Congress Has Failed Again

In the wee hours of the morning on May 1, 2017, Congress passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill to fund the federal government through September 2017. However, while the pundits on Capitol Hill hailed this as a wonderful bipartisan bill that proves both parties can work together, further examination of the bill shows that illegal aliens win and American citizens lose – again!

President Trump has signed 90 executive actions since he took office in January 2017 – six of which dealt specifically with immigration. But most of the changes the president has tried to implement regarding immigration and refugee intake have been temporarily thwarted by activist judges, ignored by state and local government officials in sanctuary jurisdictions or shot down by Congress.

With President Trump in office, it’s supposed to be time to cut-off incentives for illegal immigration, beef up enforcement at the border and the interior of the country, and increase the threat of deportation for illegal aliens – especially those who have committed heinous crimes against American citizens. It should also be high time to clean up the immigration mess left by the Obama administration. The spending bill was supposed to be part of that process – but the Republican leadership in Congress gave up without a fight. So did the administration, although the president later hinted in a Tweet that he will be prepared to do so as the FY 2018 budget is negotiated. But that remains to be seen.

President Trump asked for money to build a wall in the spending bill. He also wanted to cutoff certain federal funding to sanctuary cities. The president has tried to deliver on some of his campaign promises through the use of executive action, but other much needed reforms require Congress to act.

American citizens must continue to keep the pressure on Congress and stand behind President Trump to make sure he keeps his promises on immigration reform.

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Bob joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 2016 as the Development Director. He oversees the fundraising and donor relations efforts for FAIR. Bob has over 25 years of experience in the field of development that has included working for national, international and local non-profit organizations. He has worked for private Christian schools, institutions of higher education and national non-profit organizations that support our U. S. military veterans. Bob joined the FAIR staff after starting and running a successful fundraising consulting business. Bob and his family reside in northern Virginia.


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    Yeah,yeah,yeah!!!, now you are insulting the intelligence of all the border patrol agents trying to defend a murderer, only a short minded would believe that a kid throwing rocks can distract or drive away to an armed and trained federal agent, let’s calculate the possible distance that a 15 years old kid can throw a rock related to it weight to find out how far can travel.

    Oh!!, never mind, if you are defending this kind of allegations I am sure don’t have a clue how to calculate how much water you can fit in an empty 1 gal of milk container.

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      That “kid” had previously been nabbed trying to go through the border fence. He was working with others to try and distract agents from stopping border crossers. A lot of 15 year old males can throw a rock pretty hard. You side with the criminals and you think that people should have a free shot at catching border guards with a rock to the face. I don’t and neither do the border patrol agents. They want the right to protect themselves from those attempting to harm them while they are doing their job of enforcing the border. When people are told to stop throwing rocks and they don’t, which is what happened in this case, they brought it on themselves.

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        Wait a second Leland you are saying he had to right to kill him?….you are insane!!!

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          This happened in 2010. The agent was not indicted or fired. So he followed policy. A group tried to rush through the border and the agent captured one and was trying to detain him while the others threw rocks. The agent pointed his gun and told them to stop. They didn’t. You prefer to allow the criminals to control the border. Mexico likes to distract everyone away from the fact that the cartels run their politicians. Several years ago 43 college students on their way to a protest in Mexico City disappeared, and their bodies have not been found to this day. An international group that came in to investigate a couple years ago left after a few weeks , charging that the government was leading a campaign of harassment against them. Why not worry about those students instead of criminals.

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    The Corruption in Washington DC

    Includes shadow government and illegal spying on private individuals….but Hillary is immune?

    NWO puppets are immune….Trump is flip-flopping this reaction with Sessions leading the attack….the open border progressives and Rinos have gone ballistic. Now pro-NWO folks are being “FIRED”, like Comey [even his old agents were horrified on the illegal Clinton Server decision].

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    Paul Ryan is an open borders globalist. Unfortunately when the constituents of his district had a chance in last year’s primary to replace him with a pro-American worker candidate, Ryan beat him handily. I guess the thing to keep in mind is that Trump has been unable to put parts of his agenda in place, but the alternative, Hillary Clinton, would have been more of the Obama war on ICE.

    Instead of agents at the border being able to fire on those throwing rocks at them from Mexico, the last administration ordered them to withdraw and seek cover. A rock can be a deadly weapon if it hits you unawares and Obama gave the rock throwers free reign to do so. Let’s not forget that the supposed “Russian meddling” included copies of highly paid speeches Hillary kept from the public, including one given to South American bankers in which she called for “open borders and open trade”. How come they got to hear that but we didn’t?

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        I guess reading comprehension is not your specialty. I said the alternative, which is Hillary, would have been far worse.

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          Do you understand English? Obviously you hardly finished high school. … I said you voted for it, we would never know has it been worse the way it is so far for sure better. You are a piece of work!!! You deserve what you voted for….

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            I know Hillary said she would not deport anyone who hadn’t committed a major violent felony. That’s like putting up a sign at the border saying come on in we won’t enforce the law. So yes I know what I voted for and would not change it. Just more of your troll babble.

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            No Leland that is what it takes to have wisdom and take one step at a time…….perhaps the man/woman was victim of a bad lawyer….or abused as a dishwasher for 20 years at 5 dollars an hour….I hope next life time you come back as a beautiful human being being born as an illegal and being abused,,,,then perhaps I will come back that way to tell you…I told you so!!!

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      With the exception that the throwing rocks story never happen, what really happened was that the border patrol agent did open fire and killed a 15 years old unarmed kid who allegedly was throwing the rocks from the Mexican side, that was a coward and inhumane action which can supported only by individuals without moral values.

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        You’re lying. There have been dozens of agents hit by rocks and seriously injured. The reason the rock throwers do it is to drive the agents away from the border so they or their buddies can cross. Obama made it a requirement that the agents retreat. That 15 year old was warned to stop throwing the rocks and he didn’t. You’re one of the idiots who insists that someone without a weapon is “unarmed”. But a rock can injure a person badly if it’s unexpected. You have no moral values if you think agents should have to accept rocks thrown at them by criminals.

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          Leland you are an idiot…….nothing justifies taking a life…..we have the hardware we can easily deal with these kids…..but not kill them….