LaMountain – Illegal-Alien Amnesty Is GOP’s Poisoned Chalice

Napolitano Says Border Secure, Amnesty Needed on Newshour

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano says that with the border more secure, it’s time to pass a mass amnesty. “[Y]ou know, you’re never going to seal that border. That’s not a possibility. But you can discuss border security and immigration reform simultaneously now. We don’t have to this kind of first this, then that. At this point, they actually go together,” Napolitano said.

Less Immigration Makes Housing More Affordable, Wages Higher Says UK Home Secretary

“House prices could be 10% lower over 20 years if the Government cut net migration to zero, Mrs May, the home secretary, said.
She added: ‘Uncontrolled, mass immigration displaces British workers, forces people onto benefits, and suppresses wages for the low-paid.’ Mrs May also announced more than 100,000 foreign students would be interviewed before being allowed into the UK to root out abuse from April,'” the Telegraph reports.

“Mrs May said the Government was on course to meet its pledge to cut net migration, the number of people who come to live in the UK for more than a year less the number leaving, to the tens of thousands by 2015.”

Hold Lifted on Georgia ID Checks

“A federal judge in Atlanta has cleared the way for a section of Georgia’s tough law targeting illegal immigration that had been blocked to enter into effect,” the AP reports. “A three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit in August ruled that a part of the law that authorizes law enforcement to verify the immigration status of criminal suspects who fail to produce proper identification should be allowed to go into effect.”

Joseph H. Nye – Bigger is Better

“During the twentieth century, the US recorded its highest percentage of foreign-born residents, 14.7%, in 1910. A century later, according to the 2010 census, 13% of the American population is foreign born. But, despite being a nation of immigrants, more Americans are skeptical about immigration than are sympathetic to it. Various opinion polls show either a plurality or a majority favoring less immigration. The recession exacerbated such views: in 2009, one-half of the US public favored allowing fewer immigrants, up from 39% in 2008,” says Joseph H. Nye.

“While too rapid a rate of immigration can cause social problems, over the long term, immigration strengthens US power. It is estimated that at least 83 countries and territories currently have fertility rates that are below the level needed to keep their population constant. Whereas most developed countries will experience a shortage of people as the century progresses, America is one of the few that may avoid demographic decline and maintain its share of world population.”

LaMountain – Illegal-Alien Amnesty Is GOP’s Poisoned Chalice

“Since the election, some Republican-leaning pundits have maintained that Mitt Romney lost more than 70% of Hispanics, and thereby the presidency, because of his reputedly tough stance on illegal immigration. Their ‘solution’ is for Republicans to get behind ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ — amnesty and a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. If they don’t, the pundits insist, they will render themselves a permanent political minority at the national level,” Richard LaMountain says in an Investors Business Daily op-ed.

“The problem with this analysis: It’s wrong. The election didn’t prove that Hispanic voters opposed Romney because of his positions on immigration. And Republicans shouldn’t sell the farm on the assumption that they did.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    The recent study by the Center for Immigration Studies found that 43% of all legal immigrants who have been here for 20 or more years use some form of welfare.

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    A recent study found that even if Romney had won a majority of the Hispanic vote he would not have carried a single additional state, and in the most important swing states in the Midwest he wouldn’t have won with 100% of the Hispanic vote.

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    richard harris on

    30 million new democrat voters means about 15 million new California Democrat voters. This will give California about 20 new Democrat Congressmen and about 20 more Electoral College Democrat votes.

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    richard harris on

    Amnesty will instantly create 30 to 40 million new Democrat Voters. Who are the 30% of Hispanics that did vote for Romney? They are the Hispanics whose families have lived in this country for over a hundred years and have reached a standard of living that enables them to be concerned about how much of what they earn is being lost to taxes. Obviously any recent arrivals will not be in this category for many decades. And just as obviously any immigrants that have been here for less than 50 years will be voting Democrat not Republican.

    Therefore any amnesty will create between 30 and 40 million new Democrat voters. Estimates of illegal immigrants are claimed to be less than 10 million now. This is of course nonsense. The Pew Group which the left-wing press cites for this figure is a Hispanic organization. They are obviously aware that the threat of adding 30 million Democrat voters overnight would deter any prodigal Republican from voting for amnesty. Thus they have continually grossly underestimated illegal immigration levels. They claim that their estimates are based on US Census figures. However if so, we know that illegal immigrants consciously avoid being counted by census takers so Pew’s methodology, if legitimate, is totally flawed.

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    Giving amnesty to illegals and, thus, making them citizens, will only create more Democratic voters. Make illegals citizens and eligible to ride the government gravy train, and see how fast they go from being “hard working” — as their apologists always claim they are — to further swelling the welfare roles and further bankrupting governments at every level in this country.

