New App Helps Illegal Aliens Navigate Detainment

Detained for unlawful presence? There’s an app for that.

Thanks to Deyvid Morales, a 21-year-old DACA recipient, illegal aliens with smart devices now have a tool to help them out when an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent asks for their (nonexistent) immigration papers.

The app, called Derechos Herencia, meaning Inheritance Rights, provides a guide to illegal aliens’ “rights” when they are questioned about their presence.

Morales created the app because “there are many apps on immigrant rights but not in Spanish, and our Hispanic community needs that kind of information all the time.” Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could come up with an app to protect the rights of American workers and taxpayers?

You can read the full article at FOX News Latino.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Coming legally, I have no qualms. When legally completing requirements, it is a welcome to new Americans that wish to join us – (and not wishing to change the face of America.)

    Obama (especially) has been on a destructive path since being a part of national politics. He is also in the White House, illegally, and should be arrested and charged with numerous acts of treason against our nation – along with many of his “cabinet” as well as members of Congress. When the House gets off its duff and proceeds, it will be a blessing, as America will then be in full voice and will not let the Senate back down.

    Meanwhile, those that come to America are mainly here for the “land of the freebies.” When werun out of the freebies (medical, food, housing, clothes, education, and so on), they will have to find another country to invade in their quest to change the world to their liking. Once we are used up and thrown aside, they will no longer need all that we have.

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    Does anyone have a list of the rights of illegal aliens? If so, I’ve yet to see it. The only right I can think of is that our government should send them RIGHT home…and we all know that will never happen. I didn’t hear the President last night mention that Americans have to fight for jobs not only with illegals, but legal immigrants, refugees, the resettlement groups, the visa overstayers, the wet-foot, dry-foot gangs and people like his uncle and auntie, who are the privileged ones. Disgusting! We can’t win because our government stands behind the criminals.

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    So they think we owe them an inheritance, were not there parents! How can they even suggest such a thing without being embarrassed from there own stupidity? This is so lame it should never been allowed to get this far.

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    If America Put as Much Effort Into Developing Engineering/Manufacturing Products

    As they do to populate this country with IAs; our economic problems would be a fraction of today’s.

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      this just baffles me on what I just read! Let’s give the crimanl all the rights and throw us in prison/jail for doing by the book? where the hell is this America going? Come on lets get this OBAMA OUT OF HERE, HIS TERM CAN’T COME QUICK ENOUGH BUT IN THE FLIP COIN THERE COMES ANOTHER LIAR SMOOZIN US…..

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        In 1963 when I entered America I was under the sponsorship of 2 of my American relatives. There were papers signed that they would be financially responsible if I was unable to support my self financially. There was absolutely NO WAY I could go on welfare. Before making the decision to come to America my relatives introduced me to prospective employers and I knew I would be employed the minute I returned with proper paperwork., When I hear about illegals about to get Amnesty this is like throwing manure at those of us who entered by Legal Process. What is so difficult about Legal Entry? Unless you don’t want to work at any job that comes your way then you are a hindrance (obstacle) to American Society and its Finances. It is time to stop the NONSENSE and Enter the Country Legally or not at all.