Americans Support ICE Deportation Efforts

Despite around-the-clock condemnation from the mainstream media, celebrities, and liberal politicians, the ICE enforcement actions recently ordered by President Donald Trump enjoy support from a majority of Americans.

According to a poll recently conducted by the Morning Consult and Politico, 51 percent of likely voters support the planned “series of raids to arrest and deport thousands of undocumented immigrants.” The enforcement actions are only opposed by 35 percent.

The federal government has classified 576,000 illegal aliens with final orders of removal as eligible for immediate deportation. The actions, dubbed “Operation Crosscheck” and “Operation Border Resolve” are targeting these illegal aliens.

Other immigration-related findings in the poll revealed that a plurality of Americans (41 percent) believe that United States admits too many refugees, and that a citizenship question should be added to the 2020 census (45 percent). Only 15 percent of likely voters want more refugees admitted into the country, and 37 percent think that a citizenship question should not be added to the upcoming census.

The penalty for living in the United States without authorization is deportation. So when law enforcement officers with ICE conduct missions such as the ones ordered by President Trump, they are simply enforcing duly enacted federal law. This poll simply reveals support for an opinion that really shouldn’t be controversial: that Americans support enforcing the rule of law.

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    Debbie r Linton on

    We must do what most Amercian people want.Right now most folks know and believe irs not right that whole families coming to United States,, wothout permissiion,and demanding services,,disrepectfulling our cpuntry,, law enforcement ,president ect We must stop them and deport them immediatly.We have a goverment that has law and order.God Bless Amercian.

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    The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner on many issues and it will be hard to get back to the center. All the presidential candidates are in a more-radical-than-thou race to the left. Hate Ice, hate cops, fall all over themselves to outpromise each other on what they can do to pander to illegals. And a lot of what they have done was completely unnecessary. They were just delighted initially with The Squad, appointing them to important committees and along with the press clinging to their every word. Now they won’t shut up and make the party look bad.

    Yesterday Chuck Todd called the Mueller hearings “a complete failure” and said conservatives “have a propaganda machine” and the Democrats should get one too. He’s just mad because the Republicans got the rare chance for equal time nationally to make their points. And they did. Besides, Democrats and the left have their own propaganda machine. It’s called NBC, CBS. ABC, CNN, Google, Twitter and Facebook. Who all refuse to be even handed. Just watch when a guest praises Trump and Chuck badgers them to say something negative.

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