, clean up your own state before you meddle in some other state. I feel for Arizona as I think they take the brunt from all the illegals. I am also behind Jan Brewer because no one man can tell you to ignore laws on the books.

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      A Proud American on

      I agree. Dick Durbin is one of those career politicians who needs to be retired. He has no control over the governor of any state because he is only one of 100 Senators in our Senate. Because he thinks he runs this country, he needs to shut the H— up.

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    Dick “my head is in my butt”, durbin, is nothing more than another bought and paid for useful idiot, Masquerading as a defender of the U.S. Constitution. His loyalties belong to every corrupt union and special leftist organization in Illinois. Another Obama lap dog.

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    Wow, imagine Dickie Turbin sounding just like George Bush, John McAmnesty, Lindsey Grahamnesty, Mitty the Poo, and so many other liberals we elect!

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    MR Dick Dur bin you have enough to do in IL. with all those killings in Chicago and it’s been going on for quite some time , you should let our governor and sheriff take care of arizona belive me they are more than capable and we don’t have the crime you have for a reason.mind your manners and let our governor alone.

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    William Bolton on

    These Democrats seem to think that they can buy votes using our tax money! I guess when your leader is an illegal alien that got into office by fraud, you start thinking you can do anything by just lying, cheating and stealing. I don’t want to pay for illegal voters to shore up the Democrat destruction of our Constitution. Time to throw the illegals and Democrats out.

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    “Durbin, the author of the failed DREAM Act, says Brewer is “standing in the way” of President Obama’s new amnesty for illegal aliens under 31 years of age.”

    We want her to stand in the way! The DOJ should be standing in the way! Every Govenor should be standing in the way to protect American citizens! America is behind Gov. Brewer and it will be proven in Nov.

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      I am a Democrat. But Govenor Brewer, you have it right, and I am 100% behind you. Stand your ground. I am proud of you. Dick Durbin, you are on your way out of a job, buddy.

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    I think jan Brewer is about as courageous as it gets and I just found out that our current Gov. Bev Purdue is going to allow them licenses etc. Other than the fact that they are already driving.. most likely without proper tags and insurance….and they drive like idiots, this is just plain wrong…. we can only pray that Romney /Ryan win in Nov. ….Then we will have all their names, addresses, etc to round them up and boot their illegal butts nback where they came from!

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    I echo what many, many others have said before, People of ILL. kick Dick Durbin’s butt out of the Senate. He’s an embarrassment , and a tool of B.H.Obama’s anti-American administration, and may very well be aiding, and abetting him in his failure to uphold the Constitution. Durbin is a foolish moronic ideologue who will do whatever his boss tell him as he cares nothing for the citizens he is suppose to represent.

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    One wonders what planet Durbin is really from! Chicago has been completely infiltrated with an entire army of Mexican drug gangs whose killing spree this year has already achieved an impressive tally of victims. Any sane citizen would think that our elected officials would do their utmost to actually protect the citizens of this country, instead of pandering and kowtowing to the La Raza contingent. What has this country become?!

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    Its always about the money. The open border types want to make illegals legal so they can tax them. No surprise that the open borders crowd are largely aligned with the same crowd that keeps finding more ways to spend more money we don’t have. No wonder they want a new source of taxes.

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      John. As surprising as this may be to you and others, illegal aliens that file tax returns do so using an ITIN and are the recipients of 4 to 7 billion dollars each year…..and growing.

      The IRS does not care about anyone’s “status”, so long as they file a W-7 form and seek an ITIN for tax and filing purposes.

      The problem with Durbin is that he has been, is and remains such a LOSER that he can’t bring himself to do things that would protect the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law. He, like Chucky Schumer, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Nancy Pelosi and a host of other members who belong to the Progressive Congressional Caucus, as well as the Obama-in-chief are not interested in preserving, protecting or defending this nations sovereignty or its people from an obvious invasion of illegals. The power they seek and wish to control lies in the hands of their hired obstructionists and the votes of minorities who continue to receive unabated public services at the expense of the American people.

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        The above answer is TRUE..Durbin is a Dud, has been from the beginning of his term..Chucky Schummer and the rest of the team has worked to screw up this country…If Romney should lose America loses..We real Americans can not afford this to happen sowe all need to pull together to dump Obama…

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      It is more about votes. They get benefits that most Americans don’t get. I live in WA state, they built an entire neighborhood for the illegals and they get $2463.00 per month per person plus free medical and are more than likely working under the table. Every landscaper I have is Mexican, can’t speak a word of English and needs an interpreter every time I want them to do something. You think these people aren’t going to vote Democrat with those kinds of luxuries? Our prisons are filled wilth illegals who get free housing, medical, and three meals a day at taxpayer expense.