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    “The election didn’t prove that Hispanic voters opposed Romney because of his positions on immigration.”

    Um, yes it did, along with several other reasons. But the primary battle where Romney tacked hard to the right, including on immigration, is a major reason for his downfall. Feel free to keep pretending otherwise.

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      Sorry Stan but you’ve got it wrong. Hispanics voted for Obama because the Democrat Party is the party of free handouts. It is the same reason that Africans voted for Obama, and that poor white people voted for Obama. People who are in dire economic straits are obviously going to vote for the party that provides them with financial support in order to help them survive. If you were a regular reader of this web-site you would have learned that 10% of self-described conservatives voted for Obama. Now this is such an outrageous statement that it bears repeating. “10% of self-described conservatives voted for Obama.”

      When I first read this my initial response was that it was just ludicrous. It took quite a while but then I finally figured out that it probably was true and that it meant that this was more than the margin of victory for Obama. What conservative in his right mind would have voted for Obama. Obviously the conservatives who are in dire financial straits would be motivated by the same government assistance programs that other non-conservative financially challenged people are. Right away numerous elderly conservatives come to mind. Younger conservatives who have been laid low by the state of the economy would also be in financial need.

      So the left-wingers who are thinking they can trick Republicans into handing them 30 million more Democrat voters, and the idiotic reach-across-the-aisle Republicans who created this mess in the first place by failing to block the 1990 Immigration Act, really need to take another look and stop spouting off this amnesty nonsense which if enacted would result in the complete disappearance of the Republican Party from the Congress at some point in the future. The Republican Party in California has been declining in representatives in both legislative bodies ever since 1974 when the Democrats finally seized permanent majorities in both houses.

      So with 10% of conservatives voting for Obama and the massive voter fraud, which included ballot box stuffing and rigged vote counting computers in the swing states, one finally arrives at the real reasons that Obama won. Thus the Hispanic voting breakdown was not the determining factor in the outcome of the election.

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    If you give the lazy me lots of freebies I
    promise to vote for you.
    Real simple why illegals and welfare
    recipients vote for giveaways. It is
    almost to late to recover America.
    You American taxpayers better wake up.

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      Undocumented immigrants don’t vote. Your comment is entirely illogical. Plus, you know where the majority of recipients of government programs live? In red states, mostly in the South East U.S.

      Look in the mirror.

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        Illegal aliens are not supposed to vote, but they DO vote, illegally. Bus loads of Somalis in Ohio who didn’t speak English and a Democrat interpreter told them who to vote for. Van loads of people voting in Wisconsin who didn’t know what their name or address was without looking at the piece of paper in their hand, didn’t know how to pronounce their name. Florida attempted to purge the voter rolls of illegal aliens and was prevented by the Obama ‘justice’ department. Colorado attempted to purge the voter rolls and was likewise
        prevented., etc. etc, etc. Counties in Colorado that are mainly Hispanic (unknown how many illegal aliens) that
        had 140% of the population registered to vote.

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        Stan you better wake up if you love America. Just thinkj of California.
        It is gone. The Dems have absolute control over the legislature and
        governor. Check out that cesspool called Los Angeles or the central
        valley. Illegals do vote especially in CA as Loretta Sanchez defeating
        Robert Dornan for the House of Representives a few years back shows.
        Illegals made the difference. Your own stupidity insults you. If you want
        a multi-lingual America with the majority of its residences on welfare keep
        voting far left. Maybe if you lived in Mexico for a few years you would
        understand. Or try Somalia, Pakistan, Russia, Peru, or whatever
        country. You may get the message but if you are a committed leftists
        you may just enjoy the misery to assuage your guilt.

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        Sorry Stan, I forgot to mention the 300,000 babies
        dropped on American soil by illegal aliens every year.
        How do you like them apples?

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    America is Enjoying a 1.7 Birthrate the Last Three Years

    Assuming we can keep this up and simultaneously freeze illegal/legal immigration ASAP, which is upping American population numbers irrespective of our lower birthrate….in a few decades of overpopulation healing in the American job market, causing wages to return to normal living standards again….I’m sure we’ll see home prices on the rise again too and without MASSIVE government debt QEs paying down the interest rates to their current zombie overpopulation levels too.

    We just need to stop the open border crimelords from destroying this hope for slave labor hoards.

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    LaMountain is right. If there is any way for the Republicans to insure they will become the permanent minority, it’s to embrace amnesty. Those people are not going to be GOP voters, they are low income and will vote Democratic. Give in on the small details like maybe amnesty for those who were twelve or under when they came here, and stick to the rest of the agenda. What in the hell is so shocking about the idea of “self deportation”? You mean, actually enforce the laws, like Mexico does? Oh, the horror of it all.