McCain Not Giving Up on Amnesty

McCain Not Giving Up on Amnesty

“Even as House Republican leaders reject the idea of a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Tuesday that he still sees hope on the horizon for a full fix to the problem, rather than granting only young people a legalized status,” the Huffington Post writes.

“‘I don’t accept your premise that the House of Representatives will absolutely reject a path to citizenship,’ McCain said in response to a question during a forum with Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), hosted by the Arizona Republic, KPNX-TV 12News and USA Today. ‘I just don’t accept that. I think we will know more in two or three months.'”

Somali Immigrants Charged With Voter Fraud

“About 50 men and women packed a Rice County courtroom Tuesday afternoon as two Somali women pleaded not guilty to charges of voter fraud stemming from the general election last November. Farhiya Abdi Dool, 38, and Amina A Hassan, 31, each face one felony charge of unlawful voting for voting once by absentee ballot and once at a polling place during the 2012 general election. Each woman faces five years in prison and a $10,000 fine for the offense. The women, both naturalized U.S. citizens, were charged June 21,” reports.

Private Prison Opponents Try to Stop Immigrant Detention

“What if [amnesty]advocates used financial arguments to make their case? Ask 10 individuals how they feel about the immigration debate, and you’ll get a range of responses combining humanitarian, employment, population, or economic concerns. You probably won’t hear about the hefty price tag of the immigration control battle, nor the profits that private prisons are making off the government’s expenditures, nor the alternatives to detention that might pair more humane treatment with cost effectiveness,” says The Atlantic.

“‘We’ve worked in partnership with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement…for 30 years to help safely and humanely house detainees at a savings to taxpayers, and we will continue to work with them in whatever capacity they need,’ CCA spokesman Steve Owen said in an email.”

Debt Limit Debate Among Possible Factors Delaying Amnesty

“[Amnesty] advocates have a new enemy: the congressional calendar. Fall’s fiscal fights have lined up in a way that could delay immigration reform until 2014, multiple senior House Republican leadership aides tell POLITICO, imperiling the effort’s prospects before the midterm elections,” Politico reports.

“The mid-October debt ceiling deadline — an earlier-than-expected target laid out Monday by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew — is changing the House GOP leadership’s plans to pass immigration bills that month. ‘If we have to deal with the debt limit earlier, it doesn’t change the overall dynamics of the debate, but — just in terms of timing — it might make it harder to find time for immigration bills in October,’ one House Republican leadership aide said.”

$1.5 Billion Jobs Program Among Pork Projects in Senate Amnesty Bill

“After a comprehensive immigration bill passed the Senate in June, President Obama says he’s “absolutely confident” it can pass the House if put to a vote. But critics question how many lawmakers have actually read the 1,200-page bill, which they say is packed with hidden pork-barrel spending projects ranging from $1.5 billion for a “Youth Jobs Program” to millions for immigrant support groups that some say have a political agenda,” Fox News writes.

“‘Earmarks, special pork deals, and cash for groups allied with the Obama administration should be eliminated from any final bill,’ Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said in a statement to”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    I’m not giving up on McCain being voted out of office. To welcome illegal aliens into our nation makes him a traitor. I believe the 17th Amendment should be repealed and the Senate seats appointed by the states because they were representing the states as it was originally. We have the House representing us.

    If kept like it is, there should be term limits and limits as to where they can collect campaign money. Why spend millions for a job that only pays less than two hundred thousand? They’re campaigning (competing) constantly once in office like it’s a career in sports.

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    Denise Van Hulle on

    John McCain is a turncoat, and a liar. Yes he did say just build the dang fence TO GET RE ELECTED. I did not vote for him because I know he is a liar. I think all the demoncrats voted for him because no one I know voted for him. He is a liar, a turncoat, and has turned a deaf ear to the people in Arizona. He sticks his fingers in his ear and goes yah yah yah can’t hear you.

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    John McCain is a total idiot, I lived in AZ, for 12 years, 1988 to 2000, he was an idiot and the voters in Az, kept reelecting this total moron, he is a far left idiot that the Az voters need to get rid of fast, he is taking this state to a total ruin,OK Az voters get on the ball a get rid of this idiot be fore he completely ruines the state.

