Does Illegal Voting by Non-Citizens Concern Homeland Security?

Voting by non-citizens in U.S. federal elections is a felony. But apparently evidence of that is not enough to interfere with the naturalization process.

An investigative report by a New Mexico TV station found and interviewed non-citizens who had voted numerous times in U.S. national elections. In two of those interviews they found that the aliens were in the process of applying for U.S. citizenship. However, the applications were on hold by the Homeland Security Department because of the admitted illegal voting. The consequences? They were instructed by DHS that they had to cancel their voting registration.

It appears that the law against illegally registering to vote – which requires falsely affirming U.S. citizenship – is being rendered toothless by lack of enforcement. It does not result in fines or imprisonment or deportation or – it seems – even an impediment to obtaining U.S. citizenship.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    Congress appears ready to devote more effort to immigration reform. Most of what we hear concerns granting amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens now living in our country. Amnesty could mean granting a path to citizenship or, possibly, allowing permanent residency with the right to vote, work, etc. Many of these people refuse to learn, or even to attempt to speak, our language, one of the current requirements for granting citizenship. Anyone who has had contact with these individuals in a situation requiring reasonable communication would know how difficult that can become.
    If we, as a sovereign country, now allow amnesty to occur we should be prepared to accept the fact that we have been invaded – and defeated – by an army of illegals. Maybe we should just change the word amnesty to armistice.

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        Who is checking… very few states even check any ID? If its not important enough to take the time to get ID to vote then don’t vote.. but its a free for all here..

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      USCitizen12thGeneration on

      Everyone has to call and ask how much more out-of-touch and in self-destruction Lyndsay Graham and anyone even considering ILLEGALs aka TheRace=666=LaRaza ills, illegals, illegitimates DREAM ACT illiterates Dial#2 for Spanish can and are aiding and abetting the Plan of LaRaza et al to overthrow and destroy the USA…all while US Military are on foreign soil sent to be disposed of and replaced by the scum-plague invaders not only welcomed but rewarded.
      This nation has been Harbinger warned…our time is running out…

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    Notice how everyone in this “investigative report” had been given bad advice from DOL? Sounds like something that could be fixed by better training at DOL. There was no intentional illegal voting here, while there have been multiple cases of intentional criminal voting by Republicans “testing the system” or purposely committing fraud and being paid by GOP state parties (ie. Florida). Care to report about that FAIR? Or maybe that would be too “balanced.”

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      USCitizen12thGeneration on

      Where? If you cannot provide fact: location, address, precinct time, those involved: photos documents: then you are simply one of the 47% either illegals or former illegals or just plain anit-USA et al. Welfare is running out because myself and other cannot support you or yours…and survive. I had people arrested at my precinct come to Federal District Court Jan l5, 2013 and hear for yourself. Then make your statement and I will have you and whomever is with you arrested on-the-spot!

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    Congress continues to stand idly by as Janet Napolitano and her henchmen assault our federal immigration laws by daring anyone to question her right to rewrite and interpret these laws to benefit the illegal aliens. The path she travels dangerously coincides with the path of treason for her stated goals protect people from another country at the cost of the people of the United States. Is this not the same path accessed by our current president? The legal result of this action is trial and imprisonment, but Americans sat by as the Democratic National Convention was addressed by an illegal alien who unbelievably praised President Obama for keeping his promise to make all of them citizens! Federal law dictates that she should have been arrested the moment she arrived and bragged that she is an illegal alien.

    President Obama crossed the lines of political and legal honor by stating that his decision will circumvent any negative Congressional decisions regarding his Dream Act, and then continued to prove that he cares nothing for this nation’s laws. Sadly, our cowardly members of Congress bowed their heads after the election and are now whining that they will work with him regarding amnesty. How dare our elected officials continue to embrace Razaunida’s drive to create a Mexican America?!

    It is now time to reverse this travesty.

    The fact remains: Amnesty will not create a new breed of American patriots from the illegal alien masses. These people have no desire to become citizens of our country for they are acutely aware that this process will require them and their myriad family members to be responsible for their own welfare. Their existence in this country will radically change from that of parasitic to one of autonomy. This method was attempted years ago and failed for these very reasons.
    Please ask any illegal alien ( and now they are no longer hiding for fear of legal reprisal, they arrogantly defy anyone to report them to immigration officials) and I promise you they will tell you that they do not want to become citizens! They will further state that they send their money “home” … Mexico!

