Media Ignores Crisis Of Indian Illegal Immigrants

As the media floods the airwaves with coverage of Central American migrants, they have all but ignored a major development along the Southern border – the massive increase in illegal aliens coming from India. While Indians still comprise the largest population of H-1B visa holders, they now represent the fastest-growing illegal immigrant group in the nation.

According to data from Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearing House (TRAC), in the current fiscal year, 3,752 Indian nationals were arrested by Border Patrol agents – a figure that already surpassed the total number arrested in FY2017 (2,055) and FY2016 (3,398).

The spike, however, is not isolated, nor is it new.

“There is an unprecedented flood,” immigration attorney John Lawit told The Hindustan Times in 2016, adding that illegals were paying smugglers $30,000 to travel from India. And in 2013, Arizona experienced a flood of Indians, some of whom had paid $35,000 to illegally cross the border.

While there was a temporary decline, the flood of illegals are once again exploiting holes in the nation’s immigration system.

“I think that the word has gone out that there are various ways that you can try to move. And coming through the Mexican border remains one of the more accessible ways,” UCLA history professor Vinay Lal told The Los Angeles Times.

Indian nationals presently comprise 380 of the 680 migrants housed at the federal prison in Victorville, California. And most cite religious or political persecution in making their asylum claims, despite few of those claims being accepted.

Of the Indian nationals processed by Border Patrol agents, 3,561 were denied entry and recommended for “expedited removal,” according to TRAC data.

But many continue to bet that their knowledge of how U.S. immigration law works will enable them to game the system.

El Centro (Southern California) Border Sector Chief Gloria Chavez told Fox News that many use  official documents to travel to Mexico, but destroy them when they arrive in order to avoid identification.

“Many use their lack of identification to claim to be one person in Mexico and another one in the United States,” she stated “In Mexico, they claim to be an adult because unaccompanied minors under 18 are arrested. In the U.S., the opposite is true. Here, they claim to be juveniles so they must be released.”

Despite the political unease in India, even some left-leaning immigration experts question the legitimacy of persecution claims.

“The political basis for applying for asylum during the 80s might have been quite high but then one could argue that there is a democratic government in Punjab for the past many years, and it has sometimes been led by the Akali Dal party, believed to be the Sikhs’ party. So, the argument of political persecution does not seem to hold at all these days as far as people from Punjab are concerned,” the Migration Policy Institute’s Muzaffar Chishti said recently.

The surge of illegal immigrants from India confirms (again) that our broken immigration system is a game being played by smugglers and illegals alike.

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    The only good things about India is it’s food and lovely ladies. I’m all for importing more of the latter in exporting whinny, spoiled American women

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    Roughly 17 million well educated American born Americans have lost their jobs to “immigrants” working here on the H 1 B Visa Program. Time to kick them all out!

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      Yes, agreed. H1b AND L1 visa programs are being “tricked” by not only Indians, but also by US companies along with immigration attorneys. The immigration attorneys know all of the loopholes.

      Another factor with Indians coming through Mexico is that they sort of look like Mexicans. I have been to India a number of times. Although it’s definitely a caste system, it is, for the most part, a democracy. There are some beautiful parts, but it is so very overpopulated and filthy.

      Many government processes take a long time and many, many government processes and procedures are corrupt and cost a lot of money to move things along through the system.

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    If anyone hasn’t already seen it I thought I would recommend an entertaining, but very graphic and realistic movie about the border drug wars that came out a couple of years ago called “Sicario” which means “Hitman”.

    “Sicario” is most definitely NOT family viewing material.

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    Let me describe, FACTUALLY, a nation that happens to be India. The population is over ONE BILLION, two hundred million. That’s almost SIX TIMES what it was when the subcontinent achieved independence from the British Empire. It’s FOUR TIMES the current US population. Now, here’s the kicker: India’s land mass is less than ONE THIRD the size of the US. So, it’s clearly OVERPOPULATED, and getting worse every single week. I say “week” not year, because every WEEK the population grows by about 400,000 people – a good-sized US city. If you think that’s sustainable, you’re an idiot – or an Open Borders Whack Job. HALF the population – SIX HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE – crap out in the open. That’s not ME saying it; or “anecdotal” accounts; it’s the UN’s own World Health Org. Does THAT sound like a country that ANYONE with resources would want to escape, at any cost? You bet it does. The problem is that they can’t all come HERE! That’s why we have borders. Let’s enforce them.

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      Entirely correct. And a lot of globalists describe their economy as the “India miracle” because their TOTAL Gross Domestic Product grows every year. But it is based almost entirely on that out of control population growth. The real measure of how well the population lives, which is GDP per person, is dismal. They are almost at the bottom of the list of all world nations, below many African, and Asian nations we consider third world.

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      Yeah, me, too! After all, who would ever want to leave that overpopulated Hell Hole? I hear they have some fantastic curry, too!