Judiciary Wages War on Trump, Jeopardizes National Security

An activist federal judge in Hawaii overreached his legitimate authority to block President Trump’s revised national security executive order. Judge Derrick Watson, an Obama appointee, used his 43-page opinion to wage a personal war against the president, hurling verbal insults at the Commander-in-Chief instead of providing legal analysis to justify his temporary restraining order (TRO). Rather than doing his job and interpreting the law—which fully supports the executive order—Judge Watson took the extraordinary step of making policy from the bench. This is now the second time a judge has jeopardized national security by blocking a legitimate executive order.

After his first national security executive order was outrageously blocked, President Trump issued a new one that would ensure foreign nationals are properly vetted before they are allowed to enter the U.S. The executive order is straight forward: individuals from six countries that are hotbeds for terrorism are temporarily barred from entering the country for 90 days. Additionally, the executive order suspends the resettlement of all refugees for 120 days and caps total refugees at 50,000 for the year. Unlike the original order which went into effect immediately, the new one delayed its start by 10 days so no one traveling would be impacted. Predictably, Judge Watson’s ruling came just hours before the travel freeze was set to kick in.

Simply put, Judge Watson’s decision is a clear example of judicial tyranny. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) Section 212(f) gives the president unlimited authority to deny the entry of any aliens for any reason if deemed necessary to protect national security. Similarly, INA Section 207 gives the president full power to set the number of refugees the U.S. allows in each year. Yet, despite President Trump’s obvious legal authority, Judge Watson has prevented the administration from imposing both travel freezes. The judge also is preventing President Trump from decreasing the number of refugees from 110,000 (Obama’s level) to 50,000. Even the first activist judge conceded that the president has this power!

Unfortunately, it appears that the TRO will remain in place for some time because the appeal will go to the Ninth Circuit—the appeals court most overturned by the Supreme Court. At the end of the day, this unchecked power grab by activist judges who ignore the law because they disagree with the underlying policy is jeopardizing national security and impeding President Trump’s ability to protect the American people.


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    William Webb on

    Donald Trump has had 25 years of up close observation of how this charade called the US government works. Crooked Hillary and Obama have called in all of their political favors and used all their dirty tricks, but Trump knows what he’s doing and he will defeat them.

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    George Peabody on

    Allowing illegals and enemy infiltrators like Obama and Soros and Clintons to continue to be at liberty in USA must be stopped IMMEDIATELY by enforcing the law:

    ARREST illegal alien usurper Barack H. Obama aka Barry Soetoro to NDAA Prison for TREASON, I.D. Fraud Voter Fraud, Immigration Violation, SS# Fraud, Murder, ETC! Install CC camera connected to internet one way view looking in on Obama from Americans and the World to keep Obama from escaping. Pay 4 View at 10¢ of Obama in prison writing his $20-M memoirs with a pencil on toilet paper will raise so much money Americans will never again have to pay taxes. Add in Clintons and Soros, and the Pay4View will be so popular that the $20-Trillion Debt will be paid off in 5-years. Arrest them NOW! Pay4View online!

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    Don Richardson on

    Unfortunately, I am fairly sure that the majority of the people in this country believe the crap they see on TV. Tis truly scary to see that our country has come to this. Judges who don’t even make an attempt to reference the law in their judgement, ‘news’ reporters who flat out lie and spout propaganda about the federal administration, ‘news’ reporters who refuse to put anything on the air which is good about the administration. This sort of stuff used to be called sedition or even treason, now it is main stream.

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      I don’t understand how a District judge can stop a national immigration freeze. I would think his ruling would only affect his own District.

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    Impeach the incompetent (and apparently illiterate since he can’t read common language laws), azzhole.
    F* activist “Judges”. They’ve shown they’re incompetence by ignoring legal precedent.)

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    NBC Nightly News just cannot stop lying. This evening they repeated the falsehood that Trump claimed a few weeks ago that there was a terrorist attack in Sweden “last night”. Although he garbled what he said, he subsequently made it clear that he was talking about a report on Fox the night before that focused on crimes and sexual assaults committed by refugees in that country. There was such a report the preceding evening and the facts presented were correct, yet the propaganda machine at NBC is still saying Trump lied. He did not.

    Just like last week. They ran a report about a new “documentary” about Michael Brown and Ferguson that they claimed “raised new questions” about the events surrounding his robbery of a store and subsequent attack on a cop. It did nothing of the sort as it relied on a heavily edited video that said Brown did not rob the store but was merely “retrieving” cigars he paid for the previous night but left there. The whole thing was debunked in minutes the next day by the complete video, but that never stopped the usual suspects such as NBC and CNN from initially “raising questions” without pointing out the obvious holes in the claim like why in the first place he would not take cigars he paid for. Anything to stir the pot.

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    Its Slam Dunk

    The executive order stalling will be canceled by the Supreme Court.

    If terrorism or crime happens because of lifting the ban, the blame is on Hawaii’s judicial head. Believe me, MSM hiding this news isn’t going to work….the DHS/DOJ findings will be Tweeted, as the potential horror happens…

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    To TRO Obama would have been seen as racist, a convenient policy of his adm. Trump’s action, although identical, is seen as racist. This is called liberal logic, an oxymoron. Judiciary acting as the executive branch cannot be allowed. Interpret the constitution, not enforcing it is their job. They had best mend their ways, as what they are doing is going to cause our nation great stress. It looks like what Obama is doing is sedition. He is aligned with soros and is accepting money from him to disrupt our democracy. It must stop now.
    Islam is not compatible with the Constitution. This was recognized and officially prohibited by the McCarran Walters act of 1952. It is our law and it is not being enforced. We need to start enforcing it and start deporting those who do not meet its requirements.

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    Several of the justices on the ninth circuit court have written that everything that Trump has done is clearly within his power as president and that the Supreme Court has confirmed that power repeatedly and specifically. Just the fact that certain judges are buying this utter nonsense such as how their state might suffer economically is proof that they make this stuff up and that we avoided a continuation of this judicial banana republic lawlessness with the defeat of Hillary.

    Obama did this exact same thing. It was HIS list of seven countries that Trump used and they were targeted for a temporary ban on entry under Obama because some of the people who came here turned out to have terrorist connections. How come no press outrage then? How come no lawsuits filed?

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      Leland, because Dems seem to be above the law. They make laws for the rest of us to live under, but they are simply above all that. Makes me so angry that they seem to be able to ignore the Executive Action of Pres. Trump but still be under the presidency of Obama. And if we have a horrible terrorist action here because of their denial of Trump’s travel ban, they’ll most likely chastise the POTUS for not protecting us. I cannot say what I think about all of them. I believe the Democrat Party might be finished, now that they have become the Obstructionist Party. And all because they lost the election and cannot seem to accept that America is sick is tired of their politics and doesn’t want them anymore.