    So, let’s evaluate America’s new approach to the millions of illegal aliens who are already intact within our borders.:
    They have not considered nor do they realize yet (nor does our administration) that their new citizenship, if enforced, will bring with it a resolution of America’s three greatest crises, which these people originally created by living off of the American citizens:

    1. There will no longer be a deficit within the Internal Revenue Service for now the 13 million illegal aliens will
    find themselves paying income taxes in order to be included in this wonderful Dream Act. These people
    will no longer be allowed their tax number to simply receive free income tax every year when they have never
    paid into the system.
    Is the picture looming more clearly now? These people have spent years moving money into Mexico without
    the democratic process of putting money back into our nation’s coffers. Hmmmm…….

    2. There will no longer be a deficit within the Social Security System due to the drain on the system, again, from
    the illegal aliens who, surprise, received benefits without paying a dime into the Social Security Program!
    It has never ceased to amaze me that no one in these agencies ever had enough courage to stop
    the nightmare!
    3. There will certainly be no more wretched abuse of our healthcare system! These people will no longer be
    allowed to use the emergency services at our hospitals without first visiting the clinics. Their arrogant calls
    to the Razaunida lawyers if they are denied emergency care because they are not in NEED of emergency care,
    will no longer be an option. This insanity has required our hospitals, our doctors, our medical personnel and
    of course, the American citizens to absorb the financial drain on our medical facilities. Feeling a bit better
    about this nation’s financial situation? Do not hold your breath, for the plan includes allowing them citizenship
    without reprisal for reverting to illegal alien status to live off of the American people. Apparently again, this is a
    win, win situation for illegal aliens unless the American people finally state that we have had enough.

    My final comment is to address the fact that the best of America’s best are fighting to protect us while our cowardly president and our government officials are handing this nation to Mexico without a fight!
    Our military face the horrors of war: death, disability and disfigurement only to return home to a nation of emotional cripples who refuse to fight for America on our home front. These men and women return to a country whose employment opportunities are already impacted by millions of illegal aliens. Our courageous military are left begging for help while the cowards sit in Washington counting their payments from the lobbyists!

    America’s future looms dismally on the horizon, for She needs patriots, not politicians. I will close with a quote:
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”……Edmund Burke
    Think about it.

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    It just amazes me that illegals can drive, have no insurance or registration, have stolen documents, vote, and they can stay and even apply for the dreamers. If citizens did one or any of these things, they would be in jail. In Seattle a 70 year old grandmother registered her dog to vote to prove that it was easy for voter fraud in Washington state as all voting is absentee. She wrote VOID across the ballot and a picture of a paw print as a signature. Well, her point was made but she got in trouble. She had to get a lawyer and went to court, paid $240 in court costs, the misdemeanor charge was dropped but she had to do 10 hours of community service, not commit any other crimes in the next year.
    This woman served in the army but would have been stripped of her voting right if she was convicted of a felony!

    If you’re a illegal no one is sent to jail, pays a fine but is given a right to stay here. The only ones that are deported are the ones that are convicted of murder. What a country we live in. That is why I left the democratic party and I suggest that any democrat realizes that they are the fools. If Obama gives amnesty they will be the ones whole get into college, get the free education, get the jobs because they have cheated to get here, to stay here and never seem to pay for their crimes but are given rewards. It is strange that this country of law seems to look the other way. Obama is going to make it worse. I hard working successful person will be the loser as will our country!

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    Obama won. How? By a lot of criminal actions. People voting over and over, illigals voting, bowing to the “Give me my government “free” money” masses, illegally accepting donations from foreign muslim countries, etc. The list is longer than anyone knows, but with our start struck media, we will never hear about all of it. Will he ever be punished for his crimes against American citizens. I very much doubt that.

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    Why is it that an illegal can vote and not be punished and votes being cast two or three times and something is not done.This is why an id is needed to vote.

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      Mexico is the richest country in North America as far as natural resources go, yet they cannot do anything for their people because of wide corruption in their DEMOCRATICALLY elected government, a government constantly re-affirmed by pandering and pay-offs both internally and abroad. Most Americans do not realize that Mexican citizens ELECT these officials who do very little for them, but are constantly encouraging them to go take back America. This is the mentality of most illegals from Mexico, that corruption is heroic in leaders, and that this is their land so anything they can get for free is justly deserved. If Lefties would just look at the realities in Mexico, they would not push for the same here.

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    The ‘Commander-in-chief’, along with his administration, should be behind bars for aiding & abetting this criminal tragedy!

