Will House Republicans Shutdown Amnesty?

No Amnesty. No Deal. No ConferenceWhat’s Ready to Go in the House

Speaker John Boehner, GOP Leader Eric Cantor, and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte have all insinuated that the House is not abandoning immigration. They say it’s on the agenda after the debt and budget crises have abated.

The question is: What will House immigration legislation look like?

House Republicans have introduced and moved a series of immigration bills through the chamber this year. Nearly any combination of these bills could be used to conference with the Senate amnesty bill, S. 744. That’s currently the endgame for Democrats and amnesty-supporting Republicans – get the House to pass a package of immigration bills that can be used to conference with the Senate. Below are some of the bills that could be used to push an amnesty:

H.R. 1417: Border Security Results Act of 2013

  • Requires the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to develop a border security plan and implement metrics to measure security.
  • Very similar to S. 744 – does not require DHS actually obtain situational awareness or operational control of any part of the border; merely requires DHS to submit a plan for doing so.
  • Passage is seen as a necessity for getting to conference with the Senate bill, making it the #1 vehicle for amnesty in the House.
  • Pelosi’s amnesty bill is S. 744 with H.R. 1417 language in place of the Corker-Hoeven appeasement from the Senate.

H.R. 3141: Biometric Exit Improvement Act of 2013 

  • Undermines current law by only requiring partial implementation of the biometric exit program at land ports of entry.
  • Eliminates a requirement that all land ports of entry contain a biometric exit component, leaving a gaping hole in information.
  • DHS may be able to match up arrivals and departures for some aliens, but when aliens enter and have no corresponding departure data, DHS will not know whether that individual is still in the country because the individual may have left via car over the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • Weakening requirements would pose national security threats and undermine the ability of Congress to hold DHS accountable for visa overstays.

H.R. 1773: The Agricultural Guestworker Act

  • ·       Massive amnesty disguised as a guestworker program.
  • Scraps the current seasonal H-2A agricultural nonimmigrant visa and replaces it with a new H-2C visa program that significantly expands the scope and duration of “temporary” agricultural work.
  • Grants amnesty in the form of H-2C work authorization for illegal aliens currently in the agricultural workforce, as long as they remain in the industry.
  • Sponsor Rep. Goodlatte has met with pro-amnesty Democrats in order to negotiate changes to his legislation as well as discuss a larger amnesty.

H.R. 2278: Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement Act (SAFE Act)

  • Grants states and localities the authority to enforce federal immigration laws and their own laws that mirror federal laws.
  • Requires an annual report on the abuse of prosecutorial discretion.
  • Bars sanctuary cities from receiving certain federal grants.
  • Looks like an olive branch to supporters of enforcement and the rule of law – but will it become the ultimate vehicle for amnesty? Illegal alien advocates are already railing against the bill, calling it the “Un-Safe Act.”

Note: Republicans are facing continued pressure to support amnesty when self-appointed conservative and religious leaders hold a “fly-in” later this month. In reality, the sponsors of the trip include long time amnesty supporters the National Immigration Forum and Chamber of Commerce, and new groups like Michael Bloomberg’s Partnership for a New American Economy and Mark Zuckerberg’s FWD.us – through which Facebook’s Zuckerberg has pledged to run $50 million in attack ads against Members opposing amnesty.

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    cynthia curran on

    It would be proper but only a pipe dream. With the way the Republicans stabbed us in the back with the government shutdown only careing for themselves it will most likely never happen. Tome to get new blood in Washington that will listen to their constituents and not big money.

    Good point, Ted Cruz who shutdown the government wants to up legal immigration from 600,000 to million a year and get rid of the caps on immigration from Mexico, China and India. He wants legalizing folks from Mexico without citizenship, he went against the current bill because of security but if the Republicans come up with something he likes he will support it. The guy also favors 320,000 work vistas for H1b tech workers.

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    It will be same as before 1986 Immigration bill except more illegal people coming to United States. Yet President Obama and Democratic Party members continue support more illegal people and let American People pay for it. President Obama and Democratic Party members continue tell lies about Border Security first then Amnesty for illegal people. Senate bill is completely opposite. FROM 3 MILLIONS PEOPLE IN 1986 TO 20 MILLIONS OR HIGHER RIGHT NOW. AND The numbers continue increase.
    I STRONGLY URGE American people contact House of Representatives and urge to them to Border Security First and must be verify by both Department of Homeland Security and State & Local Government.


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    Obutthead wants them for votes..We cannot afford anymore on the democratic plantation of handouts…

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    Yes, I agree all they need to do is enforce our current immigration laws. Had they been enforcing them
    we would not have this problem. It is absolutely ridiculous and doing so much harm to our American
    people in so many ways. I am a Democrat and I am very angry with so many of them that are pro amnesty.
    I am truly hoping that the Republicans and the Independents will stand up to the Democrats and vote NO
    to any amnesty bill. I am from California and I am more than angry with our Governor and other politicians
    in our State that are so pro amnesty and passing laws that hurt Americans!! I have thought of changing
    to Independent if these Democrats and Republicans don’t start working for their fellow Americans.

