Why Don’t The Democrats Respond To The Border Crisis?

News that the Democratic House wants to defund all of President Trump’s immigration enforcement authority – as well as his immigration-related executive orders – must cause all clear-headed Americans to finally recognize a core reality: this is not your mother’s Democratic Party.

Even though North Carolina Representative David Price has been in Congress since 1987, he’s now legislating in ways he never would have dared to just a few years back.  He’s the author of an amendment to the House DHS Appropriations bill that defunds all of President Trump’s immigration-specific executive orders. These cover a range of enforcement actions, all in the public interest and all designed to ensure enforcement of law Congress has already passed.

This is just the latest example of House Democrats grinding Congress to a halt at a time when a bona fide national border crisis has unfolded because of glaring loopholes in our asylum process.  The failure of Congress to act is a national failure, of course. It is part of an on-going failure to deal effectively with a range of national challenges.

But to watch thousands just march across our borders – transported by criminal cartels, and not respond? When cities and towns are being overwhelmed? What could motivate such behavior?  When border crossings are matching records, and when most of those illegal entrants are now invoking fraudulent asylum claims to avoid repatriation, why would Democrats in Congress fail to react?

I know we hear a lot of high sounding rhetoric about “Trump’s cruel immigration detention policies” and such.  But the real reason is clear:  Democrats are on a crazed path for total one-party political dominance at all cost.  They seek to replicate the California model nationwide. They plan to do it by utterly destroying U.S. immigration controls. They make no secret of their plans; we can see it in action every day.

This cannot be acceptable here – it cannot be acceptable for any nation – if it seeks to long endure. 

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Stephen Russell on

    Funding from Cartels is only response I see or theyd Help Long ago.
    Has 2 be Cartels using US cutouts to fund Dems?
    Sure cant be Ignorance.

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    Alexandro Giraud on

    WE the intelligent Americans know the root causes of immigration into our USA. Yes, we know that our corrupt ELITES control the 3 areas of our government and do whatever illegal and criminal activities worldwide without punishment.
    For more than 150 years Latin-America has endured the constants coups and assassinations of their progressive leaders. Elites have been PLUNDERING Latin-America for their natural resources using our Arm Forces and taxpayers’ money to do so in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY… It is time to send to prison our corrupt presidents, senators, and congressmen including the Attorney General. to stop illegal immigration.

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      Erik Kengaard on

      . . . the Americans who are informed and intelligent enough to connect cause and effect are few in number . . .

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    William J Downey on

    The Democrats want an open migration policy. Yet if the look across the Atlantic, Europe with its open migration policy is ridden with crime, rising welfare costs and is losing its culture. This too will happen to the United States if the Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans don’t get the circus in DC under control and do what we elected and pay them to do – legislate immigration reform, and close the border. More importantly, it is up to the citizens to demand that Congress act like responsible adults. If your Senator isn’t too busy running for president and your Congressman isn’t too busy investigating Trump, call write or email them and express your disaffection. If that doesn’t work vote him/her out of office.

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    I am thoroughly disgusted with the Democratic leadership and their unwillingness to secure our border. Automation and technology are taking jobs away from citizens. Unskilled jobs are few and far between and low pay. We cannot sustain millions more on welfare because there are no jobs for unskilled immigrants. The Democrats have no integrity, they fund a scurrilous fake dossier that resulted in a two year phony investigation and are still doing everything in their power to undermine and over rule our President. America is going down the tubes, thanks Democrats!

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      Agree.. I’m so fed up with these democRATS and Rinos holding the illegal aliens above the laws and above the citizens… the cost of the wall to protect our borders would be a fraction of the cost of what we are paying out EVERY year taking care of illegal aliens who do NOT belong in our country… The politicians have absolutely destroyed the value and meaning of being a citizen to our country when they continue to hand these illegal aliens more and more of OUR rights and benefits as citizens…
      At the border, this IS an invasion.. they are coming here to take advantage of our country and our stinking politicians are allowing it to happen and are encouraging more and more of them to enter on the backs of the citizens….

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    Larry Sparks on

    The Democrats view all the illegal immigrants as future voters and do not care about the citizens. Let the citizens complain about taxes and cost of welfare to take care of illegal immigrants, the new illegal immigrants will soon out vote them.

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    We have a right to enforce immigration laws. This next election will show the voters are tired of the House passing give away bills to immigrants. We have millions of unvetted immigrants in this country that do not show up again to immigration courts. The House And Senate has turned their backs on us. They are the one who made the loopholes in immigration laws. Catch and release is insane. We need to strengthen our laws take out loopholes and pass E verify.

