California’s Illegal Student Aid Program is Stuck on Stupid

Each year, California invites people illegally in the country to apply for the same college aid packages available to citizens.

The deadline to apply for aid through the California Dream Act is March 2. As of last week, 19,141 students had applied – a bit more than half of last year’s total.

Applications were down last year as well, until the state staged a “cash for college” campaign to gin up business. Rapper DJ Khaled was enlisted to instruct illegal aliens to “secure the bag” to pay for college on the taxpayers’ dime. No word on how much the state paid Khaled for his public service announcement.

On cue, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., blamed President Donald Trump for spreading “fear” and scaring off applicants.

“This is a direct product of Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. No one in America should ever have to live in fear of our government,” tweeted Harris, California’s former attorney general and all-but-announced presidential aspirant for 2020.

Trump should wear Harris’ scorn as a badge of honor. If the president’s positions on immigration enforcement deter illegal aliens from tapping more government funds, taxpayers benefit.

Erasing the distinction between legal and illegal status, Harris disingenuously proclaimed, “We must protect California’s students and safeguard their access to education.”

But she cannot nullify economic laws, even in the Golden State. Less money spent on illegal aliens would mean more college assistance available for the sons and daughters of legal, taxpaying citizens.

If Harris’ mimicry of Hillary Clinton is any barometer, Democrats will continue to pander to illegal aliens at any cost. That strategy didn’t work for the party in 2016. It’s not working in Congress now. It certainly isn’t aiding the finances of migrant-laden California, which, not coincidentally, imposes the highest top-tier tax rate and the fourth-biggest per-capita income tax bills in the nation.

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    Amazed and Confused at what a “Supposed Representative” of the United States of America like Harris is doing in office besides disrupting LAW and ORDER. Illegals are not supported by anything having to do with the Constitution of the United States of America so why is it that Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck to provide food and support for their Families must also provide support for Illegal Aliens as well ? Bleeding Hearts ? I don’t think so, more like votes and cheap labor on the American Taxpayers Backs ! I call BS and Help Make America Great Again, Lead , Get Behind or Get The Hell Out Of The Way !

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    How can a convicted criminal( ILLEGAL MIGRANTS) receive information from a state of the union to further enhance their status in our country without charges of aiding and abetting being brought against them in a federal court. California uses illegals in order to receive more money from the government to prop up their failing economic policies.

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    dale a peterson on

    Secure south border east of San Diego. Open land where illegal human traffic cross daily. End the flow families bringing their children, future DACA. They cross over, trespassing over our properties. Hiding, sneaking around border check stop. We need to be safe. Border agents pick up large groups, few do make into San Diego. Wall/no wall, stop now!

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    Dreamers always say that it’s not our fault because our parents brought us here. OK, but why do they then insist that they will not accept any amnesty that does not include all their relatives, or any restrictions on future immigration. It’s not their issue to decide. When a dad holds up a bank, the kids suffer when he goes to jail. He doesn’t get let go because of them.

    You also hear the argument that certain countries have “waiting lists” of 20 years or more, so we have to have more legal entry. The Philippines is one of those countries. What they need to do is stop listening to the Catholic church tell them not to use birth control. A hundred years ago they had a population of only about 10 million. Now it’s more than 100 million packed on those relatively small islands. Stop telling us that it’s our problem to solve.

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    “This is a direct product of Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. No one in America should ever have to live in fear of our government,” tweeted Harris. What a dumb thing to say! She is opening her arms to all drug smugglers, terrorists, all sorts of criminals and other scum ready to storm our boarders. What a fine US president she would make!
    If slick Kamala ever makes it that far, it definitely would be time to move back to Europe where illegal immigration is expeditiously dealt with swift deportations. The Europeans are smart enough to kick them out. Please note that in any European country these illegal immigrants can’t rely on their anchor babies. Why? Unless at least one parent is a citizen, the children retain the nationality of their immigrant parents. Smart, very smart!

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    Can the credit beaureaus chase illegal aliens on long overdue student financial aids? They chase the legal US Citizens immediately; thus ruined their credit records for being unable to pay.