Today’s Immigration Headlines – September 16, 2014

No Jobs for STEM Graduates

“All credible research finds the same evidence about the STEM workforce: ample supply, stagnant wages and, by industry accounts, thousands of applicants for any advertised job. The real concern should be about the dim employment prospects for our best STEM graduates: The National Institutes of Health, for example, has developed a program to help new biomedical Ph.D.s find alternative careers in the face of “unattractive” job prospects in the field,” says Hal Salzman in US News.

“Opportunities for engineers vary by the field and economic cycle – as oil exploration has increased, so has demand (and salaries) for petroleum engineers, resulting in a near tripling of petroleum engineering graduates. In contrast, average wages in the IT industry are the same as those that prevailed when Bill Clinton was president despite industry cries of a “shortage.” Overall, U.S. colleges produce twice the number of STEM graduates annually as find jobs in those fields.”

Detained Minors Start Schooling

“In one classroom monitored by security cameras, third- and fourth-graders read in Spanish from a short story about mice. On an artificial turf soccer field in the courtyard, seventh-, eighth- and ninth-graders play a raucous kickball game — ignoring the high walls and surrounding 15-foot gate,” CBS News says.

“For about 200 immigrant children who fled to the United States with their mothers — mostly from Central America — it is another school day, except that they are housed in a federal immigration jail and risk possible deportation.

Why Polls Show Shift on Immigration

“The strategists who base their political advice on public opinion polls have just had a surprise. A new poll reports that the American people are now more likely to trust Republicans to handle immigration and less likely to trust Democratic plans to offer illegals a path to citizenship (aka amnesty). Many people have believed this for some time. But it is now confirmed in a poll taken by the pro-amnesty Wall Street Journal, so it must be so,” says Phyliss Schlafly.

“The new survey is decisive; 35 percent say the Republican Party would do a better job on immigration while only 27 percent say the Democrats would. That’s a dramatic reversal from the previous year.”

Over 100,000 Will Lose Obamacare Coverage Due to Lack of Legal Status

“About 115,000 people will lose their Obamacare health coverage at the end of the month because the government doesn’t have proof of their citizenship or immigration status. But Andy Slavitt, the principal deputy administrator of CMS, also said that their coverage could be restored, effective Oct. 1, if people submit the needed documentation. They would be able to sign up during a “special enrollment” period,” Politico reported.

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    So now we have a combination of the mass importation of millions of uneducated people from third world countries, American companies shutting down factories and moving them overseas, American companies bringing in cheap engineers from China and India and not hiring Americans, and China stealing huge amounts of our intellectual property through cyber-attacks. Add it all together and the once mighty American middle class is on life support. Our elites enriching themselves from the destruction of our middle class may feel safe in their gated communities now, but they only have to look at history to see what happens when the poor outnumber the rich. If current trends continue we will probably end up a better version of Brazil.

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    You mean Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have been lying about a shortage of STEM workers? You know how you know it’s all baloney? Because Gates for years has lobbied for unlimited numbers of H1B visas. Not an amount to make up for any claimed “shortage”, but unlimited. It’s ok if you make 20,000 a year and have big college loans you might never pay off. Because Gates has his huge mega mansion that covers an island, then everything’s how it should be. Let them eat cake, Gates and Zuckerberg say.