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        Kathae…..these illegals that you refer to are unable to vote. Remember they are undocumented. And no they don’t vote illegally. However thank goodness their children can vote when they’re older. I volunteer much of my time helping these people and believe me the money they receive is earned thru very very long days and weeks of work. They do this for their children who by the way are proud to be learning English before entering kindergarten. It’s much more difficult for an adult to learn a second language. They are not taking jobs away from Americans. We’ve seen many times what the result is when they leave an area. Farmers have resorted to going to Mexico to get people who can work on their farms. Just try to check the facts and possibly have some compassion.

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          BS Sue. These illegals hold over ten miliion jobs Americans CAN and WILL do. Farmers who have to go to Mexico to get labor are violating the law, just like the illegals coming here with their hands out.

          Why don’t you volunteer your services for some of the 25 Million citizen unemployed who don’t get any of the benefits illegals do? It’s your kind that is turning our country into a Banana Republic.

          The United States taxpayer subsidizes illegals to the tune of more than half a TRILLION dollars a year. They steal our jobs, our kids slots in school, destroy neighborhoods and lives.

          Since when do they “earn” their free money-by having multiple anchor babies, again paidi for by the taxpayers? You, my dear, are the problem.

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            Another Guest on

            Larue, you are so right! Where is our help when we need it, which is more often than people might imagine? When the illegal’s children grow up, they will be bi-lingual, so they will beat an english speaking american out of a job that way.

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          Tired of ILLEGAL ALIENS on

          Sue: Wrong again! Americans will work for fair wages. Please google “Bianco Leather Factory, New Bedford, MA” or “Pei Wei Arizona illegal aliens” or “Chipotle MN illegal aliens” or “Wildcat Dairy Fort Lupton, CO illegal aliens” before making such broad statements.
          And you wrote “thank goodness”. Who is “goodness”?
          And compassion this. I have been unemployed for more than 2.5 years. Many of my friends and family members have been unemployed for long periods too. Many, Americans have seen their quality of life decrease along with their wages as a direct result of illegal aliens. You will never understand the pain until you are directly impacted. And by the way, Jesus himself was a law-abiding citizen. And my laws are within The Ten Commandments.

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        Kathae, apparently it really doesn’t matter to you that your landscaping provider employs these “immigrants” . If it did then you would change landscaping services and hire one that employs ” americans “. I, personally, have refused to hire any contractors that have a work crew that requires the use of an interpreter. If more people in this country would start “boycotting” these service providers then, maybe, we could start getting more americans back to work. This is only my opinion and is in no way meant to offend. I am a strong advocate of AMERICANS first. By the way, have you noticed that the majority of new restaurants have spanish names? I don’t frequent them either as I don’t want to have to ask for the “english” version menu.

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      Amen to that. She has more gonads than all of this corrupt adminstration combined. Go Jan!!! Go Mitt!!!

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    We all know that this all stems from our disgraceful “president”. Really don’t know how this country has come to this point. Romney is not perfect, but another 4 years of Obama would be disastrous to our country and would change it forever for the worse. This is the true hope and change Obama meant. I can’t understand how he’s never been impeached, because it could have happened countless times with all the laws he has broken and continues to break! He can do or say anything and get away with it. WHY? Look at his total disregard for the safety of the US because he craves being re-elected so bad that nothing is beneath him in getting there — NOTHING! That lady governing Arizona has more guts than anyone in Washington put together! God bless her for staying strong, & always bouncing back when getting knocked down time after time. I hope she wins out in the end. Do not get discouraged Jan! You should run for President! You would be elected fair & square, not like Obama, who had ACORN get ineligible people to get registered to vote — even used dead people’s names! I cringe to think this probably will happen again, since ACORN is now operating, and hiding under, many other different names. Don’t even think Barack “Hussein” Obama is a citizen himself! Does that make me crazy or maybe even a racist? How many black people are voting for Obama just because he’s black, no matter how terrible a president he has been. Are they not racists? The Republican National Convention has now gotten threats of violence and chaos. Kind of can’t help thinking that the new black panthers are being told to do this maybe by Obama himself. I wouldn’t put anything past him, because he’s desperate to COMPLETELY ruin the U.S. I fear for this country.

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      Obama IS a citizen and he IS the president, probably very few people voted for him just because he’s black, but most AFrican Americans are Democrats… and I haven’t heard of the Republican National Convention getting threats of violence and chaos. And Obama did give us a form of healthcare that will prevent your health insurance company from taking your health insurance away after you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, and put on expensive chemotherapy (google “rescission”).

      All that said, Obama has been absolutely terrible on illegal immigration, what with suing Arizona and Alabama, when his justice dept should be suing sanctuary cities and states instead, and Gov. Brewer has certainly done a great job on this issue.

      If you want to really help in the fight against illegal immigration, be sure to join, where your voice will be added to the chorus echoing in congressional offices, telling them what we think about this, and where you can contribute to the lawsuit against Obama’s quasi-amnesty.

