OMG This is Common Sense?

Anyone seeking further proof of how disconnected the U.S. Senate is from any kind of reality needs to look no further than yesterday’s immigration debacle.   After promising an open debate on the issue where the American public could watch “the greatest deliberative body in the world” cobble together an immigration proposal that would marry a DACA fix with immigration enforcement promises that put President Trump in the White House, the Senate failed to advance anything.

Of the four proposals that made it to the floor for public discussion yesterday, the only one really worth supporting was Senator Pat Toomey’s (R-Pa.) amendment that would have shut down illegal and dangerous sanctuary jurisdictions.  Clearly, anyone who cares about public safety would have voted for that, right?  Nope.  In the end, this modest and mainstream proposal, which passed the House last year, failed to reach the threshold of 60 votes, that would have allowed it to be debated on the floor of the Senate.

The other three proposals all contained varying degrees of amnesty for illegal aliens while falling well short of delivering several key immigration enforcement pledges made to the American public during Trump’s presidential campaign.

What was most shocking was the proposal that emerged from the “common sense caucus,” a group of self-described moderate senators who claim to have their thumbs on the pulse of mainstream America.  Their bill would have granted an immediate amnesty to DACA recipients while instructing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to cease enforcing immigration laws against all illegal aliens currently in the country (roughly 12.5 million people) as well as those who could manage, by hook or by crook, to sneak into the U.S. before June 30, 2018!  That’s right, ready-made amnesty in advance – some would call a total surrender of U.S. sovereignty – for the next four-and-a-half months.

DHS would have to instruct the Border Patrol agents to stay as far away from the border as possible until July 1, 2018 to avoid being trampled by the hordes of illegal aliens, drug dealers and potential terrorists rushing north.  This is common-sense?

And when the DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen issued a statement noting  the bill would  “be the end of immigration enforcement in America,” she was met by a sharp rebuke from mass immigration advocate  Senator Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.), who accused DHS of trying to poison the well.  Iowa Senator Charles Grassley (R) was justifiably stunned, asking “why would my colleagues want to encourage illegal immigration?”

If this is the best the Senate can do when it comes to “common sense” immigration reforms, we should all be biting our nails.  Hopefully, a path forward will soon come out of the House, and will help pull the Senate back into the real world.

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    Anyone that claims the US is splitting up families means they would just be willing to abandon their children if they get deported. What kind of a monster would abandon their own children?

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    So much for Trump’s line during the campaign that he was different from other politicians and could be counted on to keep all of his promises. A big part of the reason he was elected was he said he is against amnesty for illegals. Now he is just another lying, backstabbing DC politician.

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      Once again our President is being touted as the root of all evil. Did you read this? This is not Trump’s fault. He’s being blocked every step of the way while trying to keep his promises. He can’t get 60 people who are reasonable enough to do what we asked for. Our Representatives are not representing the people who elected them or our President. That’s where the problem is. Fire THOSE people next time you vote. President Trump is moving forward with the positive changes we asked for despite the distractions and roadblocks he’s encountering.

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        When Trump campaigned for president he said was against amnesty for any illegal aliens, including the 800,000 covered by DACA. After he won he then changed and said he was for amnesty for 1.8 million illegal aliens. This doesn’t mean he isn’t doing anything positive in other areas pertaining to immigration, but it also means he isn’t any different than other politicians that promise one thing to voters and then get elected and then support amnesty.

        I refuse to be a blind follower of any politician.

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    The democrats would give amnesty to any & everything that comes across our border, W/O any vetting of any kind, just open the borders & let them come on in. as long as they promise to vote democratic in all the elections for evermore. They cannot win an election without a little hook, & crook assistance.

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    Our congress has become stagnant. They could not all agree on what day of the week it is. I have never seen such a bungling bunch of morons, ALL wanting to have their way. I DO NOT COMPREHEND why they cannot come together as AMERICANS for once, & listen to the proposals put forth, then pick the best plan with the most common logic. I hope in Nov. we can pick up more republicans & fire the democrats & RINOs. In the meantime lots of young ppl’s lives are being put on hold.

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    I agree no amnesty the Democratic party all the want is more and more illegals pouring in our country Republicans need to put a end to this lottery system also go President Trump.

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      James R. Alexander on

      “What’s wrong with no amnesty?” I don’t understand the question. These ILLEGAL ALIENS – – I prefer to call them “INVADERS” – – walked, ran, drove or were carried across the borders of a sovereign Nation; a Nation of duly enacted Laws which prohibit anyone from coming into OUR “home” uninvited. They are no different that home invaders who would walk into your home; then expect you to feed, clothe , educate and provide him, her and their offspring with shelter and health care. You would probably show them the door. I’d run them out at the end of a shotgun! Yet, we have a bunch of elected morons – Republicans and Marxist Democrats – in Washington D. C. who are scared of their own shadows and afraid they’d be called “racists” if they stood up for the United States of America and told the ILLEGAL INVADERS to “Get the Hell OUT of our home!” Statistics have shown the ILLEGAL INVADERS are provided with more than $20 million in serves a year; but pay back less than $9 million in taxes; that is, those who willingly pay taxes. Many of the ILLEGAL INVADERS I saw in New Mexico worked for cash under the table; received State funded healthcare and Federal (taxpayer paid) food stamps.

      I say: Build the Wall. NO to any form of amnesty for these INVADERS. Begin yesterday to DEPORT ALL from our “home” until they are willing to follow OUR immigration Laws should they want to live and become productive citizens here, and become English speaking American citizens.