Attend Your Congressional Members’ Town Hall Meeting

Lindsey Graham quoteWe need your help. Our sources on Capitol Hill tell us that an amnesty bill is coming out next month!

Why next month? Tomorrow, Congress leaves for its two-week Easter holiday recess (March 25 to April 8), during which time many legislators will be hosting “town hall” meetings throughout their states and districts to address the questions and concerns of their constituents.

Help us use this opportunity to tell them NO Amnesty! Click here to find your U.S. Senators and House Representative.

Attending a town hall meeting is the perfect opportunity to voice your concerns on immigration by telling your Member of Congress that you want immigration enforcement, not another amnesty.

We know that members of the Gang of Eight are purposely waiting until after the Easter Recess to release a bill. Earlier this month, the Associated Press reported:

[Senator Lindsey] Graham said it wasn’t a good idea to release the bill before a two-week recess.  “You don’t want to leave it hanging out for two weeks to get shot up,” he said. The legislation is certain to be controversial and may spark passionate opposition from lawmakers’ constituents…

Fearing the backlash they will receive at these meetings for supporting an amnesty, the Senate and House immigration working groups have indicated they are waiting until after they return from this break to introduce legislation.  Make sure you do not let them get away with such evasive tactics and hold them accountable while they are home!

The pro-amnesty lobby is already mobilizing its supporters to attend these town halls! Ensure their voices are not the only ones heard – click here to locate your Members of Congress to find out whether they are hosting a town hall near you.

Be sure to bring as many FAIR friends as possible to attend and tell your Members that you want true immigration reform, not another amnesty!

Tell them:

  • Granting amnesty to the nation’s 11-12 million illegal aliens and importing more labor through guest worker programs hurts the 22 million Americans who are unemployed and looking for full time work.
  • Granting amnesty to illegal aliens rewards law-breaking and is unfair to those coming to the U.S. the legal way.
  • Granting amnesty will cost taxpayers trillions of dollars, especially following the implementation of ObamaCare.
  • Granting amnesty is not a solution to our nation’s immigration problems. Instead, our borders must be secured and our immigration laws enforced.

Find your Members of Congress here.


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  1. avatar
    john witnhrop on

    Speak your mind? for what? when you censor and publish what you want……so unamerican……………

  2. avatar
    Charles E. Penrod on

    Townhall meetings? Those cowards are afraid to face the people. What a joke they are.

  3. avatar
    University_Professor on

    As a university professor I would urge the congress to pass CIR. Can’t wait to go to the townhall meeting.


    • avatar

      If you’re a “university professor”, you aren’t the sharpest pencil in the box. An amnesty, which is what you’re supporting, only encourages more of the same. Your “reform” will just need more “reform” in a few years. I guess in all your vast learning you have no knowledge of the 1986 “one time” [as promised by Ted Kennedy] amnesty, which got us five times more illegals.

      • avatar
        University_Professor on

        I repeat, being a faculty in one of the top schools I would go to each and every town hall meeting and urge the congress to pass CIR. You don’t exactly sound like the sharpest tool in the kit, there is no de facto amnesty being proposed and if you ever did game theory and studied micro economics you will know how advantageous legalizing the undocumented is. Coalition of professors country wide have decided to hammer technical data in each of the townhall meetings and trust me for every opposition you will find 10 voices supporting CIR. Let the townhall meetings begin.


        • avatar

          Well if you are a professor, you probably don’t have to worry about one of these illegals taking away your job do you? You try to label it as CIR and not amnesty. Explain to me the difference. Because they might have to pay a small fine, that means it is not amnesty? Just because you might be a college professor and have a university degree, I am not just going to agree with you, and neither will plenty of other Americans.

        • avatar
          Mass Immigration Is Unsustainable on

          “studied micro economics”

          Oh, an economist. Their view of immigration is simplistic. Except for ecological economists, economists seem to be blind to the externalities of mass immigration/overpopulation. They think more is always better regardless of the consequences.

          • avatar
            John Winthrop on

            It appears since you studied ONLY “micro economics” and are as good as a service, you are the one with the simplistic and narrow minded view……

  4. avatar

    Usually the Congressional Town Hall Meetings Call Me Over the Phone

    I’ll be sure and connect…..albeit most of the time they take very few controversial questions…low probability IMO that the anti-amnesty ones will get aired [are they purposely screened?]