Another Illegal Alien Allegedly Murders a Teenage Girl

An illegal alien from Guatemala has been charged with murder for the fatal stabbing of a 16-year-old girl that occurred in September 2018. The victim, Madison Wells, had broken up with Bryan Cordero-Castro after a ten-month relationship before he reportedly killed her. The tragedy took place in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Breitbart reported that Cordero-Castro entered the United States via the southern border as an unaccompanied alien child (UAC). There are more than 84,000 UAC requests for lawful immigration status currently pending before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Of course, most UACs attempting to enter the U.S. will not be hardened criminals. However, we rarely have good data on these minors. And this case illustrates why proper vetting and wise detention policies are necessary. There is often no way to be sure until it’s too late.

While their immigration applications are being reviewed, UACs are overseen by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Typically, the ORR releases many of these minors to sponsors or family who are already in the United States.

In Fiscal Year 2017, about half of all UACs “were over 14 years of age, and over two-thirds were boys.” By the time they reach the border, many of these young men have already been involved in gangs, drug trafficking and other violent crime. And many of them should be detained, rather than released into American communities.

As for Wells, her case is sad but not uncommon. It is yet another tragedy in a long line of innocent Americans dying at the hands of foreign criminals who should never have been dumped on unsuspecting American neighborhoods in the first place. Earlier this year, Mollie Tibbetts was allegedly killed by an illegal alien who appeared to have been stalking her. In the same month as Wells’ death, a former Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient was charged with murdering a man on a fishing vessel off the coast of Massachusetts.

If U.S. immigration policy was focused on protecting Americans instead of benefiting foreigners, Wells, Tibbetts, Kate Steinle and hundreds of others would be alive today. Unless Congress gets serious about passing true immigration reform (e.g. a border wall, E-Verify, closing asylum and UAC loopholes), we can expect more Americans to meet the same cruel fate.

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Casey joined FAIR in 2018. He assists the research team with projects and writes for FAIR’S website. He previously spent a year working in journalism in Washington, D.C. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Journalism in 2017.


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    Veronica Maureen Reimann on

    When will the news media report to the American public all these crimes by illegal foreign nationals & push congress to round them all up & return them to country of origin be it we pay for them by military ships, planes or buses under guard. Notify these countries that we are coming to return their citizens. The cost would be worth the American lives we would save

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      Gloria Jimenez-Ross on

      I totally agree with you; I, like you, believe that the cost of rounding every single illegal, regardless of age and returning them to their country of origin even if we pay their passage. As it stands now, it is costing taxpayers over 1.5 BILLION annually to sustain the mass of illegals in this country, and it’s CLIMBING. That, plus the loss of lives due to illegal in this country, who have zero respect or life values is worth it. This would be a ONE TIME EXPENDITURE and not a CONSTANT DRAIN. It is time for the citizens to stand up and LOUDLY DEMAND that Congress grow some cojones and do something for AMERICA; it is time that they remembered that even though in a lot of cases it is the ILLEGAL CITIZENS’ votes, it is the LEGAL CITIZENS who pay their salary. Something needs to be done about gathering up all of the scumbags, men and women along with all of their offspring’s and ship them the hell out of the country; Make this country safe again.

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    Welcome to America and you are proof that there is/was a process in place to become an American citizen. I believe we can, with the evidence and common sense many of us have, say that letting innumerable amounts of illegals from any country into the US is foolish. We need support the current administration and get our fellow citizens to vote accordingly. All this for the love and sake of our children and country that is threatened daily by those with socialist and leftist tendencies.
    Thank you for sharing your insights to all of us.

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    People from NJ are not too bright, they voted corrupt Menéndez back into office and now they want sanctuary laws, it will not change because politicians do not care about their citizens. Good job Jersey dumbasses

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    If was about 25 years ago, but the same thing happened to my teenage niece. She tried to break up with her Hispanic boyfriend in a suburb outside of San Francisco. He broke into her parents home later that night, strangled her, took her body out of a window of her home grabbing her car keys as he left the house. He drove to an abandoned area and set her car on fire with her body in it. Stupidly, he stole her music system out of her car before setting it on fire, This was fortunate because it helped in securing his conviction. The press did not even pick up on the horrible murder like they would have if it had been a Hispanic girl and a Caucasian boy. Her mother now visits schools in the San Francisco area speaking to high schoolers about abusive relationships.

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    I wonder how NJ’s new governor, who has pledged to make NJ a sanctuary state and will spend $2.5 million for legal defense of those who are threatened with deportation, feels now! I wonder how the people of my old home state, who voted for this moron feel now! This is happening all across the country and we see the liberals continue to want to let them all in. Pretty soon, there won’t be anyone in Central America, they will be all here and we will be footing the bill.

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    R Jeffrey Savlov on

    As someone who was not born in the United States but came to this country through the proper application process, I wonder what has happened to our immigration system. When I applied in 1983, there were several hoops I had to jump through. x-rays, medical reports, police reports, proof that I would have enough funds to support myself for an extended period, proof that I had the ability to communicate in English, an offer of employment, several interviews and finally my signature on a document which attested that I would never be a ward of the state. Once all these procedures were followed I received a packet of parers which had to be turned in at a border crossing where I was required to give them specifics as to where I would be be living. I was also required to notify INS when I was changing residence.
    Where have all these processes gone. Why are people now allowed to just show up and walk right in without even health records. We talk about those killed or maimed by illegals but virtually ignore the health risks that can easily occur because of no immunizations, diseases which they can have or carry or the inability of many to communicate or lack of education or adaptable skills which add to the unemployment rolls or depress the job market for many trying to find minimalist jobs so they can afford higher education.
    It’s time for us to go back to how it was, eliminate asylum without facilities available to prepare those who have no language or work skills and reject all border jumpers and send them all back to get all the documents and medical information necessary before they are even considered.

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      Totally agree.
      I have this family and it was hurls to get citizenship and costly and it didn’t happen overnight…so many rules they followed.
      And being legal is a gift. A blessing.

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      I know you’re a full blown American now but I want to give you a belated “Welcome to America.” We need citizens like you who understand our immigration law are there for a reason and if we just allow anybody into our country they don’t appreciate all that America has to offer and become takers instead of producers. Whenever you just give something of value without it being earned, that something loses value to the recipient and has reduced value to all others.

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    James McWilliams on

    Let’s Lift Him Up–2 feet off the ground by the rope around his neck–so he can think about his crime for a few minutes as he slowly strangles. And, let;s televise it so other mad dogs like him can see their fate if they want to do the wild thing and let all that machismo vent itself. It worked well in this Country at an earlier time when dealing with uncivilized unsavory characters.

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    There is absolutely no way to determine the background , criminal and otherwise, of many of these “children” who frequently turn out to be years older than they claim to be. And the American public, outside of those who go to conservative news sources, is totally uninformed about the crimes committed by many of them. Ask the average person who Kate Steinle is and very few could tell you she was murdered by a five times deported illegal that the sanctuary city of San Francisco put back on the streets, after refusing to inform ICE they were doing so, even though there was an ICE request to detain him. And then there are the illegals who drive drunk and are put back on the streets until they finally kill someone.

    The media and Hollywood ignore that all this happens and in fact portray the exact opposite. Illegals are always the salt of the earth, here to make their way and thrive in spite of a racist American public. You would never know that they are on welfare at twice the rate of native born Americans and they are not going to “save” social security but drain our budgets with a lifetime of welfare for them and their anchor babies, and tax giveaways like the earned income tax credit.

    Murphy Brown did an episode where a reporter was hospitalized after being attacked at a Trump rally. Except that has never happened. But a reporter in Portland Oregon, Andy Ngo, was assaulted and called racial slurs and a traitor last month by masked Antifa thugs, the same Antifa that the media and left wing Democrats make excuses for. This is a continuing pattern in Portland where the cops stand aside while Antifa assaults and threatens others. The government sent federal troops into the south to enforce desegregation of schools. But apparently conservatives can have their civil rights violated and Washington does nothing.