Burying the Lead on Illegal Alien Crime

Crime reports that lead with generic descriptions like a “Dallas man” or an “Oklahoma mother” can mislead casual readers and listeners as to the actual identity of perpetrators. Peruse this small sampling of news items from the past two weeks:

  • A Dallas man who authorities believe killed 12 elderly women in the Dallas/Fort Worth area says he’s innocent and was surprised by his recent indictments on capital murder charges, his attorney said.”
  • An Oklahoma mother facing charges in connection with the death of her 5-year-old son, who was hit by a car after falling from a rented Lime scooter she was driving, has fled the country, police said.”
  • “King County [Wash.] prosecutors Monday charged a 51-year-old Burien man with second-degree assault for allegedly trying to drag a 14-year-old girl into his truck.”
  • Three Maryland teenagers have been charged in the brutal slaying of a 14-year-old girl who police said may have planned to go to authorities about a crime she and the suspects committed.”

In each case, the suspects and defendants are illegal aliens.

Though news writers eventually got around to naming and placing them, burying immigration status has the effect of muting the reality: that illegal aliens commit violent crimes at alarming rates.

Open-borders advocates are in on the downplay. The left-leaning Marshall Project resorted to weasel words and meaningless qualifiers recently when it opined: “Most types of crime had an almost flat trend line, indicating that changes in undocumented populations had little or no effect on crime in the various metro areas under survey. Murder was the only type of crime that appeared to show a rise, but again, the difference was small and uncertain (effectively zero).”

Dismissing President Donald Trump’s concerns about illegal-alien crime, the Washington Post disingenuously declares that the “available evidence does not support a count of thousands of deaths a year.”

The operative phrase there is “available evidence.” No one knows how many violent crimes are committed by illegal aliens because no national database contains that information. All the research is, in fact, anecdotal and incomplete.

Some things are certain, however:

  • The aforementioned crimes – a random sample of vicious acts attributed to illegal aliens so far this month – would not have occurred without their presence in this country.
  • The defendants started their criminal careers here by violating U.S. immigration laws (in some cases repeatedly).
  • The cases do not include federal crimes such as money laundering and drug smuggling, for which illegal aliens are serving prison time. More than 20,000 were sentenced on federal charges last year.

While Americans await a long-overdue accounting of illegal-alien crime, perhaps the Ivory Tower apologists and obfuscators care to share exactly what level of criminality is acceptable at the hands of people here illegally. It should be somewhere around zero.

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    Phony Pelosi has got to be the WORST of the lot. Crying her tiny heart out for families separated at the border……Yet, Preacher Pelosi REFUSED to meet with Angel Moms, NEVER even mentioned Kate Steinle and said MS-13 were basically good people….Nancy, President Trump needs an intervention?!?!….Nancy, you need to be COMMITTED!!!

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    The Open Border Party has Been Cooking the Books for Decades on This Issue

    The poor immigrants are all happy hard working folks doing the jobs we won’t do…God forbid we mention the MS-13 as animals…

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    The idea that we have an unbiased media is a myth. Look at how many times they have repeated the lie that Trump praised neo-Nazis at Charlottesville by calling them “fine people”. No, he said there were fine people on both sides of the issue of whether Confederate statues should be taken down, but he emphatically excluded neo-Nazis at the time. He gets called a racist but the media had collective amnesia over the fact that former DNC vice chairman Keith Ellison was a long time follower of Louis Farrakhan, who called Hitler a “great man.

    Representative Ilhan Omar, D-Mn, says “ignorance is really pervasive in parts of the country”. But her following a religion stuck in the 14th century and that makes women officially the property of their male relatives, that’s no problem. Yet another ingrate who attacks the American people who let her come here from yet another failed society. Recently a Christian Pakistani woman was exiled after a decade under a death sentence for the great crime of “insulting Islam” because she drank out of the same cup as her Muslim neighbors. And where were Ms. Omar and her cadre of professional victims on the issue? Nowhere, that’s where.