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        Tired of ILLEGAL ALIENS on

        David: I disagree with your statement of “probably very few people voted for him just because he’s (Obama) black”. Conduct some fact-finding research before making such baseless claims. I have and found many blacks voted for Obama because he is, well, black…

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      Amen, Lucy….if he had been properly vetted, he would have never been ALLOWED to run for President and this is just the tip of the iceburg….hope and change has been replaced with smear and fear! The real problems are even more disasterous…we now have more illegals coming over than EVER before and yet Obama ORDERS ICE to break the law and turn their heads…this is just plain wrong and he should be IMPEACHED for usurping Congress and not UPHOLDING the LAW! What most people don’t quite understand is that there are TERRORISTS coming across the border and we have no way of TRACKING THEM! A criminal is a CRIMINAL no matter who you say it! How many LAWSUITS is there currently going on with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT suing individual STATES that are trying to ENFORCE THE LAW and stop this TRAVESTY! As far as the RNC convention goes David…the New Black Panthers { Chicago Thugs} are saying they will be providing RIOTS at the convention and if you wanna hear RACISM in its TRUE FORM listen the the head of that party of fools! What gets me is …Obama has the LGBT’s in his pocket due to his recent flip flop on the legal definition of marriage, the BLACKS simply cause he’s supposedly a black {Muslim} and we all know why the Latinos support him….even though he;s on tape saying he doesn’t have the Legal Authority and broke the law doing so….So if ANYONE thinks this is the man to vote for the are just plain IGNORANT!

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    I respect and admire Gov Brewer..She needs to keep on doing as she has been. Oba-Mao, Democrats and certainly Mr Dick is wrong. Call me a racist..if thats all they’ve got. They are hatemungers,decitefull, lying, despicable beings.

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      I highly respect Governor Brewer, she has more guts than the majority of male politicians put together. I also love sheriff Joe. We need them as President and vice president, then America would become America again instead of being destroyed the way Obama and the rest of the idiots are doing to us. She does not let them run over her, and stands her ground. Arizona should be so proud of what they have in those 2. I wish she would run for President.

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    Senator you have enough problems in IL and with BO changing our Democratic Party to the Socialist Democratic Party. Stay out of AZ. Governor Brewer & Sheriff Joe are the best thing that ever happened to AZ. Your dream act is a nightmare. Stop using illegal aliens (criminals) as a method of getting votes. Leave Congress, and do us all a favor.

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    How dare these demoncraps push for something to be done, just because the great pretender wants to do it. Congress said no NO!!! to the dream act. I know the pretender does not hear anything, he does not want to.
    But the Senators are at leased supposed to support the laws.

    Demoncraps only support those they approve of. ignore the rest.

    It is such a shame that there is so many dumb retards who cannot see how the country has been torn apart.

    Impeach the great Pretendeer now, by november we could be beyond recovery.

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    As I have said in the past…if the Federal Government wants to support all these ILLEGAL ALIENS>…yes people who have violated the law by crossing and staying in the United States…then let the feds deal with the problem….These are the rules to this….our taxes will not be used by the federal government for the benefit of illegal aliens, non-citizens of the United States. These ILLEGALS had the option of becoming a citizen from the time they were brought over as children to this current date…they did not want to work to become a citizen. They want to be given what others have worked for, including Hispanics who came to this country LEGALLY… this worthless administration should be removed from office.

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      U better check your facts Tony. None of these people who are undocumented can become citizens. It’s impossible for them to do. If they could they would. Becoming a citizen is the ultimate goal. Short of that they would be happy to just simply be given legal status with the hope that someday they might be allowed to apply for citizenship.

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        Tired of ILLEGAL ALIENS on

        Sue: You really make some absurd, baseless comments. Perhaps you should watch the documentary “They Come To America”. This documentary might educate you a bit. Heck, it may even persuade you to be “compassionate” with Americans…

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    You are wrong Mr. Durbin! The American citizens do not want amnesty for illegals in this country, we want them deported, lock, stock, and barrel… Gov. Jan Brewer is almost the only person willing to take a stand against the open borders crowd, and stand up for American citizens!!! Obama is nothing but a criminal!!! just like most of you in congress these days, getting money from the international elites and special interest groups too!! We the People are awake now, and we know this is no longer our government running this country!! We are on to all of you Mr.!!! the sleeping giant is awake!!! God willing, He will help us take this country back… The power needs to be put back in the people’s hands, ASAP!!! I hope you lose your but in this election, you traitor!!!

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    This is far more than just about ‘votes’. This treasonous criminal is trying to replace Americas
    with illegal aliens and change the fabric of this country.
    In other times he would have been hung for treason.

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    Durbin is after votes. This isn’t about righting any kind of wrong. This isn’t about helping anyone legal or illegal, this is about votes. Anyone who believes differently will condemn you a a racisteven if you are of a central American descent.