Gang of Eight Operates as the “Gang of No”

Senate Gang of Eight leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has repeatedly suggested he welcomes changes to the Gang of Eight’s “comprehensive” immigration reform bill, claiming the Gang supports an “open and fair” amendment process. Despite repeated public proclamations that the bill is “bipartisan” and that the Gang is committed to improving the amnesty bill, S. 744, they have killed every substantive amendment that would strengthen enforcement and border security.

This orchestrated effort to defeat all amendments that actually require the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to secure the border clearly demonstrates that the “Gang of Eight” is really the “Gang of No” when it comes to border security.

From the outset of the full Senate amendment process, the “Gang of No” abandoned the façade of an “open and fair” amendment process in favor of their amnesty-first, enforcement-maybe agenda. In fact, the Senate rejected by a 57-43 vote on Sen. Chuck Grassley’s (R-IA) border security amendment—the first amendment offered on the Senate floor—that would have prohibited the DHS Secretary from granting amnesty to illegal aliens until DHS has maintained effective control of the border for at least six months. Predictably, all four Republicans in the Gang of Eight voted “No” on both of these amendments.

And, in two telling votes, the Gang of Eight led the opposition against two amendments that would have simply required DHS to follow current law. Senator John Thune’s (R-SD) amendment to require the construction of half of the 700 miles of reinforced, double-layered fencing along the Southern border—as required by the Secure Fence Act—before granting amnesty was defeated 39-54. Senator David Vitter’s (R-LA) amendment that would prohibit illegal aliens from getting any legal status until a biometric entry-exit system is in place at every land, sea, and air port of entry—known as US-VISIT—was also defeated 36-58.

As demonstrated by its own voting record, the Gang of Eight has unequivocally shown it will stand firm against any attempt to actually enhance border security and interior enforcement. Instead of being receptive to a transparent process to improve the bill, the Gang of Eight has doubled down on their amnesty-first, border security-later approach to “comprehensive” immigration reform. Clearly, the Gang of Eight has demonstrated that they are more accurately known as the “Gang of No.”

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    Concerned Citizen on

    Speaking of Chuck Schumer, I just took the time to read his bio on Wikipedia. Turns out, like Rubio, he comes from a family that fled communism. In Schumer’s case, his family came from Russia and Eastern Europe. If Schumer has read his history, he knows that Russia was swept through a euphoric wave of “change” that included the deaths of millions and the murder of the Tsar’s family in cold blood, which might be glorious if you’re a communist, but it wasn’t so glorious when Stalin emerged and murdered millions of communists, many of them Jews, for political reasons. Schumer’s family fled that political culture to America.

    Now, I know the New Left has been influenced by cultural Marxist thinking. The death of traditional, Anglo culture, is a highly prized goal, but along with it, we’re seeing the death of the civil, culturally stable culture in favor of coalition power politics and ideology, which are marks of third world, violent counties and extremist political systems.

    Schumer boasts a 1600 SAT score. I’ve taught the SAT and GMAT, and did so well with it I was asked to train other teachers. I did this in his home state of New York, in Manhattan. The SAT is not an IQ test. Students can benefit tremendously from preparation and training. My GMAT students achieved 200 point bumps in about 8-10 weeks routinely. The SAT tests a quite narrow range of intelligence and especially rewards people who, while certainly not stupid, have an ability to work with technically tricky puzzles. When it comes to street smarts and judgment, these standardized tests would, if anything, mask intellectual deficiencies through the arrogance that can come with a high score.

    This is what I fear we have in Chuck Schumer: a man who has no idea who he really is, why he’s in the United States, and how his actions will impact what may be the world’s last beacon of hope for people fleeing political tyranny. I DEMAND the country that our Founding Fathers set up, and that includes having a government that fears the people at least as much as they fear the rule of law.

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    We heard solemn promises of enforcement first, guaranteed and in place, and we are NOT getting that. We are getting PROMISES again. It’s the legislative equivalent of “the check’s in the mail”. Sorry, unacceptable, Congress people. The checks you’ve written before have bounced all the way to the bank. THIS time, it has to be a cashiers check, money in the bank. In other words, if you want legalization, the enforcement MUST come FIRST. E verify and a border fence built and in place, before ONE person. is granted anything.

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    John Winthrop on

    They learned it from the GOP…………………………………………..The gang of P……..