Conservatives Say Sen. Ayotte Wrong on Amnesty

Conservatives Say Sen. Ayotte Wrong on Amnesty

“Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte is getting an earful from conservative stalwart Phyllis Schlafly following Ayotte’s Sunday announcement of support for the Senate’s pending immigration bill. ‘Ayotte betrayed every conservative who supported her when she announced her support for this shameful bill,’ Schlafly said in a Monday letter that highlighted Ayotte’s anti-amnesty platform in the 2010 Senate election,” the Daily Caller writes.

“‘She has apparently been spending too much time with serial establishment election losers like Karl Rove instead of reading the bill,’ said Schlafly, who has been active in conservative politics since 1946.”

Opposition to Senate Amnesty Bill Grows

“On Tuesday, the Senate will begin floor consideration of the Rubio-Schumer immigration bill. Senators will vote on a “motion to proceed,” which would allow formal debate on the legislation and the consideration of amendments. One PAC, Americans for Legal Immigration, is threatening to find primary challengers for any Republican Senator who votes in favor of the motion. The move is the latest activism from conservatives organizations against the amnesty bill,” Breitbart News reports.

“The ‘motion to proceed’ will likely succeed. Voting to proceed to the bill does not guarantee support for final passage, however. Once the Senate is “on” the bill Tuesday, there will be a few weeks of debate and consideration of amendments. Sen. Cornyn is drafting an amendment to tighten the border security provisions in the bill. Sen. Rubio, a lead negotiator of the bill, has stated publicly that these provisions need to be strengthened to secure passage. It is entirely possible that Senators will vote to proceed to the bill and then oppose final passage, especially if border security isn’t improved.”

More Amendments to Amnesty Bill Expected

“The Senate Judiciary Committee considered more than 100 amendments to immigration legislation last month before sending it to the full Senate, which is expected to begin debate on the bill on Tuesday. But even as they begin a floor fight that is likely to last until the Fourth of July recess, senators from both parties are readying dozens more amendments in an effort to shape the most significant overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws in a generation. Though amendments will continue to roll in during the debate, below are some of the more complicated, controversial and important provisions expected to be offered – including some considered to be ‘poison pills,'” the New York Times reports.

State Legislator Group Urges Rejection of Amnesty

“The following excerpts are taken from two letters sent today by Pennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), founder of State Legislators for Legal Immigration (SLLI), urging members of the U.S. Senate to reject S.744, the so-called ‘Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act,'” notes a release from the group.

“Candidly speaking, the Gang of Eight’s amnesty legislation is out-of-touch with reality, a dereliction of duty and nothing short of a fiscal disaster for the states.”

“While the title of S.744 implies enhanced ‘border security,’ this is nothing more than a smoke and mirrors attempt to deceive the American people. In reality, S.744 does not provide for additional border fencing or completion of the current border fence requirements.”

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    NWO Amnesty Bill Gamesters at Work [?]

    Since a couple of the laid off American Space Engineers have had to resort to dinosaur cartoon video games to live; its only fair that our open border politicians living in LaLa Land come up with their own Amnesty Bill Video Game.

    Hmmmm…”amnesty” sounds kinda like “Amityville Horror”….call the video game the Amnesty Horror. It will be an apocalypse zombie terror game where everything is destroyed….these sell well with the Millenials lately, so it should be a great success for the open border politicians; with nothing better to do…..

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    I saw her on Sunday, lying through her teeth. She was going on about how “tough” this bill is. Saying it guarantees e-verify, without of course noting that it is not mandatory for most jobs for five years, with extensions after that written in. And the usual tough talk about the border, but every amendment to set an actual border apprehension standard NOW gets shot down. I mean if the border IS secure, what’s the problem just writing it into the bill? Oh, it’s not secure and that’s all hot air?

    And the Pennsylvania legislator is exactly right about the burden this will place on states. Diane Feinstein supports it 100% and then complains there’s no federal money for California to pay benefits for those amnestied. Well wait a minute. Isn’t this all supposed to be some huge pot of gold at the end of the financial rainbow? I guess not, listening to the two faced Feinstein.