The Democrats’ Amnesty Trojan Horse

After touting it as a bill that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “is about honoring the respect for family that is the heart of our faith and at the heart of who we are as Americans,” House Democrats unanimously passed H.R. 6, the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019.

Democrats claim that this bill provides a viable, equitable and sustainable path forward for “Dreamers” – people who came to this country illegally before their 18th birthday – and those who were granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) because of a natural disaster or major upheaval in their home countries. Furthermore, Democrats argue this bill “safeguard[s]every person’s right to pursue his or her American dream.”

Unfortunately, these claims are patently false. H.R. 6 is neither a solution to our immigration crisis nor even a genuine attempt at one. Rather, it is a Trojan horse which uses the facade of morality and inclusivity to offer amnesty to 2.7 million illegal aliens without addressing the ongoing crisis at the border or future illegal immigration.

One major flaw in this legislation is the false perception that protected status will only be granted to a limited number of illegal aliens. When Democrats talk about extending amnesty to Dreamers, TPS and DED beneficiaries, they make it sound like only a few hundred thousand people fall under those categories. What they refuse to acknowledge, however, is that their bill’s vague provisions vastly increase the number of illegal aliens who would eventually be placed on a path to citizenship.

Indeed, H.R. 6 creates a path to citizenship for any illegal alien who entered the United States prior to his or her 18th birthday with no upper age limit. Additionally, the bill does not just provide a path to citizenship for the limited number of TPS and DED beneficiaries who currently reside in the United States – it also extends a path to citizenship for those who were once “eligible” for TPS or DED, even if they never applied for those benefits.

To make matters worse, the measure offers few safeguards that would prevent criminal illegal aliens from being legalized as well. Although the bill claims to exclude gang members (even though Democrats rejected a Republican effort to explicitly exclude them), people with criminal records and others who present a risk to public safety, the legislation severely limits the ability of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary to deny applications. Furthermore, it also allows for illegal aliens with DUI convictions, misdemeanor firearms offenses, and even certain drug charges to obtain legal status.

Accordingly, there is nothing “American” about the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019. This bill does not protect, uplift, or safeguard the rights and privileges of American citizens in any way, as Speaker Pelosi would have people believe.

Congress needs to know that the American people deserve real solutions – not Trojan horses.

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      Julia Whatman on

      The Democrats cannot be as stupid as they appear to be. Latino’s are not interested in being loyal to the Democratic Party, they will form their own. They have been quieting gaming in numbers when they come out of the closet on them the Dems won’t know what happen.

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    It’s really unfortunate that while every one is talking about illegal aliens present in the country there is no discussion about the legal aliens who are waiting in Green Card back log for decades.

    Legal aliens pay their share of taxes, healthcare costs, and follow rules / laws.

    We hope that leaders will act with fairness, justice, and  honesty, and will take care of every one, not just one section of population.

    Can you please write about legal immigration problems as well

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      We take in more immigrants than any other country by far. No one is owed entry here. It’s about the good of this country not people in other countries. And most legal immigrants come here under “family reunification” and are frequently low education and low income. Therefore the taxes many pay are next to nothing.

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        Yes Leland

        We need a respite from legal immigration too IMO. We need tech schools for domestic American industrial workers and senior manufacturing engineer experience with jobs…period…we can train our own in about 5-10 years as we gradually replace the useless service and low wage tech area…[like $14/hr AMZ warehouse slaves]. Immigration won’t help without experience, experience comes first, then immigration if needed after robots and automation.

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    The press is saying “even Republicans are opposing Trump on Mexican tariffs”, as if the GOP has been in love with him from the beginning. No, they tried everything they could to stop him from getting the nomination. Here’s what the Mexicans know and what our corporate loving Congress won’t acknowledge: We are not forced to buy Mexican made items. There are plenty of American and Asian made cars that won’t have tariffs. When dealers see the Mexican made car models aren’t selling they don’t order them and production in Mexico comes to a halt. We also can get produce from a lot of other sources. Canada exports lots of tomatoes to us. We would be fine, but not Mexico.

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    The Open Border Party is the Official “Give-up” Do Nothing Party

    They think its impossible to bring manufacturing back to America with American Engineering, they think foreign overlord engineering is much better than cheaper/better domestic American ciitizen engineers….they have a serious thought disorder in my book.

    The OBP alleges were gonna be destroyed inevitably anyway, so open the borders and destroy the country, maybe we can prevent a war this way, they think. Cowards and lazy loafs. They want do nothing service jobs instead with 6 figures right after college; and simultaneous butcher axing of senior/skilled Americans for cheap subpar foreigners that botch the job.

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    I can’t emphasize this enough: The Dems need a continuing inflow of lower-class, low-skilled, poorly educated people to prop up their voter base. Republicans aren’t blameless, either — e.g., the cheap-labor advocates among them. This kind of legislation ought to die in the Senate. If it does make it to President Trump’s desk, Trump should veto it.