Census Bureau Projects U.S. Population to Increase by More than 100 Million by 2060

The U.S. Census Bureau this week released a new population projection. It adds ten years to the last projection and puts the likely population in 2060 at 420.3 million – about 106 million more residents than today.

Slightly more than half of that increase (51.1 million) results from net international migration (new immigrants less those moving away). Today’s immigration flow is heavily Asian and Hispanic. Of about 1.1 million newly admitted immigrants in 2011, more than two-thirds were from Asian (35%) or non-English speaking countries of Latin America (33%).

The population increase in the Census Bureau projection is largely from growth in the Hispanic population (72.5% of the 2015-2060 increase) and the Asian population (16.8% of the increase). This new projection also indicates that the non-Hispanic white population will decline by 19.5 million and that that population segment will drop below 50 percent of the total population a couple of years after 2040.

This new population projection reflects a slower rate of population increase than in the last previous projection and it appears that most of the lower projection will result from the drop in the non-Hispanic white population.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    We just hope that Mexico will not crash its economylikt it did in the 1990’s and hope for more development. Are only hope is a few on the left and right that are not apart of give immirgants legal or illegal and maybe a new centrists group that is not apart of LA Raza and so forth. Also, encouraged robots, more robots that are able to work in the fields and in cleaning services and in low skilled factory will cut demand for illegal immirgants and companies that want their services if the robots become cheaper than the illegal immirgants driving them home to Mexico or Central America.

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    With the current population of 315 million and 23 million unemployed, when the population hits 420 million in 2060 the unemployment level will reach about 83 million people.

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    And all the so called progressives who claim to care about the environment will go bananas when you suggest that immigration is making our population bigger and therefore causing more environmental damage. There is a “footprint” that figures how many acres of the earth a human requires to support his lifestyle. Even if we “build up” that does not account for all the other land consumed for highways schools shopping centers. And any progress we make on greenhouse gases is lost to that increasing population. It’s like all those phony baloneys at the Sierra Club, an organization that very much recognized back in the 80s that immigration based population increases were bad for the country. Now everything is “the greening of hate”. It’s their only card to play, because they certainly can’t make an environmental argument for keeping immigration levels at what they are.

    Not to mention that the same so called progressives buy the corporate propaganda about how we have a “shortage of workers” when we have tens of millions of unemployed and underemployed and that is not expected to improve much for years. The shining Golden state of California, the home of most immigrants by number and percentage of population, still has unemployment around ten percent, among the very worst in the country.

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      Spot on Leland,..””And all the so called progressives who claim to care about the environment will go bananas when you suggest that immigration is making our population bigger and therefore causing more environmental damage. “…doing the bidding of open-borders NWO,, We have no water in Texas with 1000 moving here everyday, and now the Gov. is going to build desalinization plants on the gulf coast, and pipe water???..LOL??…Some on the sane (few left) are asking what to do with the by-products of this process (massive salt/other massive organic material)..???….and POP./Immigration continues?

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    Yes, and We Also Have a 1.7 Birthrate the Last 3 Years, Depopulating America

    Better pack more IAs in the Mexican trucks to sell as slaves to the foreign/corporate owned companies that love to use them and overpopulated America with illegal/legal immigration, irrespective of our environmentally conscious birthrate.

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    If any of you read Frosty Wooldridge’s columns, you know what this continued importation of people will do to this country. We not only have illegal aliens sneaking in, we add 100,000 legal immigrants every month, untold numbers of refugees, the insane wet-foot, dry-foot crowd, TPS people and anyone who can walk, drive, swim or fly in. Added to this we have the anchor baby crisis and now we find out there have been maternity hotels that take in pregnant foreigners who come in on visas and have babies who are instant citizens. This shows me that our present administration, as well as a few previous ones, care nothing for us. They’ve told the world we’re not special any longer, that we should give our jobs to illegals, that we should give preference to foreign graduates and
    our only function now is to turn over our money and keep quiet.

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      Living With Open Eyes on

      I don’t believe any body anywhere can sum it up better than that. Let us pray to God Almighty for strength and courage-we’re going to need plenty in the years ahead.