ICE Seeks ‘Escort Services’ for Border Crashers

Florida may have dodged the bullet – for now — but other states could be targeted for an unwelcome influx of migrants, courtesy of the U.S. government.

After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis publicly objected to an airlift of hundreds of southwest border crossers to Palm Beach and Broward counties, federal officials backed down.

On Sunday, acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said the Sunshine State was no longer in consideration. He said the plan “wasn’t going to be an effective use of government resources.”

Yet the Department of Homeland Security reports that some 9,000 asylum seekers and illegal border crossers were released into U.S. communities between May 6 and May 13 – with no end in sight.

Since Dec. 21, 2018, the Trump administration has released 177,600 border crossers and illegal aliens. Some 69,200 were dropped off in San Antonio; 61,500 got their walking papers in El Paso.

Though denounced by President Donald Trump, catch-and-release practices persist as overwhelmed federal agents let border crossers disperse into America’s interior. Maybe these migrants will show up for an immigration court hearing at a future date. Maybe not.

Meantime, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection official told National Public Radio over the weekend that the agency continues to explore moving migrants to undisclosed locations around the nation.

Without the resources to do the transport job on its own, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is looking at hiring a private contractor to shuttle approximately 225,000 migrant children and families to shelters across the country over the next five years as they wait for their asylum claims to be processed.

ICE’s call for “on demand escort services” did not specify where the migrants would end up. Another agency, the Office of Refugee Resettlement, would have “sole authority” to place unaccompanied minors and families.

Whichever way this massive people-moving enterprise shakes out, it is critical that immigration-enforcement agencies maintain control of their charges. The ultimate destination for illegal border crossers and bogus asylum claimants is somewhere south of the border. And the sooner the better.

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    I live in Broward County and felt outraged that the powers-that-be planned to dump illegals into our county as well as Palm Beach county on a regular basis. I read that this order had come down from a CBP official, not the Trump Administration. Thanks to our Governor, Ron DeSantis, Florida was spared at least this time, but I know that they are scouring the state for “capacity building.” I also became aware of a 700-bed facility near my residence, which has been housing and feeding illegal immigrants for several years. It’s called the Broward Transitional Center (BTC). I researched it online and found that BTC is the subject of a movie entitled, “The Infiltrators,” in which members of the National Immigration Youth Alliance (NIYA) turned themselves in to ICE to gain access to the facility. These individuals were instrumental in connecting the illegals with their families and relatives already living in the U.S. They finally “got kicked out of BTC” but remained in the area for an additional six months carrying out their mission. The directors and actors of the movie appeared in an interview on Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now” and their movie has received acclaim at the Sundance Festival 2019.

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    All I can say is this is not what I voted for in 2016. I voted for Trump precisely for this reason, to stop this nightmare. But going on 3 years later, he hasn’t done a thing. I get tired of people making excuses for him. It’s this ones fault or that ones fault. He wanted the job and he got it. Now it’s time to deliver on his promises. I can’t for the life of me understand why he opposes mandatory E-Verify. That takes away one of the biggest magnets for this invasion. We are losing this country a little bit more every single day. No one wants do anything about it. I am beyond disgusted. I guess we might as well wave a white flag and surrender.

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      Unfortunately, you are blaming the wrong person. It is not “defending him” to point out the facts that everything he has tried to do about the border and illegals has been immediately ended by some leftist judge. Our president simply does not have the power to fix ANY of our immigration related issues by himself. Past congresses have created all these problems and then, including the current congress, has constantly REFUSED to do anything, no matter how loud we citizens beg and scream. So, if you are, indeed, unhappy about the immigration issues and want an END to our country being given over to foreigners, then you must work AGAINST all democrats (and a few hypocrite republicans) in the 2020 elections, because if the democrats should get control, or almost control, of both chambers of congress, all of it will just increase until our nation fails and collspses.

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    one question???
    why do we ALWAYS hear about running out of SSI money( OUR MONEY) and WE NEVER HEAR OF RUNNING OUT OF WELFARE?????

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    Paige McLaughlin on

    I think a few deliveries outside the California Governor’s mansion and in the area of Nancy Peloci’s vineyard would be lovely!

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    I am a Spanish interpreter for courts, medical facilities and law firms in the panhandle of Texas . I would love to volunteer for ICE or border patrol. I see the need . We should. Send those illegals to live in the liberals neighborhood.

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    Stephen Russell on

    Use Pvt Security firms for “escorts” OK fully armed, etc.
    along whole border

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    This is an area where the administration needs to avoid being the proverbial bull in a China shop. Florida is a Republican run state even though it has heavily Democratic areas such as Palm Beach and Broward Counties. The states targeted would end up paying a large percentage of any funds for illegals sent there. Trump said he was going to send them to sanctuary jurisdictions. So do that. Do it for the sanctuary areas in actual sanctuary states. There are enough of them. California, Illinois, New York, they all fight federal enforcement.

    Why do Pelosi and Schumer get a pass while border crossers are sent to a state like Florida that has cooperated fully with ICE. And no doubt those sanctuary states will probably want to file suit to stop it, but what are they going to say in their defense. All the federal government has to do is produce the numerous public statements about how all illegals are welcome and will be protected. And since they are supposedly all such economic assets, how then do these jurisdictions claim any economic hardship? Their own words and policies would be used against them.

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      Cheryl Pace on

      Would my comment or anybody’s comment matters we cannot win, as long as Polosi and Schumer are in our government and all of the deadbeat people in congress who are hell bent on having all, illegals here to live off of our government, which is the people’s taxex.This is not fair and mot right and i am sick of it. Polosi Would see our country fall and be destroyed to prove a point to President Trump

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    Adam Biegner on

    It seems that China has housing for up to 30 million people in newly constructed yet abandoned cities in remote locations throughout that nation (see YouTube videos on this) It seems to me this is an ideal solution. Usually any race of migrants prefer their own kind in their own enclaves with their own cultures,laws and languages. If they are looking for safety, does it matter where they find it? No tariffs on exported migrants. How’s that for a answer to a trade war with China ? I’ve been to Guatemala in the 80’s there was a sizable population of Chinese there, so if Guatemala can accept Chinese then China can accept Central American migrants.

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      Many nationalities (good and bad) are illegally crossing our borders!!!
      There are hundreds of thousands of illegal Chinese living in the U.S. “legally” on green cards because China won’t take them back without Chinese ID. The illegal Chinese destroy their ID before crossing our border because they know they won’t be deported and others overstay their visas and fade into the shadows. That means there are thousands of “citizen/anchor” children being born to “illegal” Chinese which will guarantee their permanent stay in this country…..along with all other nationalities entering illegally and living freely across the country.

      Illegal aliens from all over the world know the tricks of the trade to cross our borders and live and work in our country openly without fear of being detected while receiving benefits they don’t deserve…benefits that should be going to American citizens. We are seeing an invasion of illegal aliens along our borders today….and it is not a pretty sight!!! This invasion should put fear in all Americans because it will affect all of us in one way or another!!! Until Congress comes to its senses and decides to live up to its responsibility and oaths to this country and “we the people”… will only get worse. In past years, “we the people” strongly and loudly voiced our concern and we got some results. It is time once again to get off our complacent duffs and remind a pathetic Congress who they work for before it’s too late. This political fast train of hate and mud-slinging in Washington is headed for disaster if someone doesn’t put on the brakes. Trump is trying to do his part….and Americans are waiting for Congress to do its part…..and it’s not happening!! Congress needs a strong wake-up call from their constituents NOW!!!….not later!!! Waiting will only prolong and complicate an already out-of-control mess!!