No Place Like A (Federally-Subsidized) Home for Illegal Aliens?

Earlier this month, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed a rule to require that officials verify the immigration status of individuals in public housing and would also specify “that individuals who are not in eligible immigration status may not serve as the leaseholders.”

What does that mean?

In short, federally subsidized housing benefits would only be available to families in which every member is a citizen or exempted noncitizen, such as a refugee or legal permanent resident. In addition, the rule would revise current regulations so that applicants and recipients of benefits would have their immigration status verified.

House Appropriations Committee Democrats directed their moral outrage with the change at HUD Secretary Ben Carson during a Tuesday budget hearing. They claimed the policy was targeting immigrants and would result in the “eviction” and “separation” of thousands of families while simultaneously throwing American-born children into the streets.

Leading the charge was Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), who insisted the consequence would be to make “55,000 American children homeless,” adding that the “despicable” plan represents “among the most damaging proposals I have ever seen in public policy.

Maloney’s figure is derived from a HUD’s own analysis which estimates 55,000 children live in mixed-status households. Carson, however, responded with a perspective lacking among open borders, pro-amnesty politicians.

“There are hundreds of thousands of children and elderly Americans on waiting lists, do you suggest we prioritize those [illegal aliens]?” asked Carson before being cut off by the congresswoman.

In addition, Carson noted several times during the hearing that mixed-status families would not be thrown onto the street. Instead, the rule provides a six-month deferral if housing cannot be found and it can be extended up to 18 months.

Contrary to partisan puffery of the critics, the rule is based the belief that allowing an illegal alien to receive prorated rent constitutes the granting of a benefit in a way prohibited by Section 214 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1980, one of the laws making illegal immigrants ineligible for federal welfare funds.

The 1996 welfare reform law also explicitly stated that illegal immigrants are not eligible for “federal public benefits,” which is defined in the law as including public and assisted housing.

It is not the targeting of immigrants, but the restoration of fairness to a system at a time when 4.4 million Americans are patiently waiting for scarce public housing to become available.

That includes the more than 23,000 veterans that HUD estimates have experienced homelessness in 2018 or the 14,566 veterans living in places “not meant for human habitation.”

But that escapes the likes of Maloney and her Democratic colleague from New York, Rep. Nydia Velázquez, who called on the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies to refuse to spend money on “tearing apart families and throwing 55,000 American kids on the street.”

In a letter to the subcommittee chairs, the pair requests adding a limiting amendment to the FY2020 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations bill to prevent HUD from moving forward with its new rule.

The rule change will not end the problem of homelessness, but for the millions of American families struggling to pay rent, the end of Congress’ HUD-wink is a big deal.

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    Niecy Lebron on

    Take away these Anchor Babies Birth Certificates then these illegals will get the message the 14th Admentment is for Black Slaves, and the Free Ride is Over! No School, No Jobs, No Welfare, No W.I.C, No Section 8 or Renting Apartments, No Health Care, No aiding and abetting illegals, Prison for the parent and deport the kids to wherever country their parents came from it’s not our problem! No aiding and abetting illegals!

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    Glenn Shannon on

    I read all the problems and know they are true but then I think wait a minute all these problems came about because the people of this country voted to have democrats control what happens here. So to me ***** all you want but you got what you voted for so enjoy. On top of that nothing is changing except the democrats are taking over more positions in every state because the voters continue to vote them in.

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    Why is This Psychotic Control of America Considered Good for Us?

    Why Are Property Taxes in Seattle So High When No One Would Vote Them This High?

    Its a good question, similarly, like when did the High Technology Elite decide we weren’t important as a sovereign nation and legal citizens? Their control of our lives is more important now?

    We were discussing Tesla and SpaceX under Elan Musk. Dean Koontz, in The Night Window , pg281-282 does too, it exposes the reason why in a fiction [non-fiction plot references] plot perhaps?