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    Hey McCain, stop the crap!!! This is America not Mexico. Close the friggin boarders and deport ALL illegals. NOW!!!
    You are acting like a RINO and we Republicans don’t like it.

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    ALL ILLEGALS GO HOME. Leave voluntarily and you can get in line for legal entry and a path to citizenship. Make us find you, go to jail and NO reentry under any circumstances.
    Finish the FENCE and reinforce the borders making them proof against drugs and invading criminals and terrorists.

    IDENTIFICATION for every voter and crosschecks to eliminate multiple voting. If you have an ID for cigarettes, liquor, and check cashing; you can have an ID for voting. Our elections are less honest than many third world countries where their thumbs are dyed to prevent multiple voting fraud. Elections all on one day, anything else invites voter fraud. P officeshoto ID is free at any registry or employment officr offices as available can also provide photo ID. People who are shut-ins can get a ride with a party affiliate to get an ID just as well as when they get rides in to vote. You can even get a photo ID at the police station. The regressives have excuses for everything which benefits them… Honesty’s time has come.

    I have a dream of a country where all laws are respected by all people, all of the time. I have a dream of a country where people treat one another with respect without regard to skin color, race, age, or nation of origin (just be an American). I have a dream of a country where politicians can always be trusted. Yes , I have a dream. Won’t you share my dream with me?

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      ALL ILLEGALS GO HOME. Leave voluntarily and you can get in line for legal entry and a path to citizenship.

      NO — After decades of abuse by illegals there is no way that America can welcome disloyal people to our country – We will again accept immigrants after a 25 year moratorium on legal immigration until the USA rids itself of the enemy within municipal state and federal government, the military, the media, education and we correct the damages caused by fiscal irresponsibilities and we get our people of the USA working again. Seal the borders and annihilate all incursions both over land or under ground (caves) and destroy the mexican drug mafiosos and other scum bleeding our country dry. No more Mr Nice American — %uck you those years are over!

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      Two thumbs up to you Michael. No one could say it better. I would only add, that those who oppose Voter ID are in favor of voter fraud because it helps them.

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      MCcain is senile The voters in Arizona will run him out of office . He’s done unless
      he moves in with Barry & Michelle .

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    What “hope” is it that you still see, Senator? Hope that you get credit for helping give the invaders amnesty? Hope that they will suddenly vote Republican when our most precious birthright (ctizenship) is handed over to them for breaking our laws? Hope that the traitors who employed them will coninue to donate funds for your re-election? Hope that white Americans can be replaced by the third world hoards? Tell us, just what is your hope?

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    Is this the same liar John McCain who was saying just finish the dang fence when he had a primary opponent in his 2010 Senate race, An opponent who said he would push for the completion of the fence. So McCain acts all tough on illegal crossing and then completely changes his tune again when he’s reelected. No mention of that fence now, just amnesty.

    You can’t trust these people. Marco Rubio said during his campaign he would not support an amnesty because it would lead to more illegal entry. That’s still correct, but now that he has his eye on higher office, he’s singing a different tune.

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      John Winthropp on

      Well, on the same token how come you are not screaming and everybody else about Florida being conquered by Cubans?

      • avatar
        Mary Winthropp on

        John, get over it!!!! If we went along with your way of thinking, wwe would be giving everything to the American Indians. Get real you dumb *** liberals.

        • avatar
          Johnn Winthropp on

          Mary nothing to get over it regarding your people from Cuba…………….you got a free pass to stay here,. and it needs to be stopped!!….the Mexicans do more for the country than the criminal cubans coming here at first and the current ones……did you know that?… guys collect WELFARE,,,,,

      • avatar

        How do you know I’m not? Rubio is Cuban heritage and I’ve said we need to stop automatic entry for Cubans. And how does that make anything I said wrong? It doesn’t. MCCain and Rubio are still liars.

    • avatar
      Mary Winthropp on

      The history of politics tells us that they all do the same thing. Promise us the Moon, then when they get elected they have no recollection of what they promised or who we are. Instead of giving us the Moon, they show us that we voted in a bunch of Asses.