Infographic: Who is ‘Advising’ Obama on Immigration?

Last week, President Obama gathered Big Business executives and pro-amnesty groups together for a meeting at the White House.

While the Obama administration continues to ignore requests from the National ICE Council to discuss immigration issues, he met with Big Business executives and pro-amnesty groups last week to discuss “comprehensive” immigration reform.

A new infographic from FAIR details the organizations, businesses and corporations that were represented at the White House meeting.

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Infographic: Who is ‘Advising’ Obama on Immigration?

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    It Would be Interesting Too

    To document how much of each of these domestic(?) companies supporting overpopulation amnesty are foreign controlled or substantially foreign controlled. America isn’t our “Father’s Oldsmobile” anymore.

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    Now the president is pushing something called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Which will, in effect, give corporations power to sue any government that restricts their ability to make a profit. You know, those little things like worker protections and environmental standards. Is it any wonder this administration panders to the corporate desire for cheap compliant workers at the expense of Americans. The good thing is some on the left are starting to wake up and find their idol has feet of clay.

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