  5. avatar

    Unfortunately, I live in a state that has 2 democrat senators. I have written them both numerous times about n immigration as well as gun control. Too bad they don’t listen to what we the voters of this state say. Neither has ever gotten my vote, One is retiring, the other has been told they will never get my vote

  6. avatar

    If Open Border Pundits Grew a Brain

    They’d find it “slamdunk” that more amnesty/overpopulation in America just makes our economic problems requiring more and more debt with no end FAR WORSE.

  7. avatar

    So if they know the endagame is going to conference, why even agree to it? Seems too much things will be on ‘slippery slope’ and it will all come falling down. The Democrat majority Senate could not and should not be trusted! Let this ride out until 2014 so everyone can see how much chaos and civil disobedience those illegal immigrants can cause. No amnesty-No pathway-No Conference!

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    Our government expects US citizens to follow the laws. The immigrants have come her illegally and no one has done anything about it. They are taking advantage of the Welfare System, having babies for free, have free education, don’t pay taxes, go to college for free, get medical treatment for free, drive cars and trucks that we can’t afford.

    We the taxpayers are tired of carrying the load for illegal immigrants and the users of the Welfare system. Somehow those users know how to work the system and no one keeps track of them. Something needs to be done about that.

    Obamacare is a way to tear down the freedom we have in this country. We should not be told that we have to have insurance (although most people do). I agree there are some who just can’t afford it but there are a lot who should not be on the welfare rolls or get food stamps.

    The United Nations should have NO CONTROL over anything we do in the UNITED STATES.

    President Obama should be impeached for all of the sneaky things he has done (and has gotten away with).

    We need to keep English as our language and not be forced to accept Sharia Law in this country.

    We should not be handing out money to other countries, especially those who hate us.

    We are the best country in the world and Obama is trying to take over. He is not a king or a czar and never will be. He is an elected official who is supposed to do the will of the people along with the Congress and all of the people who Obama appointed to high offices. He is supposed to see that our laws are obeyed by everyone!!!!


    • avatar

      you said it all it they can break the law why should we have to follow the law do what we want and if enough of us do the same thing then just say ok lets make it a law send there asses home or jail where id be if i broke the law but wait im an american i have no rights

    • avatar

      Shirley, I agree with you!! The illegal aliens are thieves people who they steal American identification, Steal drivers licenses, or fake drivers licenses. The democrats senators (DURBIN) are very WEAK and support these thieves people who don’t deserve anything , WHAT, they deserve IS to deport them, long time AGO…. NO AMNESTY FOR THESE ILLEGAL ALIENS, THEY ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS, AND THIEVES PEOPLE….THEY ARE ABUSING THE AMERICAN SYSTEM. THAT’S NO FAIR LIFE FOR US, THE TAXPAYERS, WE PAY THE ANCHOR BABIES ,ETC,ETC,ETC,ETC,ETC,ETC,ETC,ETC,ETC,

  9. avatar

    With the mess they’ve made of getting Obamacare online, they will never be able to get immigration settled. Let’s make it easy for them. Deport every illegal alien in the country. If an agricultural guest worker (and only that job) is needed, make it strictly those who pass a background check and when the season is over…they leave. We don’t need to make these people citizens. They come alone and if they start demanding family “reunification,” let it be in the contries they came from. If they don’t want to come alone, the next one in line will. No benefits except a decent wage and working conditions from their employers. Next….

  10. avatar

    I for one have lost any confidence that I had in this Republican party. I think after the cave in of the obama care, this party will not stand up to any whims of obama-reid party. They are bullys and will not negotiate on any issue. They are going to RULE how ever they want and we have no one to stop them. We have wolves in sheeps clothing in the Republican party that needs to be voted out, hopefully in a year. We just need to remember who really is the King of Kings and it is not obama.
    Democrats take notice, you ask for this and I hope we can live with it.

  11. avatar

    It would be proper but only a pipe dream. With the way the Republicans stabbed us in the back with the government shutdown only careing for themselves it will most likely never happen. Tome to get new blood in Washington that will listen to their constituents and not big money.

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    After the RINO cave-in on obummercare, I don’t see the spineless bastards holding the line on immigration either!
    We as a nation are DOOMED now that the potus wants to NEGOTIATE over AMNESTY???!!!!

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    To Congress,
    Make it easy on your self AND the CITIZENS of this country and pass NO IMMIGRATION bill! Rather insist that CURRENT immigration laws be enforced. WE HAVE TO DAMNED MANY LAWS ON THE BOOKS NOW! And we have to damned many people on food stamps and welfare, many of whom NEED to be put to work! Also, many who would love to have a job if one were available. Thanks to Obama care, that may never again happen.

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    The problem is always that what is passed this year can be undone next year. Or simply not funded.