A New World of Refugee Ethics

populationRichard Lamm, former Governor of Colorado and long-time member of FAIR’s Board of Advisors, looks at the worldwide refugee crisis in an op-ed published in the Denver Post. The op-ed describes a “new moral dilemma…that demands a new dialogue” as rapid climate change, overpopulation, and regional turmoil reshape our world.

Gov. Lamm’s op-ed can be read here.

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    David Smith on

    Since 1970, in less than one lifetime. there has been a near doubling of the planet’s human population with marginal increases in natural resources. Most of the explosion has occured in third world countries which can afford it least. Irresponsible breeding with no thought as how to feed them all is causing a mass migration to the food larders of America, Europe and Austrailia. As economic refugee is not a reason for asylum, all are claiming some sort of oppression or intolerance to gain entry and snarl and overwhelm the legal system. If you let one in, acting through pity, there are not millions more seeking the same but billions.

    Since 2002, the US has created about 9 million new jobs but has imported 18 million immigrants with about 90 of new jobs filled with those immigrants as they are easy to exploit. The fact that US wages have stagnated or declined over the past decade is no suprise.

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    Numbersusa Used the Bubble Gum Example

    We can take a portion of the world’s overpopulation into America….not the lion’s share. We must not take fault for their overpopulation.

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    Lamm writes: “No ethics can demand what the ecosystem or the social fabric of a society cannot support.” Yes, exactly. Immigration advocates may “demand” that, but it’s absurd on the face of it. As an example Lamm asks what would the Good Samaritan do when faced with not one beggar but thousands. The perfect metaphor for the billions who expect they can move to the western countries to escape their own dysfunctional societies.