Paul Ryan’s Prescription for America: Increase Unemployment and the National Debt

Paul Ryan, the self-described budget expert among the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives, was conspicuously absent during the government shutdown.  What was he doing instead?  Ryan was working behind the scenes to craft immigration legislation granting blanket amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens and massive increases in new immigration and guest worker programs. Conspicuously absent from his “principles for reform” is anything that might loosely be defined as protecting the interests of the American people. Surely, when more people are dropping out of the labor force than can find a job, when the national debt is topping $17 trillion, and Obamacare is imploding before it even gets off the ground, Ryan’s top priority shouldn’t be to revive catastrophic immigration legislation that richly deserves to die in the House.

Perhaps the unpopularity of the Republican Party has less to do with Ted Cruz than it does with Paul Ryan.

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    There is no republican party only a bunch of politicians willing to sell their souls for their own personal wealth, lead by the LIAR Rubio. They are destroying the middle class and turning us into part time working third world wage earners.

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    What the hell is wrong with Paul Ryan. The majority of the people don’t want amnesty. In 1986, amnesty was given to these illegal law-breakers and look what happened. They are still flooding over the border. We have laws on
    the books and this administration and other administrations did not follow them. I’ll never donate another dime
    to Paul Ryan. In fact I will unsubscribe from his emails.

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      I have no idea what happened to him. I thought he was on our side but it looks like he’s another Rubio. I truly think we can’t trust anyone at all in D.C. I am at a loss as to what to do or say. They all lie, say what we want to hear then become a turncoat.

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    That’s it! Paul Ryan is OFF my Christmas card list! t’s about time that we started suing in civil court these jerks who are pushing these crappy laws that do nothing but damage us, the citizens, while they scrape in profits from their drug cartels, gang activity, prostitution and other human trafficking, extortion and God only knows what all else. That is what it’s all about, you know, as well as getting rid of all the white conservatives and having a nice, docile (so they think) peasant class they can thoroughly screw over. What they don’t know is the beaners will do exactly what they did to Miami when they get legal–they’ll take over all the businesses, vote their asses out, and try to change all the street signs into Spanish and won’t bother to learn English for forty years, and fly the Cuban/Mexican flag over the US one so they get the crap beaten out of them by the few Americans still left in Miami. Then they whine racism, the pukes. I think these cities like Los Angeles, which gets stuck with something like 500 billion in extra expenses from these criminals and freeloaders, ought to sue the gang of 8, Obama, etc. in civil court and make them all reimburse them out of their personal funds. Same with Arizona–sue Eric Holder. Maybe if these asswipes are stripped of all their assets and rendered powerless, they’ll lose some of that immense arrogance that makes them think they are better than God.

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    william bentinck on

    I thought Ryan was a Republican. He must be insane. To legalize 11-20 million or more illegals is insane. if consideration is given for US un/under-employed CITIZENZ AND LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, plus probably millions more that will sneak in with fraudulent documents, plus the effect upon sustainability of adding millions more to our already unsustainable society.It seems no one in Washington understands the concept of sustainability but they all claim to be concerned about the declining quality of life for their children, grandchildren and future generations.

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