FAIR Alert: House Amnesty Gang Collapses

Did you see the headlines over the weekend? Two more members in the so-called “House Gang of Seven” dropped out!Timeline of Collapse of House Gang of 8

On Friday, Texas Republicans John Carter and Sam Johnson announced that they had left the group of U.S. Congressmen working on “comprehensive” immigration reform legislation. However, they weren’t the first members to leave. In June, Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) left the “Gang” due to concerns about taxpayers being forced to pay for illegal aliens’ health care.

We know that without activists like you, these members never would have felt pressure to leave the pro-amnesty working group. Your phone calls, emails and participation at local events and town halls made a difference!

While they dropped out of the House Gang of Seven, Carter and Johnson still support granting amnesty to  the estimated 12 million illegal aliens living in the U.S. and passing a massive guest worker programThey blamed their distrust of the Obama Administration’s willingness to faithfully execute any new immigration laws as the reason for leaving.

Will you take a few minutes and email your U.S. Representative today? Your voice is needed to remind them:

1) No compromises with the Senate bill; and

2) Americans need jobs not a mass amnesty or guest worker programs!

Unfortunately, this fight is far from over. The “House Gang” may have collapsed but there are many members of Congress who are still pushing for amnesty and more guest workers:

  • Last Thursday, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) announced that immigration was on the House GOP Leadership’s “to do list” this fall
  • Over the weekend, the Washington Post reported that Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said he is “open to granting legal status to otherwise law-abiding undocumented immigrants.”
  • Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Congressman Goodlatte are still reportedly working on their own version of a DREAM act.

With the help of Big Business and labor unions, the pro-amnesty lobby has too much on the line to see “comprehensive” immigration reform fail, so we can’t stop now.  Your work is succeeding, but we need to keep it up in order to stop any efforts to pass a mass amnesty or a guest worker program in 2013.

Click here to email your U.S. Representative today! 

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    CA is almost all Mexican now. It is by default an anti-white male pro-minority, pro homosexual, pro-female state. CA is an enemy to the very men who made the state and this country from sea to shining sea. White males have benn frozen out of the working mans jobs by the Mexicans low wages and the Mexicans AND bosses use the Mexican language as another method to freeze white males out of work, IE. construction work, warehouse work.

    Truck driving has been over run with Mexicans who drive without insurance according to a tow yard I spoke to. A forklift driver loading trucks in AZ says the Mexicans driving the trucks can’t speak English can’t which is against the law.

    McCain answered my letter of complaint for his support of the Mexican Invasion by saying, roughly, that the Mexicans benefit the national economy, and the nation. I have the letter. He is a tratior to his own countrymen.

    I call the Mexican Invasion and those that support it, MMAZI Party, the movement is, the “Mexican, Minority, Nationalist Party”.

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      Just this week, Obama said he wants to simplify Muslim immigration. That was after he announced November Muslim Month. Gee, that leaves eleven other months to celebrate Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, when do you think he’ll come out and announce that?

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    I get tired of hearing about illegal immigration . once again., u people dropped the ball. illegal means illegal. what is so hard about that. your mistakes have cost me 4 good friends life and their families. what do u do for an encore. take a look all 9-11. seems to me like u would have learned something. no amnesty for any of those people. get it right.

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    No to amnesty. Stop this illegal invasion of our nation. Illegal infers a crime is being committed. Criminals are supposed to be punished. Those that aid and abet criminals are also guilty of the offense. No to free education for illegals, no to free medical for illegals, no to drivers licenses for illegals. Load them up on Greyhound buses and drop them off on the other side of the border. If an employer hires illegals, then that employer should pay a very heavy fine. If an elected official has illegals working for them, then that elected official should be recalled as unfit.

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      Its time this country and Government starts taking care of this country!!!! We don’t need amnesty, we don’t need illegals, we need to stop letting these criminals who get everything for free in here. We need strick border control to keep them out!!! We need to keep our noses out of other countries business and take care of our own. This government of ours now is WAY OUT OF LINE, we need to get rid of 3/4ths of them and start over cuz whats in there now is getting us deeper and deeper in trouble that WE DON’T NEED!!! DEFUND OBAMA CARE!!! IMPEACH ALL THESE IDIOTS!!! NOW!!!!!!!