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      And that’s just a fraction – he should also be penalized for the Benghazi affair, the Walking Guns affair, and for telling foreign leaders (like Russians) that they should “let me get through this election first, and then…..” He didn’t even tell us about the Iranian missiles when it happened — It’s like he deliberately withheld this information on everything until after the election was over. Why all the deceit? Eric Holder should definitely be ousted too.

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    Every illegal who voted in this or any other election should never be allowed to become a citizen of the USA. They committed a crime against us and should be tried and their vote should be thrown out.

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        Exactly. What I want to know is why the politicians continue to allow them, and what they gain? Maybe then we could work at getting the magnets eliminated.

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      I think those people should be thrown out, also. If I were in charge, any child with an illegal parent here that brought them would be denied citizenship or legal residency equal to the number of years they’ve been in the country. Parents would be expelled, with children citizens welcome to come back when they’re 18, but not eligible to vote for another 10 years at least.

      That’s what is so infuriating too – all these voters that are cast by illegals and their “legal” children are giving the politicians grounds to implore everyone to cater to the hispanic vote — first they come and steal our benefits, then they demand more? &@#(*& that.

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    I want my vote to count. I am a legal citizen and if illegals vote, they took my vote away and thousands of others. They have to go through the legal process for citizenship before they can vote. All of the illegal votes need to be thrown out. I am tired to the corruption in our government and demand that we get true ID laws. There is no reason to say it is unfair to immigrants . How about how unfair their votes are to me and other real citizens?

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      I agree that laws should be enforced. However, it’s a big leap from finding a couple on non-citizens who voted to the claim that there are thousands of similar cases. The people here without authorization generally try to avoid doing things that might bring the attention of the authorities.

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        Good point, Jim. There’s actually big consequences for non-citizens registering. Why would someone risk deportation to vote? It’s a non-problem that special interest groups try and whip up a frenzy about for partisan gain.

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        So Jim you think these are the only ‘couple on (sic) citizens’ who voted illegally? Usually anything scratched at only reveals the “tip of the iceburg”. And where do all these flag burning, protesting illegals hide? In plain sight here in AZ. You are living in the dark, satisfied with your inane generalities that don’t hold up to daylight’s clarity. Please go outside and get some air

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    Reagan signed an amnesty in 1986. It was called the Simpson Mazzoli Act. Simpson being the Republican senator from Wyoming who pushed it through the Senate. And when Reagan’s vp George H.W. Bush ran in 1988, he got less than a third of the Hispanic vote. This put the lie to the fraudulent claims that all Republicans need to do is vote for amnesty. Won’t happen because they will still go for the Democratic social programs. Going after women and the working class would be far more productive. I know lots of people who say “I’m a liberal but I am against illegal immigration”.

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      True….and instead of stopping illegal immigration in 1987 on, it has what, tripled? I can’t wait until the legal Mexican residents are old enough to have to pay the increased taxes to benefit their own children. It’s a lot different when you’re a beneficiary versus a tax payer.

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        They wont have to pay taxes unfortunately, thay either wont be in the upper income bracket, or they will continue to work under the table in their own “communities” as they have for years

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    It is very unfair to count votes of illegal alliens. The confirmation that Obama was elected by mexicans is the worst news I have heard. Now he will award the illegal mexicans who voted for him by giving them amminesty. Reward the law breakers and punish the natural born americans who chose the Republican . We knew that it was an illegal vote. The Chicago Mafia brought out the Black Panthers to stand in front of the polling places and scare off the elderly white people. Where is the democracy our soldiers fought to preserve? My husband was in the second world war. Because of atomic testing,in the pacific, he had thyroid cancer . It makes me mad that he died for nothing, because the Democrats and the sorry liberal media will lie and cheat to get their way.

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      softwarengineer on

      Last I Heard 95% of the Voters Were Not Latino

      I assume you could also say the African American won the election for Obama with a small minority percentage too, not just the Latino. How about ALL VOTERS of ALL ETHNIC GROUPS won the election for Obama. If it was close in some swing states and IAs voted for Obama to barely eke out a victory, then its voter fraud and heads should roll.

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      One person who may have been a New Black Panther, reported over and over by Fox, who held the door for an elderly white lady.

      Get a grip.

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        The Heck with The Succession Movement, Someone should Raise an Army, to Fight Obama’s Private Army, “As well Armed, as the Regular Military”!!Obama has purchased enough Hollow Point Ammo to Supply the Red Chinese!! This ammo will be used as soon as The Kenyan Kommie Caliph can start the Travon Martin Memorial Race Riots!!

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        I watch Fox often, and haven’t even heard this story til now, about a New Black Rascist holding the door for a white elderly woman