Virus Outbreaks Highlight Troubling Health Risks of Illegal Immigration

labtest_rotatorAn illegal immigrant at Arizona’s Eloy Detention center is at the center of an ongoing measles outbreak, according to state health officials. The detainee contracted the illness before his arrest and assignment to Eloy, where 11 inmates and staff are infected and is under complete quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading outside the facility.

Despite all 11 reported cases being isolated inside the detainment center, the infected visited at least 14 outside locations in the days and weeks prior to developing symptoms. Individuals can be infected with measles up to three weeks before showing symptoms and the disease can survive on surfaces up to two hours after leaving the host, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The United States eradicated measles by 2000 by achieving herd-immunization, but immigration and a movement by anti-vaccination activists have led to an increase in reported cases. Because other once-banished diseases like tuberculosis, along with the new Zika virus, know no borders, illegal immigration enhances the threat of reintroduction because many migrants never received basic health screenings before entering the United States.

The federal government employs minimal safeguards and procedures to ensure that illegal immigrants are free from contagious diseases like measles or Zika. In February, Department of Homeland Security officials admitted that they only check for symptoms and tangible signs of illness instead of conducting full medical screenings. Border agents then release many of these immigrants into society as a part of the Obama administration’s controversial “catch and release” policy, so immigrants in the pre-symptom phase of a dangerous disease will likely be released to potentially affect others.

Elsewhere, 22 percent of Somalian refugees currently being resettled in Minnesota have tuberculosis, a serious respiratory virus that is easily spread through airborne droplets. Taxpayers cover all associated healthcare costs, which run between $17,000 and $430,000 per patient on average, depending on the severity of condition.

With the return of these serious diseases, it is imperative that the United States monitor and inspect everyone who visits or emigrates from at-risk countries. The Obama administration is asking Congress to allocate $1.9 billion to combat the spread of Zika, but any measure taken by the federal government will have limited results unless it prioritizes border security and immigration reform. Because as long as the federal government fails to stop unchecked illegal immigration from at-risk countries, they are unable reasonably insure the safety and health of American citizens.

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      David M. Bell on

      I contracted Entero virus in September 2014 thanks to Obama’s resettlement of illegals in the Chicago area. Healthcare workers at the Air Force bases like Lackland in Texas where illegals, especially the illegal kids surging across the border, were originally sheltered were intimidated with legal action if they revealed the truth of the situation to the press. It wasn’t until later, after they were spread across the country resulting in deaths of many with weakened and/or compromised respiratory systems that the truth came out. In addition to his criminal actions arising from dictatorial fiat, usurping COngress, and violating the Constitution in regard to immigration, Obama has blood on his hands for the deaths that year from the Entero Virus epidemic he directly caused for which he alone is responsible. I hope a President Trump will convene legal action against this rogue and that he will be punished accordingly, up to and including capital punishment.

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    Joanne Earle on

    And don’t forget the baby born in Virginia to a woman “visiting” from Honduras….she had already been diagnosed with Zika Virus when she entered our country…so you and I paid for e birth and now will pay for the child’s care, in all forms, for the rest of its life. I guarantee you this won’t be the last Zika diagnosed pregnant woman who comes here so we can sornd our hard earned money on her and her child.

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      David M. Bell on

      Excellent point. The perversity of birthright citizenship must be abolished under a President Trump.

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      Not Politically Correct on

      Yeah, a “coincidence” she came to “visit” so close to her due date.

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      Yes, as with pregnant “visitors” from Mexico. Is a coincidence that they choose to “visit” relatives in the U.S. a few weeks or months before delivery dates for their babies? I don’t think so.

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    I have to put a hold on these people coming in here. That is putting the rest of us plus our children at risk of their diseases. Some of them have TB and now this skin eating disorder. These people are being checked out health wise and ok’d to come in. obama is pushing this to damn fast. Alot of us haven’t had these diseases especially TB in ages.. Those that have need to go to a TB hospital that deal only with that disease. And who knows if there are some that are not showing signs but ate a carrier of a disease like E-coli. A year or so ago some of our children were effected this is not right . Some need to be isolated to make sure.

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    I still remember like being born and the measles of every type when they nailed a red warning sign on the front door and suffered in a dark room for all so man days @ 3 years of old age!.Add scarlet fever still in the crib as well. POLIO WASN’T VERY NICE TO ME BY A LONG SHOT THAT STILL HANGS WITH ME TO THIS DAY! tWO THERAPISTS TWISTED EVRY PART OF MY BODY FOR WEEKS TO KEEP MY LEGS FROM FREEZING UP AND SAVED MY BODY FROM DEATH OR A CRIPPLE THE REST OF MY LIFE..THE TREATMENTS WERE LIKE BEING IN A CAR WRECK AND MY BODY WAS LIKE HAVEING EVERY BONE BROKE!


    Scraping the draft is the biggest mistake which has resulted in the youth of our once great nation may never again be told!
    Finding hernoes or out of the military or those who have military training have become the cause of our slide to infinity

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      Cindy Rogers on

      I agree with you on the diseases part. When I see all these ridiculous postings from anti-vaxxers I want to scream. They all say all vaccines should be banned. Don’t knock modern medicine altogether. I don’t know one person over 70 who cannot remember the polio scares and the closing of public swimming places. Or the large polio wards in the larger hospitals. Actually, kids in Mexico have a higher vaccine rate than here in the U.S. A woman in Africa will walk 10 miles in the hot sun to get her child a measles vaccine. There are many people from other parts of the world coming to the US where kids are not vaccinated – Central America, for example. It’s these US kids who have not been vaccinated who are getting these diseases – Diptheria, Measles, Polio, Pertussis, Tuberculosis, etc. Both sides of the coin. Anyone is is not vaccinated should not be allowed in.

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    Another difference between then and now, when people babble on about “when your grandparents came”. NO ONE with an infectious disease like TB was admitted from Ellis Island. They were turned around and sent back. Immigration then was reserved for people willing to work hard and make it on their own, not the welfare takers of today.

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      Amen to that! My grandfather, when he came from Europe, besides being healthy and willing to work, had to have a sponsor who guaranteed him support for a full year. Where the sponsors now???? Oh, I forgot, it’s the American taxpayer.

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        Even when they do have sponsors, after a couple years they just claim they can’t afford to sponsor them any more and the person goes on welfare. Happens all the time when they bring parents here and they end up on the gravy train after never paying a nickel in taxes here.