New York’s Political Leaders Favor Illegal Aliens Over Legal Residents

New policy initiatives supported by both New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio (D) call into question whether or not the state’s political leadership is using its city and states resources in the most effective and lawful manner.

Just last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo publicly supported DREAM Act legislation that grants illegal aliens access to college financial aid and scholarships in the state of New York. New York already grants illegal aliens who attend public colleges and universities heavily subsidized in-state tuition benefits.

The act, which has already passed the New York state Senate, will affect 146,000 New York residents who do not have legal status in the state and are enrolled in state schools. With an illegal alien population of 560,000 in New York City alone, the number of individuals seeking to take advantage of this perk is expected to increase.

Similar to Cuomo, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has also recently introduced a new policy directive that intends to favor illegal aliens over legal residents.

Titled NYC Care, the free comprehensive health care plan will provide primary and specialty care to 300,000 uninsured illegal aliens in New York City, costing $100 million annually.

With the city’s municipal health system already an expensive item in 2018, critics have come quick to publicly denounce the plan. Concerns surrounding a large influx of people now demanding medical services has put strains on an already deficient pool of primary care doctor, causing even more public disapproval.

With the city and state’s crumbling infrastructure, high property tax rates, and exorbitant cost of living, one has to question whether funding the health care of illegal aliens is in the best of interests of New York City and whether or not granting illegal aliens financial and scholarship aid throughout the state is appropriate.

Not only do these two pieces of legislation serve as incentives that fuel illegal immigration into the country, but hundreds of thousands of financially struggling New York residents are being denied opportunities that their elected public officials should be providing them.

It’s time for Gov. Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio to prioritize the people that elected them into their positions and to stop creating magnets that encourage illegal immigration.

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    The politicians can’t wait until the voters who were educated before 1980 die off. The students are now indoctrinated in “progressive” socialist ideas by radical teachers and professors. The students of today know little about American history. our government, geography, or economics. By keeping them ignorant they can be controlled and influenced by the fake news media and lying politicians. The republic cannot last long with an ignorant ill educated electorate.

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    Stephen Russell on

    Once Legal residents leave state in droves, & No Tax incoming.
    Then C Changes in NY.
    No money= No Taxes.
    Chap 13 NYC again for longer than 1976

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    -it should be against the law for murdering a baby after it survived an abortion, or otherwise.
    -I don’t believe we should put illegal aliens above American citizens, veterans, homeless, et al.
    -I support border security.
    -I support stopping the flow of drugs, gangs, human trafficing. diseases, terrorism across the southern border.
    -I don’t support socialism; there is no way we can get everything free.
    -I believe in the free enterprise system, where a person can go as high as their abilities, hard work and dedication will allow.
    -I believe in salvation not on anything that I could do, but what Jesus Christ did for us.
    -I believe in the constitution and the rule if law, not the law based upon a liberal judges interpretation.
    -I don’t believe in promoting terrorists or terrorism.
    Unfortunately, many democrats oppose the above views.

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    Pelosi Has No Backbone

    She’s out of step with half her party, no matter what she does to defy the Trump train. Whether it be the WALL or Obamacare….she’s a loser…the rest of the Open Border Party (OBP) has no agenda either now except to defy Trump. All they do is allege they’re globalist diversity buffoons, not real Americans.

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    The next time they come calling a bail-out from the federal government they need to go suck sand.

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    The editorial board of the Washington Post, owned by open borders globalist Jeff Bezos, accused Trump of a “stark incapacity for leadership” because of the government shutdown. Apparently they have no problem with the “leadership” that has done nothing for the last 25 years, aside from talking a good game, to stem the tide of millions of welfare dependent illiterates who are in this country illegally.

    No criticism for Pelosi, who is irresponsible as they come, tweeting about “what does Putin have on Trump” when 2 years of investigation have not come up with any evidence of collusion. If anyone helped the Russians it was the Obama administration selling them 20% of our uranium reserves.

    She is also refusing to let Trump give his state of the union address in the House until, according to her, “the government is open”, even though it is. So much for those phony excuses about “security concerns” she gave before. What she’s afraid of is that he will point out all the hypocrisy involving past support by Democrats for border barriers and how they condemned illegal entry. What Trump should do is just give it in the Senate chamber or on tv. All the constitution says is that he has to “give information” to Congress. It does not specify it must be a speech in the House chamber.

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      She has now scheduled SOTU for Feb. 5. Trump should spend ten minutes on pointing out the votes by Democrats, including Schumer Biden Hillary Obama, for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, Bill Clinton building a similar double layer fence along the San Diego/Tijuana border that reduced crossings to almost nothing, the support by former Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid for ending birthright citizenship, and the numerous past statements about opposing illegals and saying they took jobs from Americans.

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    **** the citizens of New York…..who the hell do you think gives these assholes the power!