    “….Son….some years now I been watching the world go crazy with technology. Twenty years, we been told the Internet and Smartphones and all the new ways we get information are makin’ us smarter, but lately all the studies show our attention span shrinkin’ along with our IQ [its down a MASSIVE 40 points since the mid 70s]. There’s that man that builds electric cars, says we need to move to Mars to save the human race, as if a world with no air and maybe two buckets of water, a cold ways from the sun, can be some kind of paradise. Same man and some other movers and shakers say robots are gonna be a lot smarter than the folks who design and build them, but the precedent tells us think again….So when you say these Arcadians are hell-bent on changin’ the world by injecting nanomachines into people’s brains [hypothetical brainwashing and TOTAL mind control]….Well, the idea seems no less likely than schemin’ to move a few million people to Mars and build cities for them when we can’t even figure how to help the homeless here among us.”…

    Dean Koontz rocks….have a great Memorial Day Weekend 😉

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      Glenn Shannon on

      softwareengineer Yes the people did vote for high taxes of all kinds and that vote is called voting for democrats. It is well know democrats love taxing and spending so no secret there. It was like Cal. voted Reagan in because they were so deep in debt. So Reagan got them out of debt and gave the state a surplus. So what did Cal. do next, voted back in the same people that got them deep in debt in the first place. New York voted in an admitted communist over his republican challenger by a wide margin. The city today is overrun by rats so bad that today instead of the rats sneaking around at night they are running around freely all day long. I will give you odds even with the conditions in New York they will vote in anyone as long as it has a label of democrat.

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      They will only save the intelligent, righteous, and powerful people. The rest will be left behind to fend for themselves. I believe its written in the Bible, something about the meek inheriting the Earth.

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    I am experiencing the HUD dilemma right now. My disabled Son has been on various waiting lists for over 20 years. In January of this year, he finally got picked for consideration. Paperwork , orientations ,background check, and by February he was a voucher holder. The Search began for a suitable dwelling. Being a single Male he qualified for a one bedroom unit. The amount of Rent had to fall within the fair market standard , and he was encouraged to find a unit that was not in a substandard area. The max amount was $1475 per month. That seemed reasonable for the area we live in. But Our City is a Sanctuary, Agricultural City as well as a tourist area.
    Normally the migrant workers come to harvest the crops and after harvest season is over, they leave. Three years ago the migrant workers came to harvest but when it was over, very few left. In fact the large number that stayed, brought even more . Suddenly our city was over crowded. Our neighborhoods full. No place to park. No available places to live . We could not find a rental within the limit HUD had given us and we \had a deadline. My Son was told that he had 3 months to find a suitable dwelling and it had to be HUD approved. Finally on the very last week before the deadline we managed to find him a studio apartment 400 square feet. of living space would work for a start.
    The Apartment would not be ready for about a month so we locked it down with a $250. holding fee plus the $51.00 non refundable background check fee (even though he had just been checked by HUD and passed). We were told that the $250 would be applied to the rent or deposit for the unit. Another application was filled out and he was excepted for that unit. Hooray! ….Wait a minute, The contract states that there is to be a $1,000.00 deposit! payable before you are handed the keys. My Son does not even receive A thousand dollars a month. His total income is around $915.00 That was the whole reason for applying for HUD in the first place. That 400 square foot apartment cost $1,150 per month because of the housing shortage caused by illegal immigrants. HUD will pay 70% of that rent but not the deposit. My Son has good credit plus he is a former tenant with the Apartment Management Company. UDR. 44 years of age, no evictions, No children, no pets He does not drive because he is blind and does not own a vehicle. but would still have to pay a $30.00 fee for a parking space. There was no negotiating. It was a done deal and the deadline had already passed. Where would we get the rest of that deposit? There are organizations that will help with that , but their funding was exhausted because of Illegal immigration overcrowding. I was forced to ask a personal friend for a loan. Now I’m in debt over this . So, if you happen to be doing the math it would appear that the move in balance would be around $780. plus 30% of the pro rated rent if he moved in on the 21st of May. My Son call me bright and early on the scheduled day to give me the quoted final amount I would need to bring. $1128.00 ! Ok but we already put the 250.00 on that. No, we were told that had already been deducted. The loan I was given was for $800.00 so now My Son and I both would have to clean out our bank accounts to get the balance. We are very grateful to have the Voucher . Affordable rentals do not exist without it. But look at the way our lives have been turned upside down because of illegal immigrants that threaten our safety, use up our resources, kill out pets, and act like they hate us doing everything in their power to be an annoyance. Loud Music and parties, racing up and down our neighborhood streets, Illegal fireworks, They don’t register their vehicles or insure them forcing us to get extra uninsured motorist insurance. Our property values have dropped due to crime, insurance goes up. It’s impossible to get a doctors appointment . Over booked. On top of all that They are holding daily dog fights and other abuse for entertainment activities including Sexual abuse, torture, burning, crushing, impaling, and Satanic sacrifice rituals all right in our residential neighborhoods within the City limits. Anybody that wants to protect these people should come and spend a day with me. Try having a relaxing dinner, or an undisturbed sleep. Better yet, pour yourself a cold glass of tea out on the patio and see if you can enjoy the beauty of the day. It does not exist. Law Enforcement? Well they are right on top of somethings. But not this.

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      But it was ok for Obama to pass DACA, the Paris climate accord and The so-called Iran treaty,non of which was approved by Congress and 2 out the 3 spent our tax money……without congressional approval!! Liberals judge shop till they find a judge who agrees with them!

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    These statements are just what our Oregon senators hate because they are not looking at the big picture the unmarked graves from all the years illegal crossings they believe that if you can get in you should be able to get all of the benifits that Americans get with having never made any contribution to our country we the American are not there mother or their daddy so it is time that if this is your belief then step in take over there support and let the people who believe in and support our country take care of our own so all liberals can put thiermoney where their mouth is and let the rest of us of the hook this applies to all liberals pay up support your illegals our support the laws of our nation and support our country .follow the oath you took when you entered office to defend our country it’s constitution and bill of rights otherwise you should resign no pension or benifits .those who would destroy this great nation deserve no compensation for their none support that was never there just greed wanting to be millionaires on the backs of the people they are supposed to represent what joke these people are .

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    grin n barrett on

    Illegal invaders, giving birth to their child on our soil does not produce an American citizen. It produces an anchor, which was their goal. It produces income which was their goal. It produces a pathway to citizenship which was their goal. They now have roots in a country they don’t belong in in the first place. I don’t care what they say, the law was written to protect those who were drug here in chains, owned, beaten, abused, raped, and sold to who ever, not even in family units. It was not intended to provide an anchor or life time income for illegal invaders. It was not to provide retirement income for illegal birth vacationers who come here to give birth then go home and collect welfare checks until the product turns 18, moves back here and applies for citizenship for their parents so they can live off of social security checks. I am sick to death of the world abusing this stupid mistake of a law. It needs to be revised. Two illegals do not produce a citizen. You want to move here? Do the work, apply, provide the necessary papers, wait your turn and come legal. Don’t sneak in, cut in line, squirt out an anchor, and demand to be taken care of for life. I am sick of it.

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    BTW…..Remember Obama’s Aunt Zeituni Onyango?? She was a perfect example of what’s wrong with our immigration system and the people who continue to ignore the problems today. Aunt Zeituni overstayed her visa in 2000 and over the next several years she refused any and all court orders to leave the country. (Guess it does help to have relatives in high places!!) With the help of her lawyer, she received a “free” green card and collected $700 a month in welfare benefits and disability payments, totaling $51,000, and lived in state and federal housing in Boston….apparently while working in a housing authority computer lab and serving as a resident health advocate. She scrapped up enough money to apply for asylum in 2010 using “credible fear of persecution” in Kenya…and “would face undue attention and perhaps danger because of her nephew’s fame.” Before being granted citizenship she died of cancer in 2014. The nursing home and expensive treatment of that last year were most likely paid for by taxpayers since she had no other income than welfare benefits…and possibly help from friends. Obama claimed he was not in contact with his aunt during her stay in the U.S.

    Depending on who is describing Aunt Zeituni, she was either a very hateful, outspoken, person who hated this country and made no bones about vocalizing her feelings….or she was a proud, graceful, intelligent and kind sweet person who managed 25 employees at the Kenya Breweries in Kenya. Either way….she was in this country illegally and living in a Boston HUD apartment, receiving free benefits (and free lawyers??) and refusing to leave…..all at the expense of American taxpayers!!!

    There is also an Uncle Onyango Obama in the country who first came to the U.S. in 1963 as a student….and never left…even though he was ordered to leave in 1989. He appealed the deportation order in 1992 and lost….but he’s still in the country…..and apparently illegally working. It has been reported that he had a SS number and drivers license…which was taken from him after a 2011 drunk driving arrest….and released. From all accounts he is still living illegally in a two-story house in Framingham, MA….and apparently with a renewed drivers license. If these well-known illegal aliens have been allowed to work and live freely and openly with no fear of deportation….there are millions of others doing the same!!! It is mind-blowing to think of the billions/trillions of dollars that are being spent on free benefits, medical treatment, education and housing for illegal foreigners who should not be in this country while American citizens are struggling and/or doing without and homeless….but that is exactly what is happening….and our government is doing nothing to stop it!!

    While thousands/millions of illegal aliens are doing the same all over the country and getting away with it…… don’t hold your breath expecting the Democrats and the current House to do anything to stop it!!! Deep-seated anger and hate tends to get in the way of accomplishment!!! With all of the controversy and mud-slinging in our government today, and while this president has shown great strength and determination throughout the last two years, it makes a person wonder how much more can one human take before breaking??? If there was ever a president willing to tackle the hardest issues in spite of daily personal and political attacks and who needs a country behind him 100%….it’s this president!!! Everyone may not like or approve of his methods….but if he’s getting the job done….some tweeting and off-the-cuff speeches can be overlooked!!

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    Here’s an idea….eliminate federally subsidized housing all together. Since the Saunders Decree, Section 8 housing has destroyed small town America. It used to be that subsidized housing meant that the person had to live in a “housing project”. They were not the best places to live and people were anxious to move out when they found jobs where they could afford to move to better rentals. Now, slum landlords buy up properties on the cheap in struggling and older neighborhoods, and then turn them into Section 8 rentals where the government (taxpayer) pays the rents. The rents run on the high side too. These tenants move in and proceed to destroy those properties and that in turn, decreases the property values of the neighborhood. A good many of these investor landlords, at least in our town, don’t even live in the country!! They are foreign investors! Also, as long as the government is paying for housing, food and medical care of the able-bodied “poor”, they will continue to remain poor as they have no incentive to better themselves to stand on their own feet. There are “we are hiring” signs outside of our local USSteel plants, but those jobs go unfilled. Easier to live on the government dole. I think Ben Carson tried to get this message across when he became HUD Secretary and that was shot down right off the bat!! That’s so racist!! When in fact, a majority of the Section 8 renters in our town are white. We do have a “absentee” landlord who lives in France, right now renting a small house on our block to a group of about 15 Hispanic men. He neglected to apply for an occupancy permit for them so that they can be added to the tax roles. Last summer there were 4 of them living there, and over the past 6 months, at least 10 more have joined them. One small child is with them but no females. They have out of state vehicles and seem to be in the slum landlord property fix-it-up to be compliant for Section 8 business. Longtime local roofers and carpenters aren’t none too thrilled.

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    Getting rid of the automatic citizenship to illegal babies of illegal mothers “who are not subject to the jurisdiction thereof” would solve a lot of problems!! Illegal mothers believe this is their guarantee to remain in the U.S. and receive free benefits….and getting pregnant wherever and however is their ticket to get in. Many women get pregnant prostituting themselves for the money to pay a smuggler to get them to the U.S. or by rape. If they cannot find a job in the U.S., will they revert back to prostitution to survive or will they become sex slaves?? Very likely this will be their only alternatives while living in the shadows.

    If foreigners seeking to come to America must be 18 to apply, why are newborn babies allowed automatic citizenship at birth?? And if/when illegal parents with “anchor” children are apprehended and deported, why should that be a problem for the U.S.?? All minor children, legal or illegal, should be required to go with their illegal parent(s)…no exceptions, no excuses and no apologies to anyone!!! Americans did not give birth to those children and should not be expected to raise them or be held responsible for them….unless they are left destitute by irresponsible parent(s) and/or smugglers. This also applies to the DACA children brought to the U.S. as children. Americans did not give birth to those children. Those children should be directing their complaints to their parents who brought them here and not demand that this country give them automatic citizenship and privileges. They were not born here….they were smuggled into the country by their illegal parent(s)/families and/or smugglers!!!

    Also, the deaths of children and/or adults in the custody of CBP is not the fault of CBP or the U.S. Those are only the ones reported. There have been hundreds/thousands of deaths of illegal aliens discovered on private ranch land over many years. There are many graves in the Brooks County, TX, cemetery marked unknown because next of kin was never found. When anyone points fingers or falsely claims that the CBP is not doing their job or doing it badly, they need to walk in the shoes of those agents….and then sit down and shut up!!! I doubt many members of Congress could survive five minutes in the shoes of CBP agents….but they are very quick to condemn them!!

    Several years ago, it was reported that a legal resident on a green card had rented a three bedroom HUD house for $150.00 per month. It was later discovered that several illegal families had moved in and they were sharing free welfare benefits….which enabled them to purchase new cars and pickups. That has been happening all over the country for years. It is way past time to correct many of these issues that have been falling through the cracks and there is no better time than the present…..while we have a president willing and determined to take care of “the peoples” business instead of his own pockets. If the negative Democrats don’t like it…..ignore them!!! Hopefully they will not be around much longer!!!

    What I have discovered over the years is that most of the negative Democrats have never been to any border and have no idea what is going on at the border or across our country except for what their staff tells them….but they are quick to condemn anyone who wants to clean it up. Because of their obsession of hate towards this president, the Democrats will never agree to anything the president or Americans want done. They are not only wanting to destroy this president, they are also out to destroy this country that he and most Americans love. This is a sad time for all Americans….but it will never get any better until all Americans step up and demand more from a Congress that has apparently forgotten who “they” work for!! If it were possible, and since we can’t easily fire them, I would dock all pay to those in Congress who are standing in the way of this president. If they can’t take the heat of loss and disappointment….they shouldn’t be in Congress!!! Voters should remember that in 2020!!! Nothing will change until Americans step up and demand change….and get it!!!

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    How about it’s not the federal government paying the bill for these illegals but the American taxpayers and I for one am sick and tired of it “( DEPORT THEIR ILLEGAL ***’s)!,

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    Sorry, but I do not accept the anchor babies of illegal parents as real Americans. They are simply the offspring of foreign illegal parents and gappened to br born on US soil. Real Anericans have real Anerican parents. And no illegals should have subsidized housing as long as we have a single American citizen living on the streets. And just giving birth to a child here should NOT give the illegals any access to ANY rights or benefits meant only for USA citizens.

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      Daniel Terrel on

      Ask your Congress person why are ILLEGAL ALIENS receiving any federal or state benefits. i guess they do not understand the word “ILLEGAL”.

    • avatar
      kinthenorthwest on

      Legally and by law Anchors should not get citizenship due to crimes of their parents.

      Since Illegal Immigration is a crime, Anchor babies are not citizens.
      “Kids” don’t get to benefit from a parent’s crime.
      Dad robs a bank, kids don’t get to live off the proceeds. Illegal means illegal.
      It’s called. Forfeiture of “ill-gotten gain” !! Anchor Children gained Citizenship Though Criminal Acts of parents, so Anchor babies citizenship is not valid citizenship. Goes for all crimes.

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    Even Habitat for Humanity

    Gives out a disproportionate amount of its free homes to new foreign immigrants [some illegal too?]. That’s one charity I refuse to support.

  14. avatar

    How about if New York does the old put up or shut up. Another state that caters to illegals over Americans. But what stops those illegal loving states from voting the money to set up state run housing. They want it both ways. They refuse to do anything that will stop the invasion of this country and then tell the other states that they are responsible for the costs also. California pitched a fit when Trump said he was going to send illegals to sanctuary states, but they previously announced for years that any illegal is welcome there. Which is it? They’re an asset or they’re not.

    George Orwell must have had liberals specifically in mind when he wrote 1984, in which the populace was to believe what big brother told them was today’s truth. Never mind what was said yesterday. Look at that bright light of New York liberalism and media darling, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. For months she has been promoting the world’s most ridiculous proposal, her “New Green Deal”. Now that the public has finally figured out this would have a 60 trillion dollar price tag and would do nothing to stop other countries from polluting, she has let everyone know that it was a joke. That’s right, a joke and conservatives are so dumb, they fell for it. And the presidential candidates who have endorsed it? They endorsed a joke? She’s the joke and the gullible cling to her every word.