California Mayor: Giving Sanctuary to Illegal Alien Criminals is “immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional”

The city of Escondido could become the latest jurisdiction in California to join a lawsuit filed by the federal government challenging the state’s “sanctuary” laws.

As a result of efforts by Escondido Mayor Sam Abed and City Councilman John Masson, the city council is a few steps away from submitting a “friend of the court” brief in support of the March 7 preemption lawsuit filed against California by the Justice Department.

“Sadly enough the progressives and the liberals in Sacramento are disconnected from the cities and local government here and they want to take our local policing power away,” the mayor tells FAIR in an exclusive interview.

“They continue to harbor illegal criminals. Harboring and protecting illegal criminals and giving them more rights than our citizens is immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional,” says Abed.

A native of Lebanon, Abed arrived with his family to the U.S. in 1987 and became an American citizen three years later. He was elected mayor of Escondido in 2010 and re-elected in 2014.

“I am very proud that my city and the city council is leading the way in joining the lawsuit against SB 54,” he adds.

If successful, Escondido would earn the distinction of being the first city in San Diego County to join the legal challenge to SB54,  and two other sanctuary laws passed in 2017. SB 54 took effect the first of the year. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote in closed session on April 17.

The critical vote tonight comes on the heels of a March 13-16 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operation in which 115 illegal immigrants were arrested. According to ICE, of those taken into custody, 43 percent had criminal convictions.

Not surprisingly, the cooperation of the city of Escondido with federal law enforcement has drawn open border activists out of the shadows.

One such activist group – “ICE Out of Escondido” – has issued a call to action to its members to protest today’s meeting and vote.

Patricia Serrano, vice-chair of the North County Immigration Task Force, told the San Diego Union-Tribune it was her intent to “make our elected officials uncomfortable here” in Escondido.

Perhaps Serrano and her allies should concentrate on making life “uncomfortable” for the numerous criminal aliens ICE is pursuing, such as the Mexican citizen convicted of statutory rape and sex with a minor.

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    There was a reporter at Friday’s White House press briefing who was questioning Sarah Sanders about Trump’s statement concerning the majority of women migrants who are raped on the way north through Mexico. There is absolutely nothing new about this and it did not start with Trump. Amnesty International has been saying this for years. Amnesty has also reported that many migrants are robbed, even killed, and the government of Mexico “turns a blind eye” to it, or even that the authorities are in on these crimes.

    Our media prefers to play stupid. They’re just an echo chamber endlessly repeating each other’s talking points, such as more illegals are leaving the country than arriving and that border crossings are down, even though those things are provably untrue. They also claim immigrants, legal or illegal, don’t get welfare, when that’s a distinction without a difference. Their large families of anchor babies, being citizens, make the whole family eligible.

    When Zuckerberg gets questioned by Congress he needs to be asked about the double standard of Facebook when it come to their determinations of “fake news” by organizations run by left wingers. They attach any Breitbart stories with a warning that comes from, believe it or not, Wikipedia. Wikipedia stories are written by individuals and are nothing more than their opinions.

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    Patrica Watkins on

    It is great that cities are fighting back. Current Democratic leadership in California is pro-open borders and America as a free for all. Gov. Brown appears to believe that illegal aliens should be considered equal to legal citizens. Just giving America away to whoever sneaks over the border or overstays their Visa. And they bash Trump all along the way to promote a liberal “immigrant” sob story agenda; but in reality, Democrats are looking at using illegal migration for increased federal funding (and future voters). That is why they are in an uproar about the 2020 federal census adding on immigration status. If illegals are too afraid to fill out a census form, then the counted population will be smaller = less federal funding.

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    Andy Griffen on

    I totally agree. This problem has made it very hard on the California citizens !!! No jobs unless you are bilingual. If they were not here we wouldn’t have to learn another language to work!! There are so many of them here in southern California now that we the citizen are feeling like the minority and thats terrible. One question?? IF WE WERE TO INVADE MEXICO WOULD ALL OF THE COUNTRY LEARN OUR LANGUAGE? ??? They came and took over they don’t just live with us., and to read that the governor and a mayor are helping and hiding them well what happened to all the citizens who are being hurt financially with them being here.?

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      Patrica Watkins on

      A lot of people, including politicians, don’t care about that. I interviewed an illegal from Mexico years ago who said that he got hired faster and got paid more because he was bilingual. He was real proud about that considering he was illegal in America. The way that he got those jobs was to buy fake ID in California. He said that it was easy to get if you had the money. He bought someone else’s social security number and then could pass as a legal resident/citizen. One of my neighbor’s found out not too long ago that his social security number was fraudulently being used by an illegal Mexican migrant. I have been saying over the yrs that bilingual is the wave of the future. Especially in service jobs, because illegal migration from Hispanic/Latino countries is never going to be stopped. It is too late for California. Their leaders have let it go too far. As it is, the top three surnames in CA are all Hispanic. And Trump only has a short period of time to get a wall built and deport illegals. I doubt highly that he would get reelected.

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    I would imagine that this former citizen of Lebanon fully appreciates what can happen to a society when the Rule of Law collapses. Society decays into mob rule and tribal warfare. Lebanon in the 50’s and 60’s was a modern society and Beirut was the Paris of the Mediterranean. Now, it’s a total Hell Hole that may never recover. California is heading down the same path. There are ‘no stop signs and no speed limits’ on the Highway to Hell!

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      Patrica Watkins on

      I won’t be alive to see the end result change due to rampant illegal and legal migration, but I foresee that America will eventually be dominated by 3rd world cultures. The last I read, it is predicted that whites will probably be in the minorities by the 2040’s to 2050’s. And Hispanics and those from Asia will be in the majority. Many illegal and legal migrants from 3rd world countries bring their culture with them and expect to live that way in America, even though 3rd world culture is very different than Westernized culture. I think that Democrats will do anything now that benefits them even if that means breaking all immigration laws and throwing open the borders to anyone and everyone. Strange that refugees and legal immigrants have to go through rigorous vetting but illegals can just sneak over the border & stay, and Democrats are fine with that.

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      Sandra Lee Smith on

      Yes, and the men were gentlemen: polite, well educated, urbane as any from Europe or America. But during that same time, Cairo was also a lovely, cosmopolitan city, a rival to any in Europe and America as well. Yes, CA is heading right down that same horrible path, and will end in the same sewer that both those have become.