Believe President Obama on Immigration: He Will Not Enforce Most Laws Even After an Amnesty

As the 113th Congress is sworn in on Thursday, one of the most important legislative battles on the horizon is over immigration reform. In an op-ed appearing on the website, I point out that any legislative proposal that promises future immigration enforcement in exchange for amnesty and immigration increases is certain to be worthless. President Obama has already proven that he will not enforce existing laws, and we should have every reason to believe he will not enforce new ones either.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    Marilyn Jordan on

    I thought one of the main functions of our government was to protect the American people from invasion. It doesn’t say for the government to create an invason. Everything he does is against the constitution. He needs to be inpeached ASAP. When he has LaRaza and Muslum Brotherhood working in key positions in our government, especially in Homeland Security, that should concern every citizen. He has an agenda but it’s not to benefit Americans.

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      John F. Kostrubal on

      You are correct, but now we have many republicans switching their stance on the immigration issue because they see how the Democrats are using these foreigners for politcal and personal preservation .
      These individuals in Washington could care less about Americans, especially the Middle Class .
      You want proof . Since 2001, more Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens than have died in Iraq, Afghanistn and on 9/11 combined, yet not a complaint from Washington, nor the bias media . This is not to mention the tens of thousands of Americans who have been Raped, Molested, Assaulted and Robbed by these foreigners on our soil .
      Our southren border is less than 50% functionally secure, this Administration has handcuffed the ICE and Border Patrol agents , it refuses to enforce our laws, ignores Congress to give a amnesty to illega aliens, supposibly brought to our nation when they were children , yet there are no face to face interviews with these foreigners .
      It is time to take our nation back, and remove the traitors from Washington .

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    Come onDeb Niehuus use your head. NOTHING Nomoral has done with, for or against ILLEGAL Immigration has HELPED the US. It has only hurt taxpayers and LEGAL workers. Thinking negatively about Nomoral’s ILLEGAL Immigration plans is the responsible thing to do. History of his ‘pland s and actions’ bares this out. Wake up and admit that Nomoral is doing everything in his power (legally or Illegaly) to bring America DOWN

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    These points have all been brought out before the election…..the election is over……55% of our population don’t care about how ODumbo operates because they voted him back in!! And worse than that..the news media isn’t interested in reporting the truth about immigration because they’re too busy talking about the children in the House and Senate………

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      richard harris on

      Don’t be discouraged. There was so much evidence of massive voter and electoral fraud in the 2012 election that if Republicans made an all out press on preventing electoral fraud they could actually win a future presidential election. When you have 145% of eligible voters voting in a Cleveland district and 106% voting in several other districts you know you have massive voter fraud. There was so much voter and election fraud that it gave the election to Obama.

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    Kurt Thialfad on

    What I find ironic is the hypocrisy in the debate. For example, these young aliens covered by deferred action, all claim to know only the United States as their country, have no knowledge of their native language and customs, and have never set foot on the soil of their native country.
    Now, these young people have been raised by parents from a foreign country who don’t speak English. So these children never communicated with their parents in their native tongue? We find that hard to believe.
    We also find hard to believe that once this class of aliens gains citizenship, there wouldn’t be the sponsoring of many relatives suddenly coming out of the woodwork.
    There is a disconnect here.

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    President Obama will not enforce existing or any new laws enacted on immigration. Since we know he has no intention of enforcing any immigration laws, why should we give the illegals here a path to stay here (not one of them deserve citizenship ever). That would be a slap in the face of every true American citizen and those who have applied and come here legally. Neither should they have the right to sponsor another family member. Each person need to apply and enter on their own merits, if they wish to be reunited with family, they are more than welcome to return to their country. Importing welfare recipients is a hardship on taxpayers in more ways than one.

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    Stop thinking the worst. I am so tired of groups (whose platform I fundamentally endorse) stating it will ALL GO TO HELL because of what you know of the President’s actions thus far. Stop being so negative. It’s wearing us all out! Maybe, just maybe, you’re wrong … please conduct yourselves as that may actually be a possibility. Please!

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      Come on. When someone does the same things over and over, you can be pretty sure it will continue. When Celia Munoz, formerly in a high position at La Raza, is now director of White House governmental affairs, it’s like the fox guarding the henhouse. Let the policies change and then we can all believe it. “Thus far”, as you put it, is all we know. And it’s not encouraging if you believe laws should count for something. There was just a story a few days ago in South Florida where 6 Romanians were arrested on shoplifting charges at a local chain grocery store. They were all released on bail or their own recognizance. What are the chances they show up in court? Zero. They should have been held and deported but you have to commit a felony to get INS to do anything now. And that policy comes right from the top.

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      I Imagine You’ve Been Brainwashed to Believe Our Present Bad Economy Has Nothing to do With Added Overpopulation Immigration

      Even though immigration/overpopulation that Obama supports is the root cause of our economic problems of job scarcity and wage deterioration.

      We’re not alarmists, were pragmatic thinkers. You’re naive to the facts today. BTW, I’m a Democrat too; but I have my own brain too.

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        Living With Open Eyes on

        Software engineer I agree with you 100% and I”m a Dem too. Everybody says, “Illegal workers work hard and it would hurt their innocent families if we send them home.” But let a hardworking American citizen get busted for pot or get a DUI, and it’s off to jail for them, no questions asked, and their innocent families just have to fend for themselves-BECAUSE THEY BROKE THE LAW. Well the illegal immigrants BROKE THE LAW when they came over here illegally-somebody please tell me why do we enforce the law on our own citizens and give illegals amnesty? It just doen”t make sense.

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      I bet you also don’t believe in the saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We gave the 1986 mass amnesty and several mini ones since (TPS, 245i, for example) and all we’ve gotten is more illegal immigration and administrations that won’t enforce the laws of this country. Obama’s going a step further and has come out and SAID he won’t enforce the law for entire CLASSES of illegal aliens (see the Morton Memo). And he’s not only letting 1.7 million illegal alien “children” get work permits, he’s also putting on hold deportations of their parents and virtually any illegal alien who hasn’t committed rape or murder. When someone says they’re going to do something AND THEN GOES AHEAD AND DOES IT why shouldn’t we believe him?

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    Both parties are kidding each other about the fiscal cliff because neither side will acknowledge what has to be done. But one thing that got shot down, and right away, was the president wanted authority to raise the national debt limit on his own whenever he wanted. The only reason anyone pays attention now is because we are always coming up against the limit and then it’s raised. But even if Congress were to vote him authority to raise it on his own, it’s hard to believe a constitutional challenge would not be raised in court. The constitution says spending and monetary bills originate in the House. This is just another example of him assuming he can make the law up to suit himself.

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    Obama is a liar and a fool. Of course he would never enforce our immigration laws,
    and for this he should be impeached.

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      You and I may be the only ones that know the word “impeach”. There must be a way to get him out of office (legally of course) before he completely ruins our country! All those people and Unions that got him elected have clouded vision. The Bible says that , “even the elect will be fooled”. Even with my cataracts I can see more clearly than most.
      All I know is that Obummer is hastening Armageddon!