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    I Asked Them Dan

    The Open Border Party (OBP) is convinced its impossible to resurrect our experienced manufacturing engineering and industrial worker base in America, we must give up. They also said that a meek cowardly approach to politics like that prevents wars. They think the whole world must slip into 3rd world country, including America, status as OVERPOPULATION inevitably destroys the world…

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    It seem eminent that getting rid of all these immigrants will not happen, so why hasn’t any one learned here how to make lemonade with all these lemons? Why are we not looking into ways to say setup a community whereby we use them in humane ways like farming production and if some have educational backgrounds place them as authorities over such groups or in other areas were they can contribute to themselves as well as the USA?
    I would think in such a mighty nation, surely we can remain one nation under God, but have we loss sight of that?
    E pluribus unum…

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      Do you realize that for every job they take, a citizen does not have the opportunity for that job? For every noncitizen who works at low wages, American citizens will not get a raise, if they have the job. Seriously, you haven’t thought this through. Or maybe, we could provide them with arms and ship them to Afghanistan to fight for our country and they can not return until the Taliban and ISIS are wiped out.

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      You need to sit down and really THINK about what you said here… You are okay with the illegal aliens breaking our laws, disrespecting our country and it’s citizens…. They come here to take advantage of the country and get all the FREE benefits they can from us… WHY are we paying for their FREE medical care while they send their money back to their country!!!??? Ask yourself if you are happy with supporting illegal aliens while the American families struggle …
      ANYONE is welcome to come to our country, BUT DO IT LEGALLY!!!! We aren’t against immigrants coming to live and work… WE ARE AGAINST ILLEGAL ALIENS, COMING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR COUNTRY, DRAIN OUR RESOURCES AND TAX DOLLARS..!!! Allowing these illegal aliens to enter and stay and then supporting them with our tax dollars is totally INSANE!!! AND IT ENCOURAGES MORE AND MORE TO COME HERE … OUR CITIZENSHIP HAS NO VALUE AND MEANING ANYMORE…. when the politicians just hand the illegal aliens more and more of OUR rights and benefits as a citizen….
      WAKE UP!!! SAD that you seem to be okay with the politicians destroying our country!!! How about you open your house and let anyone enter your home who chooses to enter whether you want them to our not, and you help them out and take care of them… That is what you want to do to country.. This country is OUR home and you sound like you are okay with just giving it away….

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      I have worked as a Social worker and have seen and heard their reasoning. Why work when you can get everything for free, let the Americans work for my needs.

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    A lot of Democrats say that this entire problem could have been solved with passage of the Gang of Eight 2013 “comprehensive reform” bill endorsed by the GOP Senate double talkers like McCain, Flake, Rubio and Lindsay Graham. This rewrite of history claims it would have spent “$46 billion” on securing the border. Pure horse hockey. It would have been a complete amnesty and “path to citizenship” for every illegal here. All the border security provisions were as ephemeral as the 1986 “one time” amnesty. It set border security “goals” that were years into the future but it also allowed the Homeland Security secretary to change and redefine those objectives at their whim. Considering it was the Obama administration it would have taken about ten minutes to render any real border security goals meaningless. Congress would have shifted all immigration decisions to Homeland Security.

    And the Democrats are blaming this crisis, the one they said didn’t exist, on Trump, when they have worked overtime since the start of the year to undermine everything he does. Russian collusion? We have a political party that can’t carry out the wishes of Central American governments fast enough. Our “close friend” Mexico, as Pelosi lovingly says. When your close friend is a corrupt narco-state maybe it’s time to reexamine that friendship.

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      Mayra Aguirre Scherrer. on

      I am sorry, But I am shocked for what I was reading. Remember these: Not all Central America people are bad. There is good in bad in every race. But I will continuing that God heal our Country and continuing giving us wisdom. Because God is watching. But we need to follow the Law. God’s Law. God Bless you.!

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        We have the right to enforce our borders. Just like Central American countries and every other nation on earth has a right to do. We can’t save the world. Mexico is a country rich in natural resources, two long coastlines, tourism, and ample farmland. No one but themselves to blame.

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        Colleen Slavik on

        This is just insanity inits purists form. Apparently these conressmen and women feel they are never going to stand for reelection. Let no one forget what each and everyone of these individuals are